Open letter about my coming to term with Jack Lapseritis aka Kewaunee, by SunBôw

Open letter about my coming to term with Jack Lapseritis aka Kewaunee, by SunBôw.

Six years ago, I published online a letter I had written to Kewaunee after receiving his books, in which I expressed publicly plenty of praises, admiration and gratitude for his pioneering work. At first glance, his books contained complementary information resonating with the first book of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series I had just finished writing and sharing online. This was nearly a year before he and his then wife published it in paperback and we met in person at their home in Chewelah. As times change and people too, the actual circumstances now imperatively require that I write this open letter about the coming to term of my relation with my ex-editor Mr Kewaunee Lapseritis, to explain why we have disassociated definitively and to rectify the facts concerning insane defamatory rumors Mr Lapseritis has been circulating in the shadow about me within circles of friends and researchers. To say that he has been a controversial character in the Sasquatch world would be an euphemism, as recurrent stories of conflicts come with his public reputation, but his late outrageous attacks and absurd allegations insidiously directed against me demand a public answer and exposure.

My Sasquatch encounters go back forty years and along my shamanic learning journey with Elders of many Native nations, I had series of close encounters and first hand communications with Sasquatch that led me too write and share online the first chapters of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity in mid 2015, months before I ever heard of the name Lapseritis. On September 28th 2015, Kewaunee’s then wife Kelly found my writings online and contacted me with the offer to publish them in a book, which I gladly accepted. She was the third person to do a similar proposition in a couple months.

By October I had completed my book and made it available for free online reading, where it still can be found on various websites. Kelly had no experience in book editing and publishing but she did her best. We have received several comments about the amateur look of the book covers and editing glitches, and I have planned since to do new editions, but have been kept busy with many other projects, including writing other books. Anyhow, the book is still available in its actual format, as of now. It was published on Amazon in paperback and Kindle the following August (2016), ten months after being shared online, just before the first Psychic Sasquatch event, to which the Lapseritis invited me as keynote speaker. At their request, I came earlier and did the opening ceremony, during which orbs and a tiny man appeared with me on a photo, at the same spot I found Sasquatch hair two days before. There were several witnesses to those events that were documented and shared then, as other similar events.

At the conference, I started writing Book 2 of the series at the Lapseritis’ invitation, as they offered to publish more of my books. The Lapseritis and a few other friends showed me around and hosted me while I was in their region. I stayed in the region for four months the first time, between four different places, to complete Book 2, also made available online for free, after which I left on a sacred journey around the Four Corners, the dream of a lifetime I could finally manifest. The same cycle repeated the following year with Book 2 published by the Lapseritis in August 2017, just before the second Psychic Sasquatch event, where I was also invited to do ceremonies and a speech. For those who wonder, the Lapseritis usually gave me $200 to come animate and do presentations at their weekend event which ended up stretching over five days, in which organization I also contributed, whether only through my continuous networking efforts or with the dozens of people who came through meeting me in person or online, as with general support and certain technical tasks on the grounds. Except the second year when they did not pay me, apart from hospitality and gifts, as friends normally do, because as opposed to my advice the event’s cost had been considerable raised, attracting a much smaller attendance which did not suffice to cover all the costs. I did not mind the situation and the following year they gave me more.

At the second event I was again asked to write a third book to be published by them, but I declined, not being available to write. Kelly started writing Book 3 and asked my help. I proposed that we make it a collective effort and contacted a series of communicators met at the event who accepted to contribute as co-authors. I contributed the introduction and three long chapters. On my suggestion, we all agreed that all proceeds would go to Kelly for the organization of the future Sasquatch events and to this day as agreed, Kelly has received all the royalties for Book 3, a well deserved reward for editing the entire series of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity and actively organizing the annual Sasquatch event.

That second year, I had planned to do a Sasquatch event in my neighborhood of the Slocan Valley, BC, and when I informed Kelly she asked if she and Kewaunee could come as speakers, which I gladly accepted. That November 2017 was the first of three Spiritual Sasquatch events I organized in the Slocan. Each of those three years, I made sure of course that the Lapseritis were hosted by friends or at my home when possible, showed them nice places around and offered gifts, as friends normally do.

