Message from the Arcturians

FB_IMG_1561851115071From the Arcturians:
Received by Michael Bodewitz 6/26

Hello brothers and sisters of the light. We are the Arcturians. We are aware that many of you are inquiring about supposed events or an event happening in your month of July. We would like to bring you clarification on this as there are many inaccurate energetic messages circling your collective consciousness right now. It is true the star nations have agreed a collective effort to provide elevated energy transfers to the human consciousness in the month you call July. But there will be no mass reveal of the star nations to the human race at this time. Much work has to be done before this can be achieved. We assure you there is a great collaborative effort among your star family to continue assisting humanity in raising their collective consciousness. Just from a year ago to now there has been great progress! Thank you to all the incarnated light beings that have agreed to help us in this. You are making a difference! As for next month, you can expect every race of our star nations to impact the consciousness in a great way. Some of you who are working with them will receive downloads of information, energetic DNA upgrades, messages to send out, visual encounters to share, or just excess energy to distribute throughout your area. You will see a rise in activity next month but there will be no mass reveal at this time. We hope this message brings you hope, joy, love, and our affection from us to you. We are the Arcturians and we love you very much. End of message.

8 thoughts on “Message from the Arcturians”

      1. I am Arcturian. I have seen my Arcturian body up close in an energy pod on the ship. Granted, they can look slightly different ranging in skin color from a deep blue to a lighter grey blue in skin color and they have larger heads then a human does. This picture does look similar but not exactly in my opinion. They also have the ability to change their appearance at will. Regardless, the message is the purpose of this post.


  1. Will I ever remember who I am? I once read that I’m probably an Arcturian, not sure if it’s true but I’d love to reconnect.


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