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Looking back at the 4th annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat

This was my first year attending and I am so glad I was able to. It literally changed my life. On the drive up there Balana and my friend’s clan leader Churang were with us manifesting and projecting on the landscape letting us know. Not to mention Balana telling me they find Dale and I humorous as we joke around on the drive. We arrived late on Thursday evening and were stunned by the sheer amount in attendance. As soon as we got out of the car I couldn’t believe the energy this place held. The ground was trembling under my feet! I met SunBow right away and it was good to finally meet so many people I have known online for years. Every night held amazing experiences. The Star People were very present. I saw some manifest their physical bodies in the trees tops and light ships in the sky would do twirls and zig zags and all sorts of maneuvers as if they were dancing especially for us. Not to mention their awesome display of light flashes sending messages to onlookers and activating our DNA. I could feel the Sasquatch present all over. I was able to talk to a couple from the area. I caught numerous on camera. Many foot prints were around letting us know they were there. I discovered an ancient Sasquatch healing rock up on the top path. This column of rock goes down into the mountain some 60 feet and is used for grounding and removing lower vibration and toxic energies. The only visible part of the rock lies right in the path and looks like a Sasquatch track. There is a portal of energy up by the amphitheater and columns up to the sky in a tubular fashion with white feathery whisps within the portal circulating. I have never seen anything like it. Pictures were being taken by Darrell Stokes which shown the orb party every night. At times it looked like it was snowing orbs. 

Many great people were in attendance from many countries. I was blessed to be able to speak and channeled Balana with a beautiful message of fun, joy , and relaxation. “Stop trying to figure everything out. Just have fun.”

Also an unexpected female Plaiedian came through with the message of Devine female energy coming to the planet to balance the Masculine domination. 

I will always treasure the one on one talks I had with many people and the connections I made. We had fun singing, dancing, drumming, and even full on Braveheart style charges to hug people! My sincere thanks to the Lapseritis’s and all to did their part to make this experience do life changing. 


2 thoughts on “Looking back at the 4th annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat”

  1. Thank you for this in-depth comment!! I so very much wanted to attend but I don’t camp and didn’t know how I would fit in. I am also a Type 1 diabetic (50yrs with some insulin sensitivity) and didn’t know how I would maintain in the remote area, dealing with the diabetes. With all of that being said THE PHOTO’S of the event, the comments like your have put my concerns at ease and I do regret not having acted on my desire to be there. They have been calling me for sometime now. I WILL MAKE THE NEXT GATHERING just based on all that was shared here. I play the Native American Flute and the Native American Drum and see that those interests of mine would fit in perfectly at this gathering. I am also a HUGE crystal & rock person and as I saw on a few vendor tables, that too would be of interest to me. Thank you again for your comments!! Mary McAuliffe

    On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 11:01 PM Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communicati

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