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My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw

By SunBôw As the disclosure movement about the psychic interdimensional Sasquatch is growing fast and exponentially, the ape hunters clubs are quickly losing ground and popularity. This has caused some ape and monster hunters to band together and attack experiencers sharing their first hand encounters and communications debunking the big ape theory. After facing a… Continue reading My reply to the ape and monster hunters, by SunBôw


Merry Squatchmas everybody

Merry Squatchmas everybody May this beginning of the new solar year bring a new inspiring start on the wonderful journey of discovery and amazement we are all on towards wisdom and enlightenment. May the awareness of our Elder two-legged relatives keep growing in our collective consciousness towards a better understanding of peaceful inter-species relations. Big… Continue reading Merry Squatchmas everybody

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Small Sasquatch tree art structure we found today, 12/23/18

By SunBôw Small Sasquatch tree art structure we found today, 12/23/18 Eric was visiting this weekend for our winter solstice full moon community sweat lodge ceremony and we drove around the valley today. After being turned back by a foot of snow on the way to a place we never reached, we ended up at… Continue reading Small Sasquatch tree art structure we found today, 12/23/18


SCENIC: report after 9 months

Greetings Sasquatch Family and friends,   After 9 months, our website for the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication has received over 52,000 views by over 18,000 visitors from around 120 countries. We have published over 360 posts so far this year. Posts here usually get between a few dozens to a few hundreds… Continue reading SCENIC: report after 9 months

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Photos yet to be debunked

By SunBôw Still open for debunking. There is plenty of Sasquatch photos and videos out there, some of which are obvious hoaxes, others doubtful or unsure, and some compelling evidences. When the Sasquatch agree to show up, whether in real time or on camera, it is a gift that they are offering that comes with… Continue reading Photos yet to be debunked