Lost cities to rise up again?

As I write this I know that I realize I left you all hanging. I apologize. I had mentioned earlier that Balana gave me a message about Atlantis and Lemuria rising again. I will try to the best of my ability to recall what was said and ask Balana to come forth and help me. Once again, I apologize for the lapse in time as I have been very busy at work.

Balana, my friend. I call you to help me with recalling this message.

“I’m here.”
Can you tell me again about Lemuria and Atlantis rising again?
“Of course. The Star Nations met with the Sasquatch Nations and relayed a message of an event that is scheduled to happen in an earth reality that many of you will witness. The Sasquatch Elders shared the information with us and they can’t help but share because we are all connected telepatichally, emotionally, and energetically. There is no withholding or hiding anything as is done with humans. What was told by the Star Elders was that in the year 2109 there will be a great earthquake that will happen off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This earthquake will be so large that a crack will open up in the sea floor larger then what you have called the Grand Canyon. This crack will open up into the inner earth. As this occurs the water will have no choice but to go within the earth causing your shorelines to recede drastically. The inner earth beings know of this occurrence but most will not be affected as they are already living in another dimension where this reality will not matter to them. As the shores recede many animals in the ocean will lose their life and be stuck on dry land. It is ok because they have agreed at a higher level to experience this. When all is said and done hundreds of once underwater shoreline will be exposed. Life on land will see a horrible sight of many living things lying on the dry earth as the water swept away. It will not be pleasant to look at. Many will need to heal from witnessing this. But along with this tragedy comes great discovery once again as ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and other civilizations will become visible again. Ancient knowledge will rise again and be witnessed by your human species. Humanity will clean up the new receded shore line and descend upon the ancient civilizations uncovered. There will be artifacts, ancient texts, crystals, and technology once lost that will be recovered. This will be a huge event for the consciousness of humanity. As long as your people share the knowledge and do not suppress it.”
I have heard that the beginning of 5D will be in ten years on the year 2020 and I just listened today from an Ascension documentary by Hale Mednik interviewing Su Walker that her connection to the star people said first contact will be 2021. How does this consciousness tie into what will happen in 2109?
“This is correct. We are aware that the beginning point of the 5D transition will begin in the year 2020. We are also confirming that a planned contact from a certain race of Star People have agreed to make first contact with your species in 2021. Many people will be shifting their consciousness during these times. Some will transition right away into the 5D reality while others will stick around for first contact. Some will incarnate and come back to experience the great earth quake and guide others in relearning the old ways.”
Wow. This is amazing. We actually have some time frames and dates now. Thank you for this. Is there anything else you would like to say at this time?
“Nothing at this time but in light of all you have heard today do not be afraid. Fear will only set you back and and there is truly nothing to be afraid of. We are always here with you and are always looking out for you and stand waiting to assist. The Sasquatch People love you very much. We will see you in the forest.”
Thank you my friend. End of message. Thoughts?fa9efb6a8143d3063b7ba51fda337057

7 thoughts on “Lost cities to rise up again?”

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that, Michael, very grateful for these messages, and they reveal more and more, more quickly. Thanks 🙏 and Blessings


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