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Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California

By Cassandra: If you try to meditate with the vibration of Love, absolute love, they will draw near to you when you call upon them. Do NOT have fear in your hearts if you do happen to run into one of our elders ancestors while hiking or in the outdoors just send them love and see the response. They are trying to help heal the masses and wake everybody up.


Ancient One, by Raven Hawk

Ancient One, by Raven Hawk: Sasquatch, the wise elder of the forest, shares his wisdom about how to walk in a good way when in nature. 'When you walk in nature, it is important to walk with respect. Walk softly on the earth, and be mindful of the creatures that you share the space with. Offer them your kindness and they will offer you theirs. Walk with an open heart, and you will find your way.


Su Walker and Kevin Estrella on The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

Thanks to our friends Su Walker @SandiaWisdom and Kevin Estrella @PyramidsOnMars for their inspiring description of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity in this 3-minute video. Disclosure is the acknowledgment that we have never been alone, and it is a collective effort in the process of humanity's consciousness evolution and growth.


New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw

I greeted Kamooh and asked him if he had anything to tell me. He confirmed that the channel can always be turned on when we tune in, and that it was up to me what time and energy I consecrate to listening and transcribing the channeled information. So, I consented to write some of his words if he agreed and this is what he said:


Insights from a Quantum Healing Session, by Gideon

They are very peaceful and I felt a great sense of harmony love and honesty among them, no deception of any kind and yes they talk through the heart, they can feel if something is up or you got a problem and they can sense other beings aura field from miles away and if your hostile or not. They see us as brother but we are lost, they help us as much as they can but we shoot them down and use them for trophy!


Visualization, by Sylvia Davies

By Sylvia: After reading some of the sightings reports and watching some of the interviews, I meditated at bed time, to connect with Sasquatch. I held an image in my mind of a large Humanoid presence to act as a focus. I put out thoughts of love and gratitude. I’ve been practicing Ho ’oponopono since 2014, so often use this process to keep my self aligned to the Highest Good for all my Relations.


Excellent explanation about Sasquatch, by Anthony T.

In this 18 minute video, contactee, communicator and lecturer Anthony T. gives an excellent explanation of who the Sasquatch are and of the phenomena surrounding them. Everything he says resonates 100% with The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series I authored between 2015 and 2017. Profound insights. Well worth the time.


The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon

In this text sent to me by the author to post here, Cyberthal brilliantly summarizes the essential of the information presented in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series, with various confirmations from other sources.


Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott

Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott: At last, the elusive Sasquatch is found!? The tall, hairy being of the Natives’ lore left the wood? The abominable mudman, subdued to the slander of the media, just… walked out? You can’t miss him, his ginger locks gingerly sit upon his disheveled head and body. His eyes,… Continue reading Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott


How to see the Forest Giants and other Sasquatch-like beings of Native American lore, by Adawehi’Tzak Elverette

Fill your heart with love. Open it, leave it vulnerable without fear. They scan our energy signature and know ahead of time who they’re dealing with.