Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast:

Here are a few selected comments from Youtube viewers on SunBôw’s interview last week (05/05/23) on Journey to Truth podcast.

Heather Guttormsen: I just bought his book not knowing anything about it. I was drawn to it. Now I just sat down and bam. What a trip.

Natalie Anne: So happy I tuned in today. My dad is now permanently in a home and does nothing but search YouTube for yowie yeti Bigfoot and Sasquatch videos…. So I just bought book 1 for him. If he likes it I’ll send him the rest. Thanks Again gentlemen.

Trey’s Myths & Tunes: Thanks brothers. As I’ve discovered the wrong way lately, YouTube is now allowing truth to be spread – by “authoritarian voices,” and since you two do a pretty good job choosing and vetting professionals and solid book writers to interview, this man is certainly one dude we can all agree is an AUTHORITY in his field! I could feel his ‘true authority’ in your first interview with him, and this one takes the clarity further. Good works. PEACE

The Métis Mama: The Sasquatch Message to Humanity books are AMAZING! loved them all. Rich in spiritual teachings.

A Bonfire of Masks: Sunbow’s Sasquatch Message is profound.

Val W: Wealth of information. I’m proud Sunbow is from my neck of the woods. Yes they are here to help. Thank you for having him on your podcast. Peace

Liliana Usvat: I read 4 books of Sunbow. Very interesting. I found myself confirmation of the information presented in form of teraforming in places i have never expected.

Diana Indigo: this video and the books needs to be presented in every school.

Jean Collins: Please give us the name of his books in the description below.

Craig: So excited for this, I love those books!

FengShuiSusan: Just got the books today, see y’all in Illinois. Thank you, gentlemen

CR User: I had a dream about sasquatch (many years ago). It was “earth changes” that brought them out of the wilderness (in this dream). They were very kind, gentle, and “came out of the woodwork” – in this dream to “help us seek safety.” It was a series of MAJOR earthquakes. P.S. book looks really good! (I splurged and bought a copy).

Susan Woodman: Yes the books are amazing. I have telepathic contact with one of these sasquatch beings, I call them Queventillier as referred to in Asha Deannes voyager books.

Therese Roth: Thank you very much for educating us about another group of wonderful beings we share this beautiful planet with.

Janice*rivergirl: I know nothing about this. Thank you for your help to let people know.

R M: I am so thankful for Sunbow. People are always scaring others from Sasquatch. They instill fear and its wrong. Same with the giants. We are their descendents. It’s not hard to figure out. They love us.

Melody: SunBow has the calmest energy. 🙂

Lysa Schuller: Thank you sunbow

What If: I think Sunbow has Bigfoot DNA…

Rita Shertick: Hello Beau, miss hanging out with you. A clan in Albuquerque, the matron elder is about 360 years young. Su Walker has drawn them.

Kavannah Light: Thank you, Sunbow, Aaron, and Tyler for this great discussion. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about Sasquach from a more understanding and sane position. I live in FL and I’m sure the skunk ape is a real thing here. I used to hear calls at night before this area was built up and we lost the wilderness and woods

Speche nlekepepemux: Many of my people, nlakapamux have seen them

Amearea Jorelin Carleeney: I channel and connect to the Sasquatch, I can draw them if they let me, as described here they only show themselves to you if you have the right vibration

Eileen: Thank you for having Sunbow on, his info is so important helping humans in our misunderstandings of the beloved Sasquash. The bubble artwork on his book. I heard that when Sasquash get married, they stand together in an etheric bubble right before the sun rises and when the sun rises the sun pops the bubble, then sealed in marriage. There is more to the story, time spent in meditation before the sunrise. It’s so beautiful! I cried when i first heard that story. I love the Sasquash, apart of my past lives im sure of it!

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Viewers comments on SunBôw’s interview on Journey to Truth podcast

I originally believed in the Gigantopithecus theory. However within two weeks of finding the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book I started receiving dreams from them. At first I brushed it off as imagination, but they kept coming and the dreams grew more and more vivid. Until eventually one night I fell asleep and found myself staring right into the eyes of a Sasquatch. Every detail was there, I saw their pupils, hair, long arms, etc. I am convinced they were slowly dripping the truth to me while trying not to scare me.

From a reader

Comments from viewers on SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson, aired on 03/29/23.

: SunBow is a legend, Canadian legend, it was a pleasure interviewing him on our podcast last year. Honorable Man !

Belinda Chambers: Dear Dani thank you so much for this lovely interlude. Since I first watched two of your “Sasquatch ” videos a few weeks ago I have received my order of 3 books by Sunbow True Brother- as I held the first one I could feel the gentleness and humility and upon opening the book and reading a few words my eyes just filled with tears as my heart opened in complete trust, safety and recognition. Beautiful beautiful feeling of home and welcome and freedom. Thank you so very much.

Alex Davidson: BEST SET OF BOOKS E V E R one day, I hope to meet this man.

Sarah Smith: The quiet kindness and humility and magic in Sunbow, are very clear to me, it actually helps me realise and understand what the sasquatch must be like because I have never experienced any.

Amanda El: What a humble, gentle man. So wonderful to hear his experiences and insights. He mentions that there are kinds like sasquatch all over the world. Here in Australia there are many legends from the original people and recently there are more and more sightings and connections with those they call yowies. There are, as far as is known, 2 types here. Larger more communicative beings making themselves known to many native and enlightened people through physical signs as well as telepathically and a smaller type who are rarely seen but known about by the Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

GA Fairbanks: Love to u Dani, I’ve missed hearing from Sunbow ! Good to hear from him and Forest PEOPLES.

Sherri Wade: Sunbow thank you for speaking. I can’t wait to see your website and books.

Lis Sørensen: Sunbow is a really nice and beautiful soul. Thank You so much for giving Sunbow space to tell us what is going on with Sasquatch and so on. Loved it. Loads off love to both off You.

christine: Sunbow narrative stories with experiences from last year conference and now are truly magical. Just because I don’t see it in the city doesn’t mean these stories does not exists. Truly magical as to all creation of life source beings…

Christine Virgil: Dani I was using the close caption, but I caught his eyes for a moment. I watched and listened to the rest of the show without CC. His eyes have great depth to them. I felt like he could see me. Thank you for another enlightening interview, that would know nothing, if not for you. Many thanks.

Beatrix Poupe: Thank you Danni what a gorgeous humble man I want to know more so I just ordered his 3 books.

Thierry D: I know SunBow personally he’s such a great man and modest man. He speaks the truth.

christy steiger: Loved every minute

veressence: That was so interesting & like you Dani, I got lost in time in his website. More books for me to enjoy.

PureLight Love: Many Thanks Dani & Bow!

Michael Harrell: Great video. Thank you Dani and my friend Sunbow True Brother.

Dustin Daves: Love and Light ! Sister ,Brother,. From Southwest Colorado Dine’, land of 147 clans, Thanks for Your hard work.

Anne Thill: Bonjour from France ! Tks for all these interviews with french people. I’m part of your french followers 🙂

Sora🌌THE9🙏: Thank you for your lovely time given to us Dani SunBow 🫡, I learn something new today thank you.

