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Magic in the Moonlight, paranormal on parade, “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed”, by Wendy Garrett

Note by SunBôw: Today (05/10/22) I had an interview on Wendy’s Coffeehouse that will be released in two parts shortly. Below is an article from her website.

By Wendy Garrett:

Magic in the Moonlight, paranormal on parade, “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed”

You are magic,
you are divine,
in you, all things are possible.

Middle of the night. I am aware something is touching my arm. In the cabin at the lake, I have fallen asleep on the couch. And, because of the odd sleeping location, I have apparently draped my arm across my face.

A sensation wakens me. It feels like a feather brushing lightly across the skin on the back of my arm. It tickles. I move my arm slightly and am blinded by a bright light.

Annoyed now, I wonder why Andy is standing over me shining his flashlight in my face. I don’t like the joke and tell Andy to get the light out of my face.

I am now squinting, wondering what is going on and irritated at being awakened like that. Gradually, my eyes begin to focus and I realize the bright light in my eyes is the full moon shining through the skylight.

I hear Andy softly snoring in the bedroom, still asleep. Jack and Gracie (our dogs) are in there with him. There is no one standing beside me.

Curious. I am now fully awake and wondering at the purpose for this interaction. I project my question in a thought and ask whomever is with me (that I cannot see) what the point was in waking me up. The reply was short, “There’s magic in the moonlight. Sleep through it and you will miss it.”

An interesting thing I remember about that moment is the definite sensation of someone standing beside me, touching me with something that felt like a feather brushing across my arm.

It was only after I figured out the bright light was the moon and not Andy with a flashlight, I noticed a shift in the energy. The space where I thought Andy had been standing felt very empty, like something was missing. I can’t explain that.

However, I did get the message. Now I know I can look for magic in the moonlight.

Monday night, after I had been working on setting up interviews and trying to determine scheduling, I got in bed and reviewed a few notes. I heard something crack. This sound had happened a day or so earlier and I didn’t see anything out of place so I let it go.

Now, having heard the sound before, I wondered what it was. It was a louder crack this time. I didn’t see anything on the floor. Then it happened again, and it was almost like something was directly behind me in the headboard. I got up and shifted the pillows, looked at the mattress and box springs, thinking the entire time how amusing it would appear to whomever was originating the sound.

Knowing I was being toyed with, I went to the TV room to tell Andy something was up. He asked where the cat was. I told him the cat was not in the room.

When I returned to the bedroom, Jack came with me. He positioned himself on the pillow and stared at the headboard. I spoke to him and he held his gaze, fixed directly at the headboard, confirming my suspicion. Whomever it was, was engaging with him. Yes, we had company and I would figure it out later. I went to sleep.

Iplow through a lot of material, searching daily for links to bookmark and potential interview content. Today, the film, “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed” has my answer.

Andy and I were watching together when I heard the familiar sound. As they discuss Sasquatch activity and attempt to record sounds, one sound repeats several times. Like the sound of a board or wood breaking, it is a ‘crack’ and also happens to be the same name I gave for the sound I was trying to source when examining my headboard and the boards under the box springs.

I also have to remember there was more than a sound. I felt a presence. I also told Andy I had the sense of it being a game. The energy felt like something/someone was playing with me.

The film also includes another familiar phrase while discussing contact and interaction with Sasquatch/Bigfoot. “Expect the unexpected.” Make your own connections.

See film:

What you are seeking is seeking you. No joke. When we learn how powerful our thoughts are, we will understand how easily and inadvertently we telegraph our intent to others.

The PSI prompts I am given by my guides in regard to encouraging us to hone our telepathic ability are about more than us improving psychic awareness.

As we improve and tune into other realms, we will also be clued into how loudly our thoughts register on the higher planes and how easy we are to read so that we may fine tune and better direct our broadcast.

Ingo Swann had an introduction to this while remote-viewing the Moon. Regarding it as a general, albeit highly sensitive, assignment, he witnessed the presence of beings who were working on a project of some sort.

The curve came when he saw that – even in his remote-viewing, OBE, psychic state – a couple of those beings were aware of his presence. And that was clearly evidenced when they started motioning in his direction. Penetration, Special Edition, Humanoids on the Moon, page 40.

Incoming energy waves now are triggering an intensifying ebb and flow of PSI activity and awareness. With this Covid-19 ‘time out’ from routine, there are opportunities for non-ordinary encounters that might easily be tuned out when the schedule is otherwise full of obligations.

Such insight opens doors to new awareness. We are undergoing a re-set in consciousness. Adjustment brings an opportunity to activate and engage intuition in determining actions that serve a higher purpose in going forward.

Awakening heart frequencies, a catalyst for empaths and a challenge for intuitives. The amplified frequency of the incoming waves can be overwhelming. Some are drained and some are empowered. No judgement. It simply varies given the activities at hand. Stay focused.

Pattern: Spiral.

Image: Standing at the veil.

Number: 9.

Exercise: Transmutation.

Power Animal: Butterfly

Be well.

Art: Rose SP – Sentient Sasquatch

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