Kelly helped with the networking and made posters I printed and posted. The three years I organized this Sasquatch events in BC, I invited the Lapseritis as speakers and we shared the proceeds in three parts the first two years, plus the several book sales we made, while the third year the event went in the red and I covered all the deficit and still paid the five invited speakers and their two meals for the day. I also bought the entire stock of books the Lapseritis had brought to avoid them problems at the customs, including a full box of Kewaunee’s books, some I still have with me, while I distributed a quantity in several bookstores with my own books which I will never be able to recuperate, assuming again the losses, and giving his book some visibility in Canada including in the Sasquatch Capital of the World in Harrison Hot Springs at my expenses. These details do not bother me, I am at peace with the process.

The third Sasquatch event in Chewelah coincided with the publishing of Book 3, which to this day concludes The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series. On my advice the cost of the retreat was considerably lowered and the attendance reached a record 222. On the fourth year, our number reached 333. In the four years when we saw the event grow, I was invited to do ceremonies and presentations and also offered free counseling and consultations. Meanwhile I was noticing with apprehension an increasing mercantile aspect, a commercialization taking more space in the event. Nonetheless, those four years I offered my best in Chewelah, sharing ceremonies and teachings and helping as well with various organizational tasks such as putting up and down the Sasquatch tepee for the four years.

Those four annual Sasquatch events in Chewelah and the three I organized in the Slocan were not the only occasions when I was around the Lapseritis. We kept together a book table at the Tonasket Barter Faire in 2016 while I was writing Book 2, and in spring 2017, on my return from the Southwest, I spent about a month in Chewelah, three months before the second event there. In 2018, I settled in the Slocan and found a full time job for a year, so I did not travel to the US other than for the 2018 and 2019 events in Chewelah, and I saw the Lapseritis only there and at the events I organized in BC later in fall.

During all those years, I stayed in contact with the Lapseritis, but mostly with Kelly who, as Kewaunee admitted, did all the computer work and networking for the Chewelah events, including the accounting, while sending me my meager royalties for my book sales. If anyone wonders, apart from exceptional events like our conferences, my monthly royalties for Book 1 and 2 together rarely exceed $100. The editors, in this case the Lapseritis, split 50% of the royalties with me and kept the other half, according to our original verbal agreement. It was not until after both Book 1 and 2 had been published that the Lapseritis produced a copy of an official editing contract which we commonly signed in good will. During those four or five years, I often heard both Kewaunee and Kelly quoting my books or referring to their content in their speeches and interviews. We were promoting each other’s work and books.

Following these publishing adventures with the Lapseritis, I decided to self-publish my next books, as I had done previously two decades earlier but this time with online publishing platforms making it easier. In the first six months of 2019, I did intensive research and wrote the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, which I self-published in June. As a sign of friendship and respect, I invited both Kewaunee and Kelly, as well as a couple of others, to write a few words in introduction. I shipped four boxes to Chewelah for the fourth annual event, which sold out, apart from the dozen of copies I distributed freely to the artists and contributors to the book, including the Lapseritis.

In the Encyclopedia I honored Kewaunee as a pioneer in the field of the Psychic Sasquatch and cited his work. In all due respect to his research and experience, there is a couple of things in his books that never resonated for me, namely his story of a Sasquatch female who wanted to have sex with him which he enjoyed bragging about, or that she was leaving him hand written notes in shaky squarish characters in pigeon English. Mr Lapseritis told me he was furious because years later, Joan Ocean used the same method with hand written notes to communicate with Sasquatch. So in my Encyclopedia I recommended and presented his work in a positive light, but rather as a neutral observer, without extending too much on it alone, as hundreds of other authors and sources were consulted and quoted in the research.

In all those years, I always had friendly relations with the Lapseritis without any conflicts. There might have been a few small frictions with Kewaunee when disagreeing on random subjects like politics, but nothing dramatic. At first I was slightly annoyed, as he had no attention and I could barely ever finish a full sentence, so conversations often resembled his monologues. With time we learned to know each other and could have better two way conversations. But a tendency he had in face to face exchanges to talk so much about himself and brag about his feats often remained in the way between him and his audience, as many have commented. It was at times a bit excessive, sliding into narcissism, of which he now accuses me. Another incident was that once in a while he was sending to his mailing list some random content including bad taste sexist jokes, which had me ask him a few times in private to stop send me any, until I informed his wife who had no idea and addressed it on his mailing list, from which he removed me. But other than these minor incidents and frictions, I always respected him as a friend.