Alison Carr: Love this guy and U2 Dani!

The interview can be watched on Dani Henderson’s Youtube channel at THIS LINK. Thanks and blessings to all…

Comments on SunBôw’s interview with Dani Henderson

Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness with host Anthony, November 2022:

@babsimorob7962: You can tell Sunbow is a kind human, as well that contact with these beings changed him forever. Great show.

@jennyperkin4624: Sunbow’s books are breathtaking thank you Anthony for bringing him on the show.

@skyehoefke3424: Thank you @CANADIANAWARENESS for sharing this amazing show with us!! Your guest shares some important content and perspectives that I personally appreciate. I will keep an eye open for SunBow’s books. Shout out to SunBow and our Hairy Humanoid relatives!

@brittanymarie2022: I hold a lot of respect for Sunbow his books can be a shamanic journey for yourself, or help with guiding you. It’s quite interesting to see the dynamic & difference between the two of you. Two diff. Presentations on ancestral & genetic healing, this is great example watching and feeling what’s genuine & not god complex.

@riverhawk9869: What a treat! Thank you, Anthony, for the great questions, and Thank you Sunbow for taking the time for such an amazing interview! I truly appreciate and enjoyed all the wisdom you shared with us! Much Respect. As always Anthony, you bring great knowledge and wisdom to your channel. THANK YOU!

@diannesims3890: This is wonderful Interview, I just enjoyed every bit of it, can’t thank you enough to both of you. Peace Love and Light to all.

@anthonytmein: That was a great interview, thank you for this substantial content. You covered so much more than just “these things, these creatures” and the whole proof thing. This was real substance, re: shamanism, spiritual topics, and Bôw’s overall individual personhood showcased well. Srsly well done interview.

@AramieMarshall: Terrific interview. Sunbow is very clearly not entirely of this world, and it was an honor to feel his energy through this podcast.

@richarddewalt6575: Sunbow has been always known as a genuine man wit integrity.

@user-nf6bq1po6g: Another amazing guest! Top notch.

@Kaemmer23: Love hearing the stories from both of you!! Helps me open up to the idea of having my own contact experiences in the future and it’s exciting to think about!

@user-wg6ls5kc1m: What a king(d?) man with soft approach to life. Sunbow I’ve never heard of but now after googling him I can see his experience and books. excellent conversation.

@larryfulmer5479: I like how Sunbow mentions his shamanic training for understanding many things. Especially the astral work. I too have mentioned my shamanic training in an understanding of things and being able to determine truth just from what I read or come across in my own research and studies of all things being connected to these studies.

@guliannacostello5116: Sunbow is such a sweet humble man, total gentleman.

@lordrutledge2612: Awesome, I have dreamed of them being on my property, and a few months ago I was walking where I saw them in a particular dream – I heard a sudden sound like there was a very large tree branch falling through the leaves or something, and I was expecting to feel the ground shake from the impact and how loud this commotion was. But there was nothing after that. My gf described it as like something getting up from laying down, and she said she heard like an exhale/groan like it came from a very large horse or bear. But there was nothing there to be seen, we had a clear view of the whole area and would have seen an animal running away. This was just a few feet away from where we were. Also oddly enough it was the day after I listened to another podcast where the guest was talking about her and her daughter’s Bigfoot experiences…

@bonnyevaknuktan3219: What a beautifull soul, SunBow TrueBrother. The name says it all.

@peterluce1177: Love SunBow’s books !

@8timechamp362: Bro another great episode. Wonderful guest I’ve just ordered his book on amazon.

@carmenmarcello652: I have his books on shamanic journeys. profound intel man!!!

@annas823: Great guest.

@vf1020: Such a lovely person.

@avaavanni4042: Love the message. Want the Sunbow books…

@tampatoronto369: Wise man.

@marijamarazovko1112: What a lovely french accent.

@eyecan8: Thank you for this conversation! I learn a lot & confirm something. Please don’t give up on humanity, we are still moving forward. I believe in humanity.

Comments from viewers of SunBôw’s interview on Canadian Awareness, November 2022

Dear Sasquatch Community,

Your information is very helpful. I have found Sasquatch people to be very helpful. They appeared in a half-sleep vision. There was one waving his arms around and then I perceived that it was a group. The first one wanted to tell me something. I can usually only take in images, not words. I try to translate it into through my sensation. They want to tell me that there is a lot going on and that they support me or us. They are supporters for spiritual protection. They help to protect systems. I am happy to have met such good helpers because they are knowing and strong. 

Kind regards

Susanne Feix

Testimonial by Susanne Feix

Testimonial by Steven Williams:

Wow wow wow. I am soooo glad I came across your books FIRST, to set me on the right path to understanding the subject, and which has led me to many other wonderful books. I have just finished reading “Hairy Humanoids From the Wild”, after reading your 3 volumes of “Sasquatch Message to Humanity”, Kewaunee Lapseritis’s 2 books “Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People”, and Seth Buoymaster’s “Sasquatch Elder’s Share Healings for Humanity”. Now I have started reading “A Sasquatch Story” by Brian Douglas Bland. And there are other books on my list!

I have been on a spiritual path for many years, and have long been interested in the subject of UFOs/Aliens, and have read of the existence of the Sasquatch people and that they were sometimes associated with UFOs, and that Native Americans talked about them, but that was it. Until I read your books (and the other books they led me to) – now I know the truth about them. Plus the history of humanity and previous civilizations. Now everything is tied together – the Ant people that the Hopis talk about, the Lizard people (or Snake people) depicted by the ancient East Indian culture and the Mayan, the Fish people (Oannes, who taught Sumerians everything). I’m so excited – maybe someday I can see, meet and communicate with a Sasquatch.

I was so moved by the last chapter in Hairy Humanoids, “Message From Sasquatch”, that I wanted to ask if it was ok if I shared that message in full with some friends that would be open to it.

As an aside, here is an interesting website that I came across recently:
The author was able the map the orientations of various megalithic sites around the world to the current and 4 previous North Pole locations, dating the oldest structures to 410,000 to 440,000 years BCE.

Thanks so much for your books a big thank you to Kamooh and the other Sasquatch people sharing their knowledge and spiritual wisdom with humanity in these crazy times.

Reply by SunBôw:

Greetings Steven, 

Thanks for your kind comments and positive review, which I shared in our ”Testimonials” section. Glad you are finding resonance in the books. The link you sent looks at first sight like an interesting research confirming that civilizations have been on Earth since much longer than conventional history claims. 

To answer your question, you are welcome to quote excerpts of my copyrighted books on two conditions: First, if it’s shared for free in a non-commercial educational fair use; Secondly, if you mention due credits, meaning the author’s name and title(s) of the book(s). Please include link(s) to my website and/or book(s) for interested readers. 

