(English follows). Nos lecteurs francophones seront heureux d'apprendre que LE MESSAGE DES SASQUATCH À L'HUMANITÉ est maintenant disponible en français, en versions imprimée et eBook. Depuis sa rédaction en 2015, dans sa version originale en anglais, le Livre 1 a été publié en Hongrois, Indonésien, Allemand, Espagnol et une traduction en Japonais est en cours...

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SunBôw on UFO ET Experiencers podcast, with Catherine Chapey

Sun Bow Shares his Journey and Wisdom about Sasquatch, ETs, UFOs, Telepathic Communication, Portals, Interdimensional Travel, and more with us. Watch, Like, Share and Subscribe! And Please Spread the word about Sasquatch. SunBow's Amazing Work in the World is a Bridge to Understanding much more about our Connection to Our Brothers and Sisters that have been part of earth for Eons...

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Encounters in the Slocan Valley, by Crystal

By Crystal: When I first came to the area, I had never had much except had spotted large footprints a decade earlier along the Slocan River. Since I moved here almost 2 years ago, I have had several encounters with what I believe to have been a Sasquatch...


SCENIC translated in German

SCENIC translated in German: Our German readers will be pleased to learn that our best articles on SCENIC have been translated in German and posted online, thanks to Olaf Posdzech, who also translated The Sasquatch Message to Humanity's first two books in German. Danke Schön...


SunBôw’s interview on Yowie Central with Sarah Bignell

In this inspiring and uplifting conversation with Sarah, we covered a lot of ground, from our personal experiences to a diversity of topics. To facilitate a better understanding for the interested auditors, I'm providing here a few links about subjects we discussed, with additional info and details...


Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast

Here are a few selected comments from Youtube viewers on SunBôw's interview last week (05/05/23) on Journey to Truth podcast. Heather Guttormsen: I just bought his book not knowing anything about it. I was drawn to it. Now I just sat down and bam. What a trip. Natalie Anne: So happy I tuned in today.… Continue reading Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast


SunBôw on Journey to Truth podcast, 05/05/23

Just released: SunBôw's interview on Journey to Truth podcast, 04/05/23:

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A deeper study into HOPI KNOWLEDGE, by SunBôw

A deeper study into Hopi Knowledge, by SunBôw: Read text on this link:


Gifting, altars, tree structures and spirit plates, by SunBôw

Tips, examples and answers to frequently asked questions... (Re-share)


To our SCENIC followers on Facebook

To our SCENIC followers on Facebook (and others): To all who can read this. This is SunBôw. Due to FakeBot (FB) censorship madness, I've been unable to post, like or comment on my SCENIC FB page with the page profile. It means I'm also unable to read and reply to messages sent to that page.… Continue reading To our SCENIC followers on Facebook