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Beyond the man made world…

By SunBôw (originally published on 08/13/15) Beyond the man made world... Are we blinding ourselves or captive by choice in a golden cage?... In the high velocity motion of modern lifestyle, and with the rapid rate of successive global events on our small crowded home-planet, we too often get caught up and lost in the… Continue reading Beyond the man made world…

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The Last Frontier: The Soul within

By SunBôw (originally published on August 12, 2015) The Last Frontier: The Soul within Will we survive our modern world?... The age of discovery is over. Just over a century ago, we could still explore unmapped lands, encounter uncontacted tribes, discover an unrecorded species of animal or plant, name an unknown star, write a book… Continue reading The Last Frontier: The Soul within

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A new breed on the WWW: the Woo Woo Woos (join the club :D )

By SunBôw While mainstream Sasquatch / Bigfoot researchers and fans are still too often busy tracking the Forest People for evidence, either with guns or camera, experiencers and communicators who are learning first hand from the Sasquatch and other non-Human intelligence, about who they are and how to relate to them are often called woo woos. Woo… Continue reading A new breed on the WWW: the Woo Woo Woos (join the club 😀 )

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Geoengineering: Covert ecocide and genocide (omnicide) in plain sight

By SunBôw I stumbled upon this picture yesterday, posted by Grey Wolf, that cheered me up. Since a little humor never hurts, I used it for my new profile picture on FB, joking that I finally found a tribe I can fit in. 😀 But beyond the funny part, disclosure is not only about good… Continue reading Geoengineering: Covert ecocide and genocide (omnicide) in plain sight


SCENIC website freshly revamped

By SunBôw We are glad to announce that we found time available to renew the appearance of our SCENIC website, with larger characters, nicer fonts, colors and rearranged widgets. After 5 months we have reached over 30,500 views by 10,000 visitors from 108 countries. We are reaching almost 500 followers. We hope that the improved… Continue reading SCENIC website freshly revamped