Thanks for reaching out. Best blessings on your path…

Testimonial by Steven Williams

Selected (unedited) comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today:


Carol Rebers: This interesting information about the Sasquatch humans was much needed, thank you Dr. Salla again and for true knowledge from Sunbow Truebrother and to think that there’s been horrible efforts to eradicate these people from society! What a disgrace! I find your information ” golden” Dr. Salla , keep this work going strong!

John Clifton: What an amazing person Sunbow is. A mind blowing interview, really enjoyed it. Definitely one to watch again, so informative. You have a great podcast Dr Michael Salla.

Sonia Finch: How amazing to communicate with these beings.

A J: Just ordered the book. Excited to read it.

Mary Ellen: Just ordered all 4 books.

Laura Kert: Thank you so much Dr Salla and Sunbow. I love the books!

Patrice Calo: I read this email book as well totally amazing and true


Maya White Sparks: Those books have affected me profoundly, deepening my connection with co creation of the One Loving Wholeness I believe our Universe was meant to be…and connecting me with Sasquatch Beings telepathically here in Suburbia.

Sharon Spain: With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, I thank you Sunbow Trubrother and Dr. Salla for bringing this intriguing information to the public.

Mayra R: This is so amazing

The reality by Jay Rocco: Sweet

Sam Ransom: Hi cool

clarence stewart: Squatch—–forest keepers, wisdom keepers, expressions of the oneness that we all are…peace/love/respect

Lorraine Marietta: A keeper of the forest.

Soup Ace: Don’t forget the Australian Yowies

MM TruthSeeker: Bravo Dr. Sala for reporting on this! I have felt for some time now that Sasquatch is a key puzzle piece to understanding the cosmic big picture. I sincerely Thank You for your efforts in sharing information.

Jimmy James: Thank you Sunbow Truebrother. I have received messages.

Idada: Thank you Michael for you’re interview with Sunbow sharing his knowledge about the ancient people!

Paula Krueger: This man’s information is so comprehensive. I’m so glad you found him, Dr. Salla

Lavender Sky Panther: Thank you to All involved in sharing this interview … Humanity IS waking up more and more now… Heartfelt thanks to the benevolent Sasquatchi people, Star people, + various Loving beings for their role in helping us on our path of ascension.

Dillon Zhang: A very good at least essential bridge between Lloyd Pye and the discipline of exo-politics; with references to Uh-noon-nukhi. Great questions and answers.

Jenn: A Whitecloud: Oh!!!! Yes!!! This is a most important message to get out! Thank you for recognizing our terrestrial elder brethren. So many people still consider them as myth, monsters, or creatures, instead of advanced people. They too are systematically hunted and killed by black ops programs (like other indigenous cultures) because they hold the frequencies for planetary expansion.

CrystalBDawned: Oow We Right On, Cool Topic! Looking forward to this! Cheers! Michael and Mr Sunbow!

Stephanie Barry: Sunbow!!! Love you man! Thank you so much Dr. Michael Salla for your wide open range of topics. Much love!

Starchild: Great conversation.
Alexis Anderson: Amazing thank you very much.

Debzy J: Wonderful…. Thank you

Martha Drone: Thankful for you all sharing your knowledge and wisdom


Angelo Philippopoulos: Sasquatch have speech and language and uses it.. Sunbow is a great soul!!

Thyme Gadson: They surely do have evocative language, as it’s been recorded. (True telepathy transcends language and is most efficient.) *We always need to assess ‘transmission’ according to our standards of legitimacy.

toni andriotis: Who wants verbal speak when telepathy is way high bandwidth? Who is more advanced? Who was kept from advancing? How did this come about? Intentionally?

Jimmy James: Woww…telepathy! Is time for humanity to learn or be able to recognize it and use it

SNOWY OWL: I heard that there is no spoken speech once we are in the 5th Dimension (so called) It seems using words belongs to the simpler planes of existence … such as the 3D Earth.

Renee Polin: It’s sounds like Sasquatch has their own form of WWW. thru telepathy . The information on certain people put put out there telepathically for them all to know and all of them access. I sure a person intentions are everything . If you want notoriety it won’t happen Ok I get it he calls it the telepathic matrix “COOL”

Renee Polin: I remember seeing this gentle brother on Dani’s channel. Fascinating

Martin Måsviken: Amazing man speaking thank you for this interjuv.

Bob Ellard: Thank you Dr. Salla. Your guests message about these beings Was very enlightening.

cassiesue2: I felt like I got a huge download while watching this. It was overwhelming, had to stop halfway through. Is that possible?

Michael Miller: This all makes perfect sense. Thank you Dr. Salla.

💟Fairy Godmomma💟: @1:11:11 you summed it up, beautifully. Thank you!


Joe Sambrano: thankyou soooooo much, pls awaken surface population

phillypam: Gratitude with Love

Ken Rik: Thank you, Dr Salla, for another great guest. I believe Sasquatch are spiritual beings just like us; they just chose to incarnate into non-human bodies. In the Law of One, Ra says their souls came from Maldek, after they destroyed their planet, as a form of karmic healing. Mike Paterson of Sasquatch Ontario has some amazing audio of a Sasquatch family that he’s befriended for many years. Mike also describes his inter-dimensional contacts with them. They’re 4D/5D beings in 2D bodies.

Maggie O: I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, I wondered who Sunbow was, thank you for sharing his information and message for humanity, from the Sasquach + Star Nations peoples. I had never heard of this message before, nor the fascinating explanation of who, why + where the Sasquach are, as we come to learn, for sure, that there’s been so very much hidden from humanity, it’s mind-blowing!! This proves that the Great Spirit of the universe is indeed pushing things forward to a head, despite the cover up’s of the many agendas that are really in place. I don’t think we have yet found out the half of it. All roads lead to the ANNUNA.KI God’s – they’re still controlling the show and are operating as ‘one coin with the same sides’ – all in cahoots… May we all become “cautious as serpents, while remaining innocent as doves”, as we pull all our resources together as one Humanity, have each other’s back, and remain ever alert + awake to the wonderful world yet to come. Agape Love ️ Maggie Ontario Canada

Carol Jean: This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU, Dr. Michael Salla… I BELIEVE HIS STORY

Dennis Godaire: Thank you …

aaron soule: Super amazing and loved the show.! Thank you both!! Best channel on YT! Thanks so much both of you!


Mary Keegan: I just love checking my subscriptions and you have a video. You have no idea how much we love you teaching us a wide spectrum of information. It lifts me up in these uncertain time. Thank you my friend. From the heart. Australia

Zeck and candi Dyer: This is why I subscribed

mahan: Wow, I have been waiting for this subject for a long time, Thank u Dr salla

Leigh Ann: Thank you!!

kimazz1: Thank you

mendi cowles: This made my 💜 swell with love. I look forward in seeing and catching your Dr Salla & Sunbow’s talk in October! Truly a dream come true … this amazing group of speakers … under one roof for 3 days … amazing.


Thyme Gadson: BRILLIANT…another HIT!…Gracias!

Sarah Smith: Thank you

Penni Moore: Thank you for this information. A lot of this coincides with information from you Dr. Salla, Ismeal Perez and Elena Danaan. Keep it coming! I always want to know more.