As for Kelly with whom I communicated much more regularly for networking and organization, she was devoted to managing the book sales and the events, taking creative initiatives, always cooperating efficiently and staying opened to advice. Yet our collaboration never went beyond spiritual friendship and business associates, despite the defamatory rumors Mr Lapseritis has been spreading against us.

So why this long account about how I know Kewaunee Lapseritis, you may wonder? In the winter 2020, while I was in Australia, I was informed of Kewaunee and Kelly’s separation, which was still kept private. Kelly left Kewaunee and went to live with another man, with whom she feels happier. I was across the world and had absolutely nothing to do with the event, but its consequences would affect me. Kewaunee removed Kelly from their joint account with which she was managing the book sales and royalties and he refused to send me my royalties, claiming he had been stolen. Seeing this, I rescinded my contract with his Comanche Publishing company as it stipulated it became null when a party would break any of its clauses. Kelly thence removed The Sasquatch Message to Humanity original series from Amazon around March 2020 and shortly after, re-uploaded new editions under the Rainbow Butterfly name to keep the books available. This nevertheless made us lose five years of efforts in networking and outreach, as the old links we had promoted and shared are now useless.

While still in Australia, I heard of vile attacks against Kelly and saw one of Kewaunee’s public post charged with false accusations and defamatory calumnies to which I felt a duty to reply to rectify some facts about what I had observed during the months spent with their couple over years, in various locations. Kewaunee then blocked me and started including me in his nasty smear campaign that has not yet ended, encouraged by a handful of cronies who have no knowledge of the facts nor of the persons involved. There has been a couple of hooligans since a few months who have nothing better to do of their lives than to rate at the lowest all our posts on SCENIC and we can only guess who it is. Some see us as competitors and prefer to attack us insidiously in our back, in the shadows, trying to affect our service work in disclosure and informing, while pretending to stand for the Sasquatch, whom they rather try to own as a trademark. Some work in the darkness gossiping against their relatives, but as Sasquatch medicine is Honesty, I stand for disclosing the truth and this is why I address this issue publicly in broad daylight, to make light in the darkness and bring clarity on fake misleading rumors.

The statements below are excerpts from a random email Kewaunee has circulated among our circles of friends, some of whom I invited to our events and introduced to him. I would not mention it if it was nor directly attacking me behind my back with odious calumnies. Kewaunee wrote this entire email in capital letters as if yelling, lining up fabricated lies and absurd delirium. I’ll spare the readers the ugly parts concerning his ex-wife and her new partner but will respond to his nonsensical accusations at me.


To which I reply: Mr Lapseritis is pushing a totally made up paranoid scenario sounding like sociopath slandering. In all the years I talked with Kelly, it never came even close of any romantic reference whether online or in person, we never had any physical contact other than normal brotherly sisterly hugs and never shared a bed for even one minute. Kelly has never been more than a sister for me. Kewaunee is not only lying, but this is plain defamation and vile attacks on the reputation of his ex-wife, and on myself who have been single and without this type of relationship for over a decade. Jack Lapseritis even included this invented lie against me in the 24-page lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife in their divorce case, which he lost, as all charges were denied and his own lawyer declared him senile.

Kewaunee rambles on about us trying to destroy his reputation and then wrote:


To which I reply: Mr Lapseritis is not preaching by example, making such judgments. First he knows hardly anything about my life, many years of which I spent paying rents and bills as most people, during which I hosted many friends including him, and I also had over one hundred jobs and different means to earn an income over the years. I have never stolen anyone since my teenage and never panhandled except in a couple of extreme situations when stranded. I only started to collect donations online since five years, as many do to continue offering services, scarce or occasional voluntary gifts from a few supporters, and many months nothing at all comes in. So the labels ”con” and ”beggar” don’t stick to me. No more than ”pathological liar”, as I walk the good red road, a path of good medicine and carry a sacred pipe with the teachings of dozens of authentic Native Elders I met, who teach by their example and wisdom to walk a truthful path. In their ancestral knowledge, Sasquatch carries the medicine of Honesty. Integrity has always been my guideline and I’m known for speaking my truth.

I have traveled in some twenty countries, if this is what Kewaunee calls a ”homeless bum”, him who traveled in twice that number of countries. Yet, most of everywhere I’ve been, I’m welcome to return. As for a ”druggy”, I smoke herb and it is now legal in Canada and in Washington State where he lives, and he also partakes daily of recreational marijuana, at least for all the time I spent with him, and I provided him with it when he visited me in BC. Apart from herb, I haven’t used any psychedelics in decades except from ceremonial purposes when for instance, the Native American Church was doing peyote ceremonies in my backyard in BC. So the label ”druggy” is overly suggestive and excessive.

