Bigfoot America’s Abominable Snowman (1968)—the long lost documentary

Bigfoot America’s Abominable Snowman (1968)—the long lost documentary:

Following my recent post on early Sasquatch documentaries, The Sasquatch Archives sent me this rare video from 1968, most likely the earliest Sasquatch documentary ever produced. Filmed one year after the famous Patterson footage, in includes interviews with Roger Patterson and his footage of Pattie, with cryptozoologists like John Napier and Ivan Sanderson discussing the subject. Other experts express a ”healthy skepticism” and explain why the famed footage cannot be taken as scientific evidence. However, this rare archive documentary does not include the footage Patterson took in the spring of 1967 in which Gimlin and Hieronymus acted as extras, as mentioned in the previous post.

From The Sasquatch Archives: ”Bigfoot: America’s Abominable Snowman is the first known documentary on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch subject. The film was produced by the BBC and featured Roger Patterson’s October 1967 footage which allegedly shows a Bigfoot/Sasquatch, and numerous eyewitness retells, historical recounts, and the opinions of several scientists. The BBC documentary only aired one time (July 27, 1968) and only in the U.K. It has never been seen since on TV, VHS, DVD, YouTube or elsewhere—until now. This will be its first showing outside of the U.K. and the first showing since that July 27, 1968 day. There will be a follow-up video uploaded soon that will give more details.”

Art: Shirley McDaniel

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