Kevin Virgil Brown: Sound to me at least these Brothers of Mine, follow the Law of One. Blessing you all, Brothers and Sisters of Light and Love.

Marsden Balaska: Yes all life is sacred and nobody hardly believes that rocks and plants have consciousness too

EsotericSolitaire: Black helicopters with infrared devices routinely cover areas where Sasquatch have been sighted. ECETI ranch and Sasquatch Ontario report seeing these aircraft. Just two that I know of. I’m sure there are others.

Guy Brisebois: Great information. Thank you


BST: Sasquatch is based off Chewbacca on star wars , he didn’t have speech we understood but is a brilliant being

Gerald Dadap: I think even that in that old TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man, way back, had an episode on Sasquatch where the it showed them as related to ETs if my memory serves me right.

CR User: I’ve had dreams about sasquatch. Dream was about some kind of planetary “upset” – and I encountered them in a redwood forest. I got nothing but love and comfort from the interaction. The communication was “telepathic” – as they don’t use words.

The Soulshine Center: I had an amazing meditation where I was introduced to a beautiful Sasquatch being as well. I was also told how their genetics were modified severely. They are our Mother Earths Angels. This magnificent being had Incredible energy. I was completely honored to be visited twice in my meditation. No words can describe their magnificent presence. Thank you for sharing this important message … thank you with all of my heart.

Marsden Balaska: Oh but I know that everything has consciousness and are Aware so Yes Sunbow is a cool guy and I liked his belief system which I have seen elsewhere once or twice.

Lis Sørensen: Thank You so much for this really good interview. I loved it. Lots of love to both of You


Laurie S: Thank you so much Sunbow and Dr. Salla. beautiful discussion!

Elpis Liossatos: Dr Sallas your guests are gifts to all who have the curiosity to listen and to learn. Thank you !

PureLight Love: Thank-You for raising folks awareness

Marsden Balaska: That’s correct they are a higher life form dropped off here very long ago and have been communicating with only certain folks they knew so yes I’ve watched My Sunbow on Regina Meredith’s channel I think?

Adam S Doyle: I’m so glad to see you educating your audience on the wonderful sasquatch people. They are wise and loving beings, despite how they are experienced by terrified hikers and hunters on shows like Sasquatch Chronicles. I’m grateful for having discovered the lectures and writing of Kewuanee Lapseritis, who shares a similar message as Truebrother. Understanding and spreading the truth of their intentions as guardians of the planet is the responsibility of all of us now

Penni Moore: I have discovered that some aspects of me are part of the Bird People, The Council of 12 and the Highest Council of Light. Hopefully I will discover more aspects of me as I go along. This is certainly an exciting time to be on this planet, growing and ascending every day. Much love!

loowingbwoa: Joan (Ocean) I remember too had a great experience with them as well. Also a Kahuna related to a friend of mine that one Sasquatch actually made it to Hawaii, but was severely injured along the way, It was to be residing and convalescing on/in/around Coconut Island in Hilo (xdimensional portal) so I tried to bring some “White Light” down there whenever possible. Not sure if it made it or not. That was a few years ago. But when Lemuria was here they cohabitated this continent with humans though they were here some 50,000 years (?) before humans to assist in protecting the earth …because of their physique. (not sure, but that info may have been in this document as well). We (after them) were suppose to do this as well with our intellect. Doesn’t seem that went to well though. Wonder too whatever happened to the Sasquatch family that was “rescued” in the 1981 Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption. Have to watch this see if he deals with that.. I was still in Seattle at that time.

evelyne: Merci beaucoup Michael et merci Sunbow. Je n avais jamais entendu parle des Sasquatches. Quelle découverte émouvante. Merci pour cela. Maintenant je cherchais à acheter vos livres en français et ne le trouve qu en Anglais. Je vous ai bien entendu parlé de différentes traduction mais donc sera t il traduit en français pour approfondir votre enseignement. Merci.

Hello_Allie: LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way towards that happiness and freedom for all”



Julie Ben: We all have the gifts to communicate with all God’s Creation. All these Divine Gifts were Blessed to each of US when we were created. I Meditate (Short meditations) and Pray (Short and sometimes longer Prayers as many as I can Days and Nights – Talking and conversing with Our Loving and Merciful Heavenly Parents – Our Divine Family) to Open the Pathways that are “Clogged.” Praying is Talking. Meditating is Listening. Every person can do this – CULTIVATE THESE GIFTS DAILY. Dr Michael Salla and Sunbow Thank You

Michael Harrell: Sunbow is a friend of mine. He is the real deal and an authentic shaman. If you want to know how they relate to the Star Nation then know they are in deep alignment and often work as a team. *One at First Sees a God as a Demon Until One Is ‘Wholly’ Enough to Recognize Him” This is a short list of things the Star people and the Sasquatch have in common. A back-of-the-envelope list of what I have heard. 1 Both have Mind Speak 2 Both Go invisible 3 Be seen as other animals or other things. > Both 4 Physical healings are reported by both. 5 Connect to humans for life. > Both 6 Both contact humans in early childhood. 7 Both experiencers are not believed by family and friends. ( made fun of ) 8 Fallow a human family for several generations. 9 Both breeding between humans and ET’s or with Sasquatch 10 Both change lives for the better. ( 80% ) 11 Both do not change people at all with contact ( 10%) 12 Both do change people for the worse ( PTSD @ 10% ) 13 Both have the reaction from people “as family.” 14 Both Given information about earth’s history. 15 Both talk about taking care of Earth much better. 16 Both talk about earth changes and bad times ahead. 17 Both can walk through walls. 18 Both can give an experience of being frozen or loss of control 19 Experiencers of both know and feel if they are close around. 20 Both are seen on craft by humans. 21 Both are seen as balls of light that moves. 21 Both ET and Sasquatch see humans as Family ( brothers ) 22 Both do not want to be seen in public. 23 Both teach Mind Speak and other abilities. 24 Both are teaching humans how to go invisible. ( I got my leg to go invisible ) 25 Both are choosing to be seen more now and interact. 26 Both have a long long history on earth. 28 Both claim that we are at war with negative ET’s 29 Both say that in our history we have risen this high with technology. 30 Both say they know of a higher power ( Great Spirt ) 31 Both have men in black telling people to not talk about the encounter. 32 Both have special operations teams to cover up the events and remove all proof. 33 Both have had experiencers report phone tap and physical surveillance. ( helicopters are common intimidation ) 34 Both are made a joke about by the mainstream media. 35 Both had a large percentage of people hoaxing encounters and sightings. 36 Both are reported to drain batteries and mess with electrical equipment. 37 Both are said to have fleets of spacecraft. 38 Both have reports of missing time for experiencers. 39 Both do not use money or have governments. ( the main reason for keeping them hidden ) Added by Hoist The Flag. 40. Both have the ability to bio-luminesce from their eyes 41. Both appear “blurry”, as if at times they are not fully in our reality 42. Both spike Geiger counters, as if they are radioactive 43. Both have abducted people 44. Both seem to be cosmic trolls, scaring us in ways that no earthly creature can and playing jokes on us 45. Both have been seen going thru portals.