Mr Lapseritis carries on and calls me a ”criminal”. Again, unfounded accusation, plain lies and vile defamation. I was arrested and searched dozens of times in different countries and customs, but I have never had any criminal charge or record anywhere. This is why I have been able to travel the world freely until late 2020. I have nothing to hide about my life and this is why I’m writing a new series with my memoirs, with one volume of 374 pages already self-published and a second volume on its way. After disproving this series of false allegations towards my person by Mr Lapseritis, we can start to guess who is the pathological liar slandering others. But it’s not all. Kewaunee went on and wrote:


To which I reply: Mr Lapseritis is undermining himself and his own reputation by spreading defamation. He is well known in the Sasquatch world for having conflicts with other researchers whom he insists in criticizing in most of his speeches. My relation with the Forest People started 40 years ago and developed independently from his influence, as he nor anyone has any monopoly nor control over other people’s experiences. About research, Kewaunee has no idea about my years of research on the grounds in various regions of North America and Australia, documenting plenty of footprints, tree structures, UFOs and other phenomena, and hundreds of accounts of contacts, over one hundred and fifty of which are published on my website. To write my Encyclopedia, I consulted and quoted hundreds of sources in a coherent chronological order that required much research. Yet, I don’t call myself a researcher as I have nothing to prove, but an experiencer with information to share; and I have never been involved at all in ”Sasquatchery”, a term I used in my Encyclopedia to describe and expose the fakery, hoaxes, intentional cover up and misleading myths too often making the world of Bigfoot enthusiasts, researchers and so-called experts. As for who is ”defaming” who ”by telling lies”, I was not talking about Mr Lapseritis to anyone until this open letter in response to his defamatory email against me that was just brought to my attention by friends. But it’s not all yet. Kewaunee wrote further:


After which I skip a series of impossible accusations and pathetic blames against his ex-wife, which randomly winds up through more fabrications and ends up with the following defamatory allegations:


Here, Mr Lapseritis threatens us with jail and accuses Kelly who edited and published my books for splitting as agreed the royalties with me whom he calls ”criminal”, while he never contributed more than a few words in the making of those books that he tried to hijack by stopping to pay my due royalties, as verbally agreed and legally bound by contract. Hence, Kewaunee who claimed more than once to be a retired (?) NSA agent receiving a military pension and bragged about his top security clearance, now threatens me about my royalties which he calls his, for the books I wrote, as well as his ex-wife who edited and published them. Knowing about these horrible lies he has spread surreptitiously and other facts I will skip like multiple threats to his ex-wife, we can legitimately question his integrity, the veracity of his accounts and the authenticity of his work, as well as his intentions behind calumnies.

As for the ”demon” part, those who know me and there are many, know that I’ve been involved on a path of good medicine and holistic healing for decades, including cleansing of sites and peoples, exorcisms and removal of curses and entities, most often on request. I cultivate peaceful relations and make no enemy, and to those who choose to act like one, I show compassion and wish for their healing. It is thus in order to bring healing in this sad situation and clarity, as truth sets us free, that I wrote this. As for my brother Kewaunee who was a friend for years, I also pray for his healing and return to light. I can understand his pain and sufferings from his divorce and his feeling of being betrayed and abandoned by his ex-wife, although I am absolutely not related in any way to Kelly’s choice for her own life. Yet, there is no reason to justify waging a hateful smear campaign in the shadows, spreading horrible calumnies about her, no more than about me who have nothing to do their ex-marriage.

These are some reasons why I have dissociated with Kewaunee. I am confident that most people with a minimum of knowledge of us and of the facts will understand that his absurd defamatory accusations are nothing more than the delusional scenario and ranting delirium of an immature old angry man who can’t get over his divorce and let go, desperate to take a spiteful revenge against his ex-wife and an ex-collaborator who both promoted him for years and have continued the work forward from where he left it. For the handful of cronies who have fallen for and spread those horrendous defaming lies, I am also sorry and wish them to find better ways to spend their time and energies than attacking peaceful people who offer graciously their services in informing, networking, disclosure and community organization. I have never tried to make an enemy of Kewaunee nor treated him as one, but if he chooses this war path against me, I am now cutting all the bridges and associations with him and make it public knowledge.

