Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast

Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast:

Here are a few selected comments from Youtube viewers on SunBôw’s interview last week (05/05/23) on Journey to Truth podcast.

Heather Guttormsen: I just bought his book not knowing anything about it. I was drawn to it. Now I just sat down and bam. What a trip.

Natalie Anne: So happy I tuned in today. My dad is now permanently in a home and does nothing but search YouTube for yowie yeti Bigfoot and Sasquatch videos…. So I just bought book 1 for him. If he likes it I’ll send him the rest. Thanks Again gentlemen.

Trey’s Myths & Tunes: Thanks brothers. As I’ve discovered the wrong way lately, YouTube is now allowing truth to be spread – by “authoritarian voices,” and since you two do a pretty good job choosing and vetting professionals and solid book writers to interview, this man is certainly one dude we can all agree is an AUTHORITY in his field! I could feel his ‘true authority’ in your first interview with him, and this one takes the clarity further. Good works. PEACE

The Métis Mama: The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books are AMAZING! loved them all. Rich in spiritual teachings.

A Bonfire of Masks: Sunbow’s Sasquatch Message is profound.

Val W: Wealth of information. I’m proud Sunbow is from my neck of the woods. Yes they are here to help. Thank you for having him on your podcast. Peace

Liliana Usvat: I read 4 books of Sunbow. Very interesting. I found myself confirmation of the information presented in form of teraforming in places i have never expected.

Diana Indigo: this video and the books needs to be presented in every school.

Jean Collins: Please give us the name of his books in the description below.

Craig: So excited for this, I love those books!

FengShuiSusan: Just got the books today, see y’all in Illinois. Thank you, gentlemen

CR User: I had a dream about sasquatch (many years ago). It was “earth changes” that brought them out of the wilderness (in this dream). They were very kind, gentle, and “came out of the woodwork” – in this dream to “help us seek safety.” It was a series of MAJOR earthquakes. P.S. book looks really good! (I splurged and bought a copy).

Susan Woodman: Yes the books are amazing. I have telepathic contact with one of these sasquatch beings, I call them Queventillier as referred to in Asha Deannes voyager books.

Therese Roth: Thank you very much for educating us about another group of wonderful beings we share this beautiful planet with.

Janice*rivergirl: I know nothing about this. Thank you for your help to let people know.

R M: I am so thankful for Sunbow. People are always scaring others from Sasquatch. They instill fear and its wrong. Same with the giants. We are their descendents. It’s not hard to figure out. They love us.

Melody: SunBow has the calmest energy. 🙂

Lysa Schuller: Thank you sunbow

What If: I think Sunbow has Bigfoot DNA…

Rita Shertick: Hello Beau, miss hanging out with you. A clan in Albuquerque, the matron elder is about 360 years young. Su Walker has drawn them.

Kavannah Light: Thank you, Sunbow, Aaron, and Tyler for this great discussion. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about Sasquach from a more understanding and sane position. I live in FL and I’m sure the skunk ape is a real thing here. I used to hear calls at night before this area was built up and we lost the wilderness and woods

Speche nlekepepemux: Many of my people, nlakapamux have seen them

Amearea Jorelin Carleeney: I channel and connect to the Sasquatch, I can draw them if they let me, as described here they only show themselves to you if you have the right vibration

Eileen: Thank you for having Sunbow on, his info is so important helping humans in our misunderstandings of the beloved Sasquash. The bubble artwork on his book. I heard that when Sasquash get married, they stand together in an etheric bubble right before the sun rises and when the sun rises the sun pops the bubble, then sealed in marriage. There is more to the story, time spent in meditation before the sunrise. It’s so beautiful! I cried when i first heard that story. I love the Sasquash, apart of my past lives im sure of it!

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