Selected comments from Youtube auditors on SunBôw’s interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today

Viewers comments and short stories selected from Youtube below my interview with Dani Henderson three weeks ago. –SunBôw


”Wow what an absolutely amazing interview. My local woods where I go to walk the dogs in the early morning its still dark at the moment when I go so I wear a head torch. I’ve seen them a few times moving amongst the trees as the light catches them, I can also feel them following me and the dogs around. They know I mean no harm I’ve done many 5D activations there and they’re gradually coming in closer, I hope to see them properly one day. I’d never realised until now there’s tepee’s popping up all over and I just never even thought that was them! It’s not a well known woods so the children aren’t making them. Thank you SunBow…” –Ashley Pike


”Hi Dani, great interview… I seen a 3ft Sasquatch in the early 80’s, near a river bank, he seen Me too and leasurely walked into the forest. Sunbow is correct on spiritual knowledge/healings/medicines are supposed to be gifted not sold. Told to me by My Indigenous Elders.” -DC


”Sunbow, my friend and I read out loud together your three books. We felt like the sasquatch were listening in on us. Thank you for the detailed information in your books!” –Lynn Jacobson


”Sunbow I purchased your books my gratitude runs deep for your sir Thank You. Dani, I’m absolutely loved everything about this interview, So Much incredible deep wisdom within this. Amazing!!! These beings are Sacred….. Dani, I live in Alaska and have several amazing encounters with these beings, everything this beautiful man said has been exactly what I’ve been learning about these beautiful magnificent beings. I even been gifted a beautiful falcon from these beings. Nothing was broken on falcon, & beautifully placed on my doorstep! I knew this was the beginning of my journey. I’ve learned a great deal from these beings” –Brittany Marie


”Thank You Dani: Historic information and paradigm shattering. So curious about Sasquatch as one came by my tent in Yosemite in 2000, and I thought it was a bear, but it was warm, kind and benevolent. I feel blessed.” –NanaR504


”I had a sasquash invite me for an out of body flight into the stars. It was my only experience, but one I will cherish. Definitely interdimensional, and they have a good sense of humor too. It was totally out of the blue. I was actually in my apartment at the time, in Vallejo, CA — early 2000s. I was sleeping and had the urge to go outside. Only after the whole experience did I realized I had been out of body. It was all telepathic, but in that state, I had no reservations or inkling this was anything other than an invite from a nice being. He/she picked me up and put me on their shoulders, started running into a leap into the air, then up into the night sky. Later, we landed in an earth-like forest. It was strange because there were soldiers with bayonets like in the civil war. (on earth at a different time?) He “said” watch. He was messing with the soldiers, appearing and disappearing while they panicked trying to shoot him — having a blast. But one of the bullets came close to me, so the fun was over. I woke up with that feeling when you “know” that really happened! Nothing explosive or deeply meaningful, just some innocent fun. I have no idea why me, but am honored. Only later did I look on the internet and read about them being interdimensional. I made the mistake of sharing my story in a forum which unfortunately put me on someone’s radar. I received a call from a military-sounding man, asking me if I had any more experiences. I don’t think it’s the same anymore. Too many people are waking up these days with far-out stories than to keep track of my one long-ago experience. If you want to have an experience, raise your vibration and contact them through your heart. They are very loving and wise beings — though there are some that are not so nice because of where they live and that they have been hunted and disrespected. I think their nature is lovely, but they’re all unique like any species of sentient beings.” –Katharine Bayer


”Yes I’m from Australia… and I live in the Northern Rivers (North/east NSW) more specifically Nimbin. Here we have the Nimbin Rocks where the small hairy people live (the nimbingie or the nimbinj ) very well known about. A little way up the road is a town called Kyogle, a big sign on your way into the region says: welcome to yowee country.” –Holly Tutin


”Thank you both for sharing this informative, enlightening, and Incredibly special interview!! Finally, with integrity and respect, the truth unfolds more each day. Would absolutely love to hear more of SunBow’s experiences and wisdom of anything he wishes to share. Thank you!” –Stephanie Fox


”Just WOW!!! About the interview, I have been always so amazed about this being, always wanted to know more about them, and even have a deep wish to meet or come across them, one day in my life, since I love the woods. Awesome talk, I am purchasing his books right now. Thank you so much…” –Bruna Mara S. Brandt


”Fantastic interview. All the spiritual work your guest has done. To see structures view you tuber Colorado big foot. Amazing structures. What your guest has shared is very very important and beautiful talking about these highly developed beings.” –Mage River


”A sincere and thoughtful man – yes bring him back – he is speaking the truth about how to be in the World as a global citizen. I related to his teaching via Native American tradition. Thank you Sunbow.” –Kalla Susort


”Sunbow Truebrother reveals more than I realised I could imagine. Arohanui / much love & appreciation to you both & our star nation elders, brothers & sisters from Aotearoa / New Zealand.” –Jenny Mauger


”So Beautiful, Both of You, All that you bring to Us All. . Pure soul food. Wild and beautiful and Free. Mega Gratitude and Joyous Love. Yay!” –Roksted


”Sending you both much love from Sri Lanka. Thank you so much for sharing the truth. Would love to know more about the beings here.” –Anthea Laurens


”Thank you both so much for sharing your curiosity and wisdom. I’m so open-minded and willing to learn and the REAL REALITY AND ORIGIN OF BEINGS FROM THE ONE N MANY N THE MANY N THE ONE. I will communicate my learnings and advocate for ALL beings FROM THE FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE and what I’ve learned here since I realize upon waking from the illusion and what they teach us is lies diseception and separation and realizing slowly how we are connected and powerful royal loving kind and peaceful living cooperatively in unity and harmony in balance with mother earth Gaia . Thank you thank you Thank you Much love. God speed” –Sharon Robinson


”What a wonderful man with such great knowledge. Thank you for sharing and hope to hear you on again in the future.” –Ardath Lee


”I just ordered your book, I’m so excited to read it! Thank you sir for the interview and sharing your knowledge with Dani and the world.” –MJ Bates


”Fantastic information from a first hand experiencer! Great interview and super questions Dani! THANK you!” –Betty Olis


”Sasquatch is something familiar for me, as a Mexican, I have always heard stories of encounters with them! Awww, I love Chin chen Itza, very powerful site, a portal! The name of the daughter of the chaman Quetza Ra, Ix Chel, is the name of the mayan goddess of the moon, love, fertility, healing and death. The little mayan beings are called Aluxes in spanish, in mayan language they called them alux singular, Alux’ob plural. Dani, like always super cool your interviews, full knowledge,! information = light / ignorance = darkness.” –Lizbeth Ajuria


Here’s the interview for those who have not watched it yet.