Therefore, I hereby declare openly and publicly that everything I wrote here is nothing but the truth, to the best of my knowledge and in all sincerity. After explaining openly the details of the facts and events, I am now even and over with this issue, and consider this case settled and closed in my life. And I hereby declare to the concerned audience for all to know that I now end all collaboration and my karmic contract with Jack Lapseritis aka Kewaunee, who unjustly threw the first stones by waging a smear campaign of public defamation and calumnious allegations against his ex-wife and by madly dragging me into it with additional insanity. With such slanderous attacks spread in the shadows behind the stage, he chooses to build up his own karmic load that he will carry alone as sole responsible, taking a slippery road that can damage if not destroy the reputation he has been building for decades. If his Psychic Sasquatch ”trademark”, for which he claimed copyrights over, need to be rebranded Psychotic, so be it. As for myself I will keep walking my own sacred path separately in peace and truth.

With Great Spirit’s protection, my Sasquatch guides and all my relations, I now reverse the curse, repel the spell and return it back to where it came from, as truth sets us free. I cut all bonds with the sender, release all ties to him, to settle for good in broad daylight this end of all relation between him and me. Now that everything has been clearly and openly expressed, this is the end of the Lapseritis file for me.

Written overnight on 04/16/21 by SunBôw, author of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

May Truth prevail. Peace on Earth to all humans of good will…

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  1. Splits are hard but often necessary. Ive not heard of any of this but have not followed Kewaunee either. I was drawn to your messages from Sasquatch and have to say, the one thing you had suspicion about was exactly the one thing that didn’t sit well me either. I hope healing can happen for all, as you go separate ways. I don’t think you should worry at all about many believing lies. a peaceful spirit, is what you have and that is what i feel. things like this and some people will continue to show themselves but you stay above it all:)

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    1. I have read your words, and sense nothing but Light here. Your letter feels like truth, and this person believes that you placed everything out in plain sight, with conscious respect for honesty. I love Sasquatch family (“nation,” or “family?” I never know which word, maybe both?), and am very careful to listen to and honor their presence…as watchers, teachers, protectors, life-builders, guides upon the river, and as loving beings (people? I think of them as “people,” but much more advanced than my comparatively lower levels of spiritual awareness and vibration). Most on my mind would be questions like, what kinds of edible gifts would they like? Based on your good work, I believe you would have answers to such questions, and a warm smile would come upon you as you might speak enthusiastically of wonderful things to know and understand. I sense Light here. Rest easy, friend. Wear Your Day With Ease. Love, Brian H.

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    2. Angelacopeland1111 ~ I am very much in agreement with you!! I do not follow Kewaunee either. I seldom read the messages of Sas but for some unknown reason I was compelled to open and read this notice by Sunbow! I too wish Sunbow well! Mary

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  2. I feel sorry for all parties involved and am sending prayers for each of them. When the enemy can’t stop the progression of Truth, he often stoops to creating situations that dismantle people from each other, in order to stop the Good Works they were jointly able to create together. It is usually a last ditch attempt by forces working against God’s Goodness. I will continue to read and reread the books which this now-prior relationship produced, for there is still an awesome amount of Truth and Light to be found in them. Truth and Light are never negated, regardless of the “monkey wrenches” the enemy tosses into the mix. Truth and Life were already written into each one of these books long before the enemy decided to attack. God bless all who were involved in the creation of these books and God bless all who read them.

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  3. I haven’t been involved with this community much but I do follow this blog and very much appreciate your writing and observations of the natural world . What you describe sounds very stressful. I hope your efforts here are helpful and this individual stops harassing you and your friends and colleagues . Thanks for all you do to promote peaceful relations .

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  4. My Dearest Sunbow,

    How my heart aches for you, Kelly, and yes even Kewaunee. When the news first came out about the divorce, even though I had followed Kewaunee for 40+ years, I admit I’ve always been able to, shall we say, read between the lines of his personality and attitude, which (at least to me) would clearly come through in his talks and interviews. But I never felt it was my place to say anything so negative against another when it was only my opinion, so I refrained.

