Incoming Wave

By Michael Bodewitz

As I entered my room Tuesday night after a long day of work I immediately noticed a presence in my room. My wife fast asleep I was aware of at least three of my Arcturian family present in orb form. I did not see them but knew they were in the room with me. I laid down in my bed and opened myself up to them waiting for a message or vision or something explaining their presence. Nothing. I fell fast asleep.
During the night I was tossing and turning like I usually do when things are going on in other dimensions. I remember waking and rolling over many times. Upon waking I remember knowing that I was doing something important with the Arcturians. Everytime I awoke in my mind I saw many Arcturian blue orbs present. Not only were there Arcturians but this time there was light purple orbs next to the Arcturians. Light purple is the color I associate with the Sirians. There was something important happening that night as I was with my Arcturian family and the Sirians as well.
In the morning I awoke remembering that something happened last night. I went into meditation later to get answers. I slipped deep into meditation focusing on my visions of the Arcturian and Sirian orbs that I saw. Then a presence was before me. I was bright white and glowing. There was no particular shape but I did make out some faint wrinkles in what looked to be a robe. Then I knew who was before me. It was my friend Yashua(Jesus). I greeted my old friend with love and he began to give me information about what happened last night. He was part of it and told me that the Sirians were present with me because he (Sananda) as he is known in his dimension has close ties with the Sirians being from Venus. Lord Sananda(Jesus) began telling me that him and I and the others that sit on the council of light addressed the star nations last night. What was being told was that there will be a wave of consciousness energy hitting the earth soon. This wave is a collaboration between many star races to hit the earth with a significant wave of energy. Yashua told me that it has to be a large wave to have a significant effect on the present consciousness of the planet at this time. He said that we will feel it peak in the first or second week of November and it will end right around Christmas give or take a week. Our feelings and effects can vary when the energy is upon us. He wanted me to stress to everyone that full participation of us receiving this energy is necessary. We need to distribute the energy once it hits to spread it evenly and have maximal effect. Ways that we can do this vary but as long as we act in love it will do its job. We can use our special gifts at this time or just show kindness to others, help others, encourage others, and be the shining example of the light of God. So be prepared as the wave is coming and be prepared to help distribute the energy.
I said my thank yous once again for his presence and speaking with me and he left. Thank you for receiving this message in love and Nameste.

10 thoughts on “Incoming Wave”

  1. I’m new to the site and just reading my first article … love the content so far.

    Just have to say … It would be much easier and quicker for your readers if you could please break the content into multiple small paragraphs going forward? I ask because with the content in one long paragraph, I constantly lose my spot and have to search for where I was, wasting a lot of time and breaking up my focus on what you’re writing.

    I thank you for your amazing content and effort.


  2. I’m very happy to have come across your sharings. I would really be grateful to know the dates of these communications across the board though. For example, which November and December are we talking about please? Thanks so much again for doing all you do. I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am to come upon this information. Thank you!
    Breeza Star

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  3. I am so happy to come upon these teachings and for your sharing! I wonder if you might put a date for reference with your posts though? For example, in this post which November and December are you referring to? Again, thank you so very much for your sharing. I am very grateful.


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