Viewers comments and short stories

Very good & accurate information. I am full blooded Mohawk Turtle Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in Ontario. More appropriately, I am from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. I’m traditional and go to ceremonies at Longhouse. I belong to several medicine societies in our traditional ways. I have had numerous experiences with our Elder Brothers & Sisters of the Woods, my entire life. I am now 52 years old. My connections to them are getting stronger and they are letting me know they are around much more often now. You know as well as I do, why they are making themselves known to more people in these times. Nya:weh for sharing and for staying in your power and speaking the authentic TRUTH my friend. Stay safe and well.

-Laurie A. Hill

By Laurie A. Hill

Hello, This message goes out to SunBow. I have been reading books & publications  under your name and articles for about a year and a half now. The information shared on your website has been very enjoyable and I admire your style of writing. In the near future I hope to purchase & read your book, Contemporary Shamanic Journeys Vol 1. I would just like to say that your work has been remarkable; and if you have ever considered teaching classes about your knowledge on shamanism and your experiences? Perhaps you can set up an online website and offer courses on your shamanic techniques? I have not read your book yet on Shamanic Journeys so maybe these questions I have asked above have been answered. Your humble, kind, humorous and intelligent personality shines through your writing.

Ever since I discovered the SCENIC website, I have enjoyed reading all sorts of information about the world we are in. Shamanism has been an interest of mine and I have known of a past family member who was shaman but I have never met them. Reading about other’s experiences inspires me to develop this journey further. I very much appreciate your writing because they produce a heartening and uplifting effect, so I thank you for all your insightful works. Should you ever need an artist to draw illustrations for any of your future publications, I would gladly do so. I draw as an enjoyment and pastime. I can send pictures of my work if you would like to see them. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your work is incredible and am so glad to have stumbled upon it at this time in life. 

Blessings! Paulina Torres

Testimonial by Paulina Torres

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, customers reviews on Amazon

(Note: Unedited original comments)

Dina D. Guerra

5.0 out of 5 stars 

and love throughout the manuscript Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2017 Verified Purchase

A well written publication describing various dimensions and existence, while maintaining a message of intelligence, peace, and love throughout the manuscript. Truly inspirational.


Barbara C.

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Essential Reading Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2018 Verified Purchase

I’ve read the first two books in this series of three and they are not a shallow treatment of weird thumps in the night or mysterious Sasquatch sightings. To the contrary, they are incredibly well written and packed with enough information to make your head spin. The material is so well organized and coherent, however, that it’s easier to absorb. So much that you’ve wanted to know is contained in these pages and you will come away with greatly enhanced knowledge and understanding. A must reading for spiritual seekers!


John K. Reid

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A MUST READ! Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2018

Sunbow is the real deal and his willingness to assist in sharing this important knowledge should be recognized and appauded by all. I highly recommend this book to all that seek further understanding about the Sasquatch Human People. Don’t hesitate. Purchase it now.


michael marsicano

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2017 Verified Purchase

an truly amazing history of earth is outlined in this book, its spellbinding, one hell of a page turner and your not going to find it anywhere else in this astounding a way. that alone is worth the price of admission. there’s alot more than that as well. one hell of a critique is given to our civilization and how we got where we are today, which is also gripping. you may be tempted to dismiss this book as fantasy but you would miss out on the information channeled for the collective consciousness of another race of humans we live with side by side who have a-lot more experience on this planet than we do and have seen much in their history and want to help us make better choices. i don’t look at reality the same way after reading this book and neither will you. worth re-reading several times to burn it in, you’ll be glad you did.


Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A heart and life changing book! Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2019 Verified Purchase

This is an awesome book. It explains many mysteries of human and other non human races, both past and present. Our ancient history is taught to us to aid our understanding of why we are here and what the spiritual goals of humanity are.


Mark A. Krehbiel

5.0 out of 5 stars  A great eye opener to who they are, who we are, and what exactly is wrong with Earth. Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2018 Verified Purchase

This book explains who the Sasquache/Big Foot people are, their abilities, their genesis. And eqaually where us Humans came from and ways we do and don’t have common connections. But it also explains alot of what is exactly wrong with Earth that we all feel but most of us can’t pin down. This book is all about the Larger Picture with Earth. If you want a book calling them ‘animals’ and can’t deal with anything else this isn’t your book. If you are waking up to the larger universal picture this book will add to your view and your awakening to the bigger view..



5.0 out of 5 stars 

Must read this book and book 2 Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2019 Verified Purchase

This book and book two tie together the history of Earth, native species, and the hybrid species created by the Star Elders, which includes both Sasquatch and Humans. It also points out the negative agenda which has altered Humanity from our original version and downgraded us to our current ignorant/asleep/weakened version. It emphasizes the urgent need for us to wake up, remember who we really are, and to stop going down our current suicidal path. Vital information for humanity, all other species on Earth and Earth itself.


5.0 out of 5 stars 

multi-dimensional nature of reality explained in simple terms! Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2020

I really loved this book and how easily SunBow was able to impart such abstract concepts in easy to understand terms, especially when talking about the multi-dimensional nature of our reality. I liked this book even more than book 1, but both are fundamental in understanding how all the phenomena are tied together, Sasquatch, humanity, aliens, human/earth history, and how they work in the multi-dimensional nature of reality.

This book and the previous one, tie together the many, varied “paranormal” topics with science and history, revealing the true reality of our world and our place within it. It is the whole enchilada, laid out for the layperson to understand. Can’t recommend it enough! Great work Sunbow. Thank you for sharing this important information with us all.


Cathy Frye

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Another book of wonderful messages Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2017 Verified Purchase

Beautiful messages are given, this one takes some studying for me understand but the message is clear about humanity, the good and the bad. What is sad, is that people do not understand these beings and the messages they bring. You need to be clearly open to both Book 1 and Book2



5.0 out of 5 stars 

Important Teachings to Advance Our Multi-Dimensional Awareness Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2017 Verified Purchase

Fantastic follow-up to book one. In-depth accounting of current events and critical nature of reconnecting with our hearts, awareness of our multi-dimensional existence. Many thanks to all who’ve contributed to share this with the public.


Chandler Avery

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A book of great Spiritual Knowledge and History

Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2018 Verified Purchase

Amazing book, I plan on getting the second one as well because of the important information that’s in them. Truly a great book for spiritual people looking for more answers to the world and universe around us.



5.0 out of 5 stars 

Amazing!!!!!! Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2018 Verified Purchase

Truly great read. I received major downloads of information and energy reading this book. Normally I wouldn’t say such a thing because I’m a skeptical person and don’t typically use that type of terminology, but it’s very true. I felt and witnessed literal physical and sensorial changes in myself and my surroundings during the course of reading this book and am eternally grateful to all of the humans and non-humans involved in the transmission of this material. Excited for the third installment!


Dale B

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Excellent book Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2018 Verified Purchase

Answers many questions on the civilizations on Earth that have been bio engineered through millennia, and still occurring in today’s world. Also answers who is really in control of this world we live on.