    However, in the 6+(?) years I have now followed the two of you, I have found you to be nothing but kind, compassionate, honest to a fault, and filled with wisdom, to say nothing of Kelly’s incredibly sweet, helpful, and generous nature when talking with her on the phone over orders. I am so sorry you both have to struggle with defending yourselves against such slanderous accusations, spread by Kewaunee himself as well as any others, let alone that they have been intentionally disseminated without any sort of proof whatsoever. I can only imagine the level of frustration one would feel when trying to prove a negative!!

    Thank you for writing this to set the record straight–no one deserves the treatment you two have had to endure, yet you have tried so valiantly to rise above it all with dignity and class. I admire you both, more than you know.

    And as for Kewaunee, I wish him Love, Light, and Healing on his path.

    Sending you much Love, my friends. 😀

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  5. That is a lovely picture at the end of your letter, coming from another and better time. I am so sorry there was this severance in your relationship . I commend you for writing your public letter. I am sure it must have felt like a release. Keep looking forward and doing your work, you have much to sustain you that is good and right.

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  6. Thank you for all past and future contributions. I will always treasure the moment you signed my copy of YOUR book at the first retreat in Chewelah.. A special memory for me. I wish you the best and hope the world will continue to have access to the experiences of SUN BOW. Peace be with you.

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  7. Karma is certainly punishing Jack.
    I used to have respect for him, until he screwed me over and then started slandering viciously, Kelly(and you).
    I have been to several conferences and at every one, Kelly is doing 110+mph, nonstop, to make sure everything goes smoothly. She`s earned everything by good old fashioned hard work.
    Did I ever see jack doing anything besides making sure he was in spotlight, garnering attention? No.

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  8. I am so sorry you and Kelly RainbowButterfly have endured such a trying time. The fact is, your characters and integrity speak for themselves. I first read a snippet of Kewaunee’s work online, so many years ago. It was on someone else’s website (this was the early days of the internet!) and went back to read it again as I’d forgotten the name. The post was gone. I sent an email to the owner of the website asking about a Sasquatch posting I’d read previously. I had wanted to read it again and find out the name of the author to look to buy the book. The website owner told me the author, Mr. Lapseritis had threatened them to take down the snippet, even though he was fully credited. They said he had been ‘hostile’ toward them, and would never promote his work again.
    I was surprised as, to me, it was an excellent promotion of the work. I convinced them to give me the info, and I then was able to find the book I wanted to buy. It struck me as strange, but I chalked it up to he (Mr. Lapseritis) was probably being ridiculed online about Sasquatch work and trying to avoid negativity.
    Eventually, I ended up finding Kelly RainbowButterfly online with our common interests in Sas, and then with Sunbow. Kelly and I had a very sincere and friendly online friendship, and she always connected in a kind and caring manner, openly sharing her wonderful teachings. I slowly began to connect with Sunbow in the same manner. This next part makes clear to me that Kelly and Sunbow were, and are, nothing more than respectful colleagues to one another. The town I live in was having a Shamanic gathering (I live in a First Nation town in Canada) and Sunbow was coming for it. I thought it was a great opportunity to get to meet him in person if he had time. I ended up inviting him to stay in my home, and share a meal together and talk about our common interest of Sas. I’m not the type to invite a stranger into my home, but Sunbow and I had connected for several years online by this time, so I had little worry about him. I did, however, ask Kelly if she felt he was safe to have in my home. She assured me he was a kind gentleman, like a brother to her, and I had nothing to worry about. She told me in the years they’d known each other, he’d never once even flirted with her, always totally professional. Hearing this from another woman, a woman I respected and trust, completely reassured me. I found him to be exactly as she described. A GENTLEMAN. Sunbow, I am deeply sorry for this experience you’ve had. In no way do you deserve such an ugly accusation. Anyone who truly knows you know your heart and intentions and actions are good and that you are a man of integrity.
    Kindest blessings, Kelly Ann

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    1. Thank you very much for your testimonial Kelly Ann. You were a great host when I visited you and I’m honored to know you as a friend. In the long term, the traces we leave speak louder than discourses. Best blessings sister…


  9. Have been wondering what all went on. I’ve met and talked story with Kelly and Kewaunee when I delivered a few pieces of furniture they bought from the 2nd hand in Chewelah and helped them get stuff in and out of the small duplex. Shared some of my cannabis, too, which they appreciated (I grow medical).

