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Can the Sasquatch be Tricksters ? What has been your experience?

Sasquatch love to play tricks on friends.

Hello dear friends. Leigh Here form Australia…I am inspired to write about our Sas friends and the little tricks and pranks they enjoy. It seems they get such a thrill by doing this , and this has been confirmed with many people I have had conversations with. I remember Kewaunee confirmed this when my little incident happened to me which I am about to share here.
It was 2016 when we went to the very first and “amazing” psychic sasquatch conference in chewelah. Both my partner and I were guest speakers from our facebook group “Yowie Down under Mick and Leigh” from Australia.

ON the morning of the event we were to present at 10 am and I remember we all slept in a bit late. We had rented a quaint little house down at Loon lake and there were 4 people staying including Kagi Taka Raven and Brady brown bear . I dont usually sleep in but that morning we did so we had to get up and hurry to get ready and drive on down to the Chewelah conference center. So while the others were in the shower ( not all at once )I laid out my clothes and shoes to avoid delay . After my shower I got dressed and my shoes were GONE !!

They were right there but now they had gone???

I looked every where …and then because we were all running late now Id asked us all to look all four of us…but still nothing …!!!Around 30 minutes later Mick said he will look in the car. I thought this was ridiculous as they were inside the cabin. But anyway he insisted and went to check the car. Much to my complete dismay and confusion…they were there…BUT HOW?? When we arrived at the center having shared in detail with Kewaunee he confirmed with a smile and a giggles…”oh yeah, yeah, that’s what they do..”.so in keeping with the theme of this story ,

Have you had any experiences or pranks from our Sas friends?

# Picture of Loon Lake Cabin during our stay. Social Gathering.

Left to right Sunbow, Mick Harrison,Marcus Taylor, Leigh Kerr, Kewaunee Lapseritis, Tom Nellessen


3 thoughts on “Can the Sasquatch be Tricksters ? What has been your experience?”

  1. Thanks for your post Leigh. Yes indeed, they have a good sense of humor and ways to make us scratch our heads. Like when my lighter disappeared at Kewaunee and Kelly’s place last year, and two days later, while sitting outside in the backyard, it fell on my feet out of nowhere.

    Or that time when Susan lent me her car to go to the barter fair. On the way back, I started the car with the main set of keys I had always used, but when we stopped after a two hours drive through the mountains, the second set of keys was in the contact. I was puzzled and started looking around for the main set of keys, until I found it sitting on the trunk in the back, where I could not have possibly stayed for a two hours drive through mountains. Many funny stories,

    Here’s a last one: 3 years ago in Québec, my friend asked me if I was throwing those pebbles. I asked ‘what pebbles?’ and one dropped right away at my feet. I said: ‘oh, that’s Sasquatch’ and it was replied with a handful of pebbles appearing out of nowhere and thrown at my feet… 🙂

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    1. Oh I love It Bow ! IT appears they love to put things in the trunk! And ive had 2 pebbles thrown at my feet when i was at Crystal Castle .After the first one i turned around to see where it had come from….but was perplexed. Then the second one came ….and I knew …and just grinned. They were with us that whole one week trip everyday had some form of contact in one way or another.It was great. Got 5 pebbles put in our rental car..the day after we picked it up . Its was thoroughly clean and they were not there to begin with . I have kept them .:)

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  2. I was camped in the Mt. Hood National Forest trying to make psychic contact with the locals. When I went to sleep, I had a vivid dream of my truck rocking, surrounded by my laughing barefoot friends. I was feeling terrific andlaughing right along until the tailgate opened and one reached in and grabbed my leg. In reality I was in a sleeping bag but in the dream I was laying on top of it and my legs were exposed. I felt the enormous power of the creature and woke up screaming in terror. It was the only dream like that I ever had. My truck never shook, there were no tracks, and the apples I left out were not taken. But I feel that telepathic tricksters were having fun playing Gotcha! with me. I might add that I have never seen one of the Forest People but on numerous hiking trips I have heard sounds that could not have been made by any other creature.

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