New Earth Goddess

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Helpful as we re-connect with the cosmos Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2018 Verified Purchase

An interesting and mind-provoking read that connected lots of disparate aspects of my souls journey into this reality. My best friend texted that she had a shamanic healing with someone who channels Sasquatch. Said I needed to know about it. (Huh? Was my reaction.) The next day, I met with my mentor who showed me these books. Knew instantly that I had to read them, which I’ve done. These are helping humanity re-member our place in the cosmos, to learn about other sentient life here and elsewhere, and so much more.



5.0 out of 5 stars 

A must read for anyone on a truly genuine spiritual quest Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2018 Verified Purchase

To go straight to the point, no spiritual path is complete without the insights in this book, period. Its that vital. Thanks to the authors, this is a true gift!


A. Meadows

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Great read! Worth every cent! Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2016 Verified Purchase

Was a really good book to read for those who’s minds are open to other possibilities. The Sasquatch are a people to be respected and not an animal. They want to help us save this planet but most of us do not want to listen or change for the better. SunBow is very blessed to be on this journey and walk with our big brothers and sisters and to try to spread the word of what’s really going on in our world. They only want peace for us all and to save our planet before it’s too late.


Robin Landry

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding

Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2019 Verified Purchase

I’ve been reading up on the ‘new age’ since before it was considered new age, so I’m pretty well-read on most of the history of the aliens, atlantis, Lumerica, etc–but–this book blew me away. I heard about it in a comment on a youtube channel I was watching, and since I respected the channel and the person commenting, I looked the book up. I am so glad I did.
My interest is our true history, which I’ve looked through myths, past life regression, religious texts, channeling and Wiki(just for fun) and I’ve found that that older the book, the better the info, so this book was a pleasant surprise. It’s some sort of mind-to-mind communication that tells of the Ant people(Antlantis, and I’d throw in Antartica), who the Hopi say took them underground to avoid some sort of catastrophe(literally means star cutting-Tiamat?). I first thought of Ant people being the greys maybe, but after looking into Robert Morning Sky’s work, I realized that everything starts looking more refined no matter what creature it started with, so the Ant people would look human, just a but strange–like the pharaoh Akhenaton. He really does look like a human-ant creature.
And that’s just one of the ‘ah-hah’ moments I had while reading this wonderful book(I’m on book 2 right now). I can’t tell you how much information resonated with me–someone who thought they’d read it all, but was happily wrong.
I can’t recommend this book and the rest in the series. It’s hard to get past the whole Sasquach thing(Chewbacca of Star Wars), and the cover is off-putting, but the book is a treasure trove of information that makes it one of the best I’ve ever found.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, customers reviews on Amazon

A few years ago I discovered Sunbow’s book “The Sasquatch message to Humanity.”

His transcription of Elder Kamooh’s wisdom transformed my relationship with nature and inspired a journey with a friend into the wild to encounter Sasquatch.

Kelly RainbowButterfly gave us key insights for our journey and this short story is the result. Thank You Kelly and Sunbow for holding space for the wild and our Sasquatch family.

Discover the magic and mystery of a creature long misunderstood, a legend whose memory lives beyond myth in the heart of the wild. “Sasquatch – a short story encounter” is part of a weekly short story series by Joshua Kruis, be sure to subscribe to this channel to get weekly updates. This short story was inspired by the book “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.”

Read it for free here: https://sasquatchmessage.com/book-1

Testimonial, by Joshua Kruis

What a magical journey the last 5 years has been! I am so grateful to my brother SunBôw TrueBrother and all of you that share your love, support, and compassion with all of humanity and all realms of existence.

“On the evening of September 28, 2015, there was a rare total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Blood Moon. This eclipse was the fourth and final eclipse in a series of lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. These rare eclipses are known for causing energetic shifts and unexplained anomalies. This Harvest Moon was unique and phenomenal for many more reasons.Our ancient ancestors, the Sasquatch People along with the Cosmos rejoiced during this full moon eclipse not only because of this sacred event but also because of the reconnection made between souls and the collective mission to share our experiences of love, truth, and wisdom from our Elder Brothers of the forest.

It is because that evening was the first time that I read a chapter from “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.” It was Chapter 7 to be exact, and from that moment on, an obvious shift had begun. I immediately recognized this passage as truth and my own sasquatch guides were surrounding me and jumping for joy for this new reality and connection that I had made with the author, SunBôw, a spiritual brother whom I was destined to meet along my path.Our meeting on September 28, 2015 was an energetic catalyst to the channeling of the additional 43 chapters of the The Sasquatch Message to Humanity; for the following day was the beginning of several long days for SunBôw of receiving and transcribing these channeled telepathic messages from Sasquatch Elder Kamooh. This re-connection created a flow that manifested into meeting and aligning with many more individuals from all over the world that know the Sasquatch People and their message of Love.

The Sasquatch People and the Council of Star Elders say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising our vibration to higher levels of consciousness. It is time to know our truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to our humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking. Everyone likes the idea of saving the world, but if you try, the world will destroy you. However, if you change yourself, the world around you will change with you.It is okay to discard old belief systems that no longer serve you. Seek Truth by going to the Source within yourself. Dismiss fear and practice only Love. You are awakening to your highest potential and you are a unique and magnificent being! Be One with all life and share your vision of Love and Truth. May all beings be happy and free!”-Prolgue to The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 1 byKelly Lapseritis Kelly RainbowButterflyMore info at https://sasquatchmessage.com

Photo: Super Blood Moon eclipse, September 28, 2015

Prologue to Book 1, by Kelly Rainbow Butterfly

By Shekinah Ma

I was activated by Sunbow many moons ago as he awakened my Spirit, my Soul, and my Heart to an array of Interdimensional Beings specifically the beloved Sasquatch. I had always been able to commune with Spirit and different Intelligences before however just by being in Sunbow’s presence many more doorways opened and connections began to form.

I believe Sunbow to be a Key Master, a keeper of certain Sacred Keys which can open doorways activating people to Interdimensional Communication with Interdimensional Beings of which there are many. Sunbow, I have been told by the “Wise Ones” who are my team of Spirit Guides, is a “True Brother.” He is a voice for Sasquatch, a Teacher who has come to bring wisdom to humanity, he is a Shaman, a fantastic Author, a Healer, and a Friend to All that is Sacred.

In great humility I would like to share a key moment in my life that changed my destiny forever. This occurred when I was blessed by the offer to several years ago attend the Sasquatch Psychic Fair in Chewelah Washington with Sunbow. I can remember how surprised I was at how quickly and how effortlessly it was that I was able to connect and to consciously begin communing with different Sasquatch Guides there, specifically a group of females called the “Mamas.” I will never forget meeting the “Mamas” and their children and receiving the shared wisdom they imparted to me as they opened my heart and restored my “Original Blueprints.”

From that point on many great things began to change for me and you can say that there was for sure an acceleration to the process of unfolding me into my higher purpose that was thus activated through that experience Sunbow had initiated me into. Through that activation and the support that I received from the “Mamas” and from Sunbow I am proud to say that I am now publishing my first book called Frequency the Hour of Power Has Come.