    I’m the one afternoon a week fix-it guy for the woman friend who owns the store, and Kewaunee handed me a copy of The Sasquatch People as I had talked with both about the work and book I was writing because they mentioned what they were doing. No not Sasquatch, I work helping with a far different need on this side of the curtain having work with native Shamans or on my own as the need and ask for help arises. Funny how that works as most of the time I’m just an old surfer/skater/boarder living in the mountains. Then I get asked in the most curious of ways.

    I finally published last year having been pushed into doing so in meditations and since I owe him one of mine I haven’t seen him around Chewelah to hand him one. Then a local guy was looking at a copy of my book at the pizza & pub where it’s being locally sold when I walked in to check a couple weeks ago and we chatted. He told me that they’d divorced and there was feuding going on and who the hell knows where Kewaunee had gone off to… But at least he said he wanted to read mine and would come back later for a copy of Massacre Sites; Working for the Dead. Subtitle: A tale about connections.

    It’s not just a cute title, either, as that came out of meditation very strongly, too. Never sold on Amazon, only from my little sewshop and word of mouth. I continue to keep the promise I made to the Old Ones in 2003…

    If anybody has an address for Kelly I would love to send her a copy as she perked up at what I have been involved with for the last decades. Could somebody please email her if she remembers me and would like me to send her one? Non-fiction, 252 pages 53 images & photos, only on my website if she wants to send an email I’ll pop one in the mail to her.

    I’d send one to Kewaunee, too, even if he has gone off the rails as it’s a debt I owe him.

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    1. Thank you for connecting and sharing your insights. I will forward your message to Kelly. Your books sound interesting. The one about massacre sites is intriguing for me, since when I was in Australia, the Yowies guided me to discover a large massacre pit and to document it, on an ancient historical site with at least three massacre sites that promoters want to build over. I described the circumstances leading to that work in this article:

      I ended spending four months working around that site with the Original community and produced a 170 page report with photo on the history of Aboriginal Australia that I put on a website I created for this, available here:

      Since last year, in spite of systemic denial from the police, promoters and local authority, my friend Yowie Sovereign Original has carried on documenting and studying the site and the bones were tested and authentified by a forensic expert. The ancestors are happy we honor their memory. Working with Indigenous shamanic ways has also been my path which led me to work on a new book series entitled Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, with two volumes published so far and a third one in the making.

      Thanks and blessings…


  10. KItchie Miigwetch for the update friends i have and will never forget you and the FB groups as an admin … Blessings all
    Boozoo greetings to all including KellyRainbowButterfly and Jack L who shall find his journey/ways eventually once again good tidings too as I learned much from all a yall …
    This new event at Forested Kettle Falls sounds like amazing fun new vibrations for sure as well wish I could join you … Ha! Wakan Tanka Oh Great Spirit’s … We are Great spirit’s living human Avatars in a dense bi-polar reality for now till our mother shifts in her own time and choice …
    A’ho Mitakuye all my/our relations X’s and O’s Sunbow/Loma Katsi’s I finally know what that means fully thanks to yr incredible pic’s and journeys thru our Ancestral Lands wow!!!!
    Your animal guide photos are amoung the best as are the footprints and traces of the Pueblo ruins …
    Much Love Pammy J. Cree Grrrllll

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  11. I don’t want to say bad about anyone, but Kewaunee could never be the way he is maliciously described here above. Anyone talking about him in this way, either has never truly known him, or trying on purpose to discredited him. I am sorry to hear he is so misunderstood.


    1. I’m sorry, but I’m sure I’ve known him better than you. I don’t want to bad mouth anyone either, although some like him have done that for me. So where’s your measure of fairness? Am I allowed to defend myself when attacked with lies and bad mouthing?

      This text describes facts as I lived them first hand through direct interactions with the main interested.

      How well did you know him? If you have any facts -not mere opinions- to disprove anything I wrote in this text, you are more than welcome to bring them out.

      I’m ready to forgive and move on, but if you or anyone want to drag this story on, I can still answer questions and straighten facts. I’m done discussing about him, especially with people who have no clue about what they’re talking about. But if you can disprove even one statement I wrote in this text, then good luck in trying to make your point.

      Otherwise this discussion is over and done, as uninformed opinions are pointless and useless, plus I have no idea who you are, so your outsider perspective matters not to me.

      If you feel so inclined, you can always write our own version of the facts and publish it all you want. I have nothing to hide myself.

      Otherwise, take care of your own life…


  12. I have never bought Kewuane’s books, but after reading this story, find the situation sad. Now I wonder, what percentage of his books are total fabrication?

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