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Experiencer story, by Catherine Chapey, from New York

By Catherine Chapey

Hi SunBow. The Sasquatch kept popping this park in my head, this is in a forest not to far from me, so I went to it. I saw lots of things. I took pics and videos and saw a lot more Sas phenomena when I got home and looked at my pics closely.

There were All kinds of Synchronicities to get me to go there. I went there Sunday. They kept popping it in my head. I was seeing 333 pics on google maps for the location of the place. Then When I got there the time was 4:44. Also as I got there my speedometer on my Jeep said 21212. Lol. As I was questioning that on my way back to the place today I thought to myself maybe that’s just me lol and I looked up and the road sign said 21!

As I was there today I was standing by this other structure in the woods and I smelled a female Sas. Smelled like peppermint. I was so happy. I talked to her in my mind and I thanked her. I asked to see more. Maybe they could show me themselves In 3D. Then I realized I had sprayed myself with the grandmother sas spray I got from the retreat the night bemire. I took lots of videos and pics of my walk there today. There were trees that were stripped on one side all the way up to the top. I’ve been looking through my pics and videos and I do see some figures in there so far. Some of the structures in this forest I think are human made and others are Sas made. There is a huge X made out of very tall trees by two footprints. The one I showed you with the sas face in the ground next to it.

There is a face in the ground by this weird looking footprint. Can you see the face ? It’s smiling. It looks like a young one. I can see his ear and it has two eyes and a round face like a youngster. It’s in a pine forest so the ground is all pine needles.

On my way home they channeled through me and I record it. When I listened to it it was muffled at first then I listened again and I could hear it clear. I think it’s part of the phenomena… They are happy that I know they are real and there…

I know they are so much fun!! They like to play and get our attention. And laughter. They talk through me. And I record it. It is them but also My team my higher self and God. A collective. As we are all one. They spoke to me on the way home from the forest in my car for 20 minutes. I record all my Channelings. I have to listen to it to remember it all. I have hundreds of recordings since 2016 when they first started coming to me in my yard my room my consciousness and channeling through me. They are working with me with healing too, So I can step fully into my mission which they say is coming Soon. I have been working hard with them to be able to step fully into my mission. It is coming. They assure me. I am here to do this work. To help bring in the new paradigm. And to help bridge the world’s together. To be a voice for them, with them and To help people to open awaken and align with their higher purpose. This is what I have been preparing for. With their help.

It is the best life !! And also at the same time a very hard one. But well worth it. So many gifts omg!! Magical. I am so happy to be part of this cosmic evolution. It is so exciting !! There is so much coming for humanity that is so amazing!! We just have to get over the hurdle. And we will.

I am feeling much hope that in this generation many will be awakened to this knowledge. And it is through the steadfast determination and tenacity that ambassadors and pioneers are helping to expand the collective consciousness, and opening not only portals but also contributing to the collective consciousness of humanity. I feel like This will be common knowledge faster then we know. The portals will stay and those that are ready will be open to them. I keep feeling there will be a major shift of some magnitude. By some event or events. This I am told will help to awaken many, and many will be searching for Truth. So they will be looking for those who are able to help them stay calm in the storm and centered. Also to help people to align with their own Truth. Which is Love


2 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Catherine Chapey, from New York”

  1. Hi Catherine, love this post and I am happy for you that you can connect with the Sas! I have a tiny connection sort of like yours and feel they are near but have not had a channeling yet.
    They appear in dreams so I feel I am at the beginning of my walk with them. Thank you for the post and for your love of the Sasquatch!

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