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Experiences of Mike Paterson, Sasquatch Ontario

By Mike Paterson – Sasquatch Ontario

· When the interactions with Nef’s family all started back in September, 2012, I started using my vehicle as a tool for interaction. It was a very successful approach for learning about some of their behaviour, how they interact with homo sapiens and the amount of humour involved in their contact with us. Throughout the years I’ve seen the comments from many who assume without having the experience of understanding Sasquatch behaviour that it must be fake, My experience shows there is much humour involved and it’s a matter of understanding that humour in the interactions they give.

I’ve been at this a dozen years now and been witness to hundreds of incidents that have shown a consistency with their humour. They are a light hearted people, not bogged down by ego, manipulation or deception as our collective has given in to. We are a detached race, they are a connected race. Their symbiotic connection to the earth shows a balanced way of existence where nature thrives. Ours is a destructive path that poisons absolutely everything, the air, the water, the soil, the food, all of it. We show a complete disregard and lack of respect for the earth through greed and corruption, our way of being pushing us towards extinction.

There’s a reason why the encounters and sightings of Sasquatch are on the increase and it’s not because of technology. From my perspective and experience it’s because of our detachment and the destructive path we’re on. They wish we would wake up! When using my vehicle, I’d always speak out loud to them although I’ve learned that may not be necessary. I’m of the belief through experience that they can read our thoughts if they choose. This is uncharted territory and as ridiculous as much of it sounds to some, that thought process of judgement without experience only shows a manipulated mindset through the ongoing deception of our existence.

Look at our world, our broken systemic status quo. Challenge that with the significantly supported subjects of Sasquatch and UFO’s and you’re looked at as someone who fell off a turnip truck! Our collective mindset is convoluted by manipulation through mainstream garbage. We have lost our way, our connection to nature which keeps us grounded and connected to source. Humans are distracted by technology, that which takes us away from who we truly are. There’s been many visits with markings showing up on my vehicle and more. I’ve learned Sasquatch have much oil on their skin, some of which I’ve left and witnessed it still hold throughout heavy rainfalls.

You can see the first picture shows two individuals from Nef’s family that left their hand marks on the hood of my car, a younger individual and likely Nef himself. You can also see their humour as I’d ask for handprints and at times put my own print there to show my intention. They’ve complied and given many times, some of which that seem done in a way that would make me look like a fool. They know what I do with this information, that I put it out publicly. Don’t underestimate their intelligence, as human ego tends to put us high and mighty over everything else on earth. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I’ve posted “hand” prints knowing they weren’t their real prints and I suspect they’ve had a good chuckle seeing if I would have the guts to still put it out there. I’ve not been one to hold back (although I have not spoken of all I’ve learned as some things are not for everyone to know).

I’ve documented markings on my vehicle even in real time as I’m walking around and around my car, witnessing new marks with each pass. it was a game, I’d check one side, find new marks on my wet vehicle and then walk around to the other side and find mew marks there. I’d walked around and around the car many times with each pass seeing new marks showing that they were right there with me having fun at my expense (as usual)! I believe the prints on the hood of my car are authentic with the oily markings and the one on my rear bumper which had shown some dermal markings. There’s a couple there that are obvious fake hand prints which can easily be understood that they’ve been drawn. It’s still their activity, only it’s showing their humour.

This entire journey has been filled with much humour from them. Before Nef finally gave us his name through audio, we called him Mr. Funny. His boisterous antics would leave us laughing and scratching our heads at the same time. One visit I woke up to the tree limb placed on my car roof next to the microphones which you can see the black foam cover which was run through my sunroof. The audio from that visit shows Nef saying the word “flower” as he places the tree branches on my car. It was interesting how he’d placed a pile of leaves for a big foot on one and a small rock for a small foot on the other, showing a connection to us, both of us connected to the same body. We are all one and they have shown this many times through drawings and other means such as what I just described. Everything is connected. They’ve shown this many times.

It was the next visit that I’d stood next to a tree after hearing the audio of Nef saying “flower” for the first time and showed him the difference in what we called flower and tree. He loved those words and spoke them many times after that. I assume he’d picked up a fake bunch of flowers from somewhere at some point and started using those to show his presence, the same was done with marbles. He’d likely picked up a container of them from some property and used them for the same reason, to show their presence.

I’ve witnessed so many marbles appear from thin air in front of my eyes that it’s a normal part of my existence at this point. During one incident, I was knelt down measuring a fresh single print in the snow that had just appeared seconds earlier while both Dwayne and I were standing outside talking during the daylight hours. The ground was covered in fresh snow. The print had appeared with Nef knowing that I’d wanted to see the growth in his foot which did show roughly 2 inches in the few years I’d not witnessed his print. As I was measuring the print, I turned my head for a couple seconds, looked back and now there was one of those fake flowers sitting in the middle of the print showing that he was right there with us. It was placed in the very brief moment I’d turned my head to look towards Dwayne who was standing a few feet away. This has been a common occurrence, Nef showing his presence with us in real time.

It was years before when I’d taken one of those flowers, held it in my hand and put my other hand on a tree. I stood there stating ‘flower” while holding up the flower and then “tree” while patting the the tree I stood beside. I did this numerous times to show the meaning, the words we used to describe those objects. If you go to Sasquatch Ontario on YouTube to the video “This is Sasquatch”, at the 4:20 timestamp, you’ll hear Nef try to say the word “flower” in a way that he chuckles at himself likely because he can’t quite get it right.

The very first time when he said it quietly while placing the tree limb on my vehicle (attached pic), it seems it was much easier than when he said it loud and clear and not being able to control his voice as well. It was shortly after that incident where he was recorded saying “flower” in a way that showed his confidence and how pleased he was with himself and his learned pronunciation. There’s been other words spoken from both sides, his language and ours but there’s been a bit of a barrier through verbal communication although they have answered some questions in written form that have shown other language(s) that I’m yet to understand what they are. Hopefully in time all that comes to light and we’re able to learn more about their own language.

Sasquatch are an inter-dimensional ancient race of people who hold abilities that shatter our understanding of reality. Their contact is highly paranormal, they walk in two worlds. Yes their voices sound human and their footprints look human because they ARE human, they’re just different than we are! 4:20 timestamp to hear Nef try to vocalize the word “flower”

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  1. I love your work Mike. Congrats on your Coast To Coast AM appearance. So bummed I missed you on there. I have been following you and C2CAM forever.

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