I know in my heart Sunbow was a great catalyzer and inspiration for me to begin my higher path’s calling and destiny to be a messenger for the “Wise Ones” and to aide in the support in preparing humanity for our ascent into 5D and emergence into the 5th Age of Peace as was prophesied by the Hopi People long long ago. Sunbow to me is a true Warrior of the Rainbow; he stands for Truth and Honesty as that is his Medicine. He is an amazing friend, brother of my Soul, and he has helped me significantly in transitioning from illusion to Truth! He has helped me in remembering the Truth of who I am, why I am here, and from whence I came from. He has opened me wide up to our great “Family of Light,” and for this I am forever Grateful! Aho All My Relations

Website: Ascension Aum


Testimonial by Shekinah Ma

By Jessie Oliver-Laird (about The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series)

Got them all a month ago! Reading and loving… heart hugs… Miigwtech 💜

I’ve been communicating with them for approximately over 20 years now. Comforting and beautiful to read someone else’s accounts too. Also connecting them to the star beings the way I know them. Your work is highly appreciated, as interspecies communication can be mind bending and a lonely experience at times.

Chii miigwetch🙏💚
“Breathe with the Heart”-The Sasquatch Beings🥰

Sasquatch tribe

Testimonial by Jessie Oliver-Laird

By Sarah Wareing

Good Morning Sunbow 🙂 Thank you for your response, your dream as you explained it lined up with the purpose of our ceremony in the coastal cascade mountains of BC. I realize those of us called to action are so connected and doing amazing work. You warned of lash back, and I believe is what we are seeing and experiencing now. I have stories shared with me by the elders of the nlaka’pamux (ing kla pa muh) nation that may interest you. My experiences with our friends began 23 years ago when my father left the earth plane and I was looking through his slides. He spent countless months is the wilds of BC over the course of his life. I found several pictures, one that included an entire family group… It sparked my journey and myself and my sons have had many many communications over the past two decades. I am thankful for the beautiful work you are doing in Australia. I have family and many ancestors from there as well. Irish hereditary lineages that were banished there. I am here doing the work of sovereignty and restoration of natural systems. Please consider me a contact for any future travels to this region. In love and golden light I thank you 🙂 I affirm this with my whole being 🙂



Testimonial by Sarah Wareing from BC

By Kristin Griffin

Hello Brothers and Sisters. Sending you greetings from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Happy always to find others who have had similar experiences, dreams, and connections with the Heart. Since a child I have also had such a life. I am new at reaching out to others but felt compelled. I have had a life long journey with Sasquatch People. I hope you are all well, nurtured, and safe. I will hold you in my meditations. Thank you for your work here at this time.


Testimonial by Kristin Griffin from PEI

Testimonial by Sophia about the Sasquatch Message to Humanity:

It is a mind-blowing book, and please read book 2 also, that goes into the multi-dimensional nature of reality! And WOW, is all I can say. I am a science nerd, so it really tied a LOT of things together for me. I even made a spreadsheet with notes, for both books, which helped to organize all the data for my mind and get things to sink in. (nerdy for sure 🙂 ) LOL! Profound stuff from Sunbow, Kamooh and the Star Elders!!!

forest people

Testimonial by Sophia

Thank you so much for the kind message, ever since I found SCENIC, I have felt like I am reuniting with a family.  Recently, I ordered the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book and began to read it. I believe that they are coming to me in my dreams,, as well, the other day I was walking in a small patch of woods around campus and found a stick structure (attatched) Perhaps it is them. Thank you once again for your work

~Paulina Torres


Paulina structure

Testimonial by Paulina Torres

Hi Bo, I met you about 3 weeks ago at Earth Frequency Festival. (…)

I just wanted to say I am extremely grateful for the knowledge you shared with me through our time spent together. And I have since spent many many nights listening to the stars, oh how they sing 🙂 I’ve also been waking up around 3 am, and sitting out on my driveway to connect with them. The other night, I felt a beautiful energy, so present and so clear! I told this being that I accepted its presence and the being it is no matter what form, and as I was laying there, trying to catch the lightning in the beautiful sky I saw this electric blue orb shoot past in the right corner, and disappear. I honestly cannot describe to you this colour, it was so magical! And my goodness, did I feel blessed.

When the sun came up that morning, I noticed all the birds flying to kind of congregate together around this gully in the trees, almost like a ceremony. Then I heard this soft cry, almost like a howl but more of an ‘ahhh’ sound. It was extremely gentle, and very soft.

I thought it was beautiful, and the next night at 4, watching the stars again I hear this noise, louder, at first I thought it was a rooster, then possibly a man being murdered, but the more I listened the more sure I became that it was a spirit of the forest. My housemate heard it too, and she was just as in awe as I was. It made me instantly think of you, and the Sasquatch’s, and the blue orb! Possibly they’re not connected, and it may just be some other creature. But I’m still so extremely humbled and blessed to be able to have had this experience and see the magic. (side note: this came after my first trip on lsa, where I truly saw how beautiful energy is, and fell so much more in love with Mother nature). A part of me has always longed to be home, I know my soul remembers the spirits and the etherical world, and I know it rejoiced when I was able to connect with it again through my trip, but the fact that my connection to the etherical world is becoming so much stronger in the physical brings me so much relief and happiness, I feel as though I’m slowly beginning to not feel so lonely down here, like I’m starting to really understand that I never was 🙂
Your words and your heart truly did have an impact on me, and I feel it really did open my heart to having faith in my spirit friends, always and forever, but also just gave me an activation, a sense of wonder I’ve never quite accessed before. Especially through the stars. I can’t stop thinking about them, everyday I look forward to being with them. And I’m so deeply grateful, I truly do think the angels guided me to the festival to meet you and all the beautiful people there, and so I say thank you! 💜

blue orb

Testimonial by Nellie Correa

Hello Friend, Ahhh yes, what a life you have led brother!  So many places and people. (…)

Congratulations on the job, how wonderful that you can work at something that is one of your life’s missions. (…)

Please if you would, lend me your attention for a few minutes.  Get a cup of coffee (or tea lol) and let me tell you some things.  NO response is required but would be respectfully appreciated.  I feel that you are very busy answering emails and saving our planet.  Thank you for that.  I am trying to figure out my part in all this.
The snow is falling softly outside, on the trees and the lake, so beautiful.  The wind is telling me do it, do it.  I feel that that I need to write this message to you. I have to tell you that you are a huge piece in the puzzle of my life.  Through you, my friend, I have had the privilege to study the teachings of Kamooh. (…)
I have asked to know my True Authentic Self.  I have had very strange and disturbing dreams and I know this is a part of it.  Through Aja’s and Kamooh’s teachings I am learning my interdimensional Self.  I am practicing my meditation, which I have found to be a most difficult task.  I have lost the fear of the paranormal that goes on around me.  The most wonderful things happen.  Bare footprints all sizes.  Vocalizations, Lights of all colors, strange sounds from inside the earth.  I have at times a heightened sense of awareness.  I will get a small thumping sound next to me in my ear.  I have been surrounded by mist, and I mean just that, the mist comes and surrounds me. I have seen star ships.  When I read or see something that resonates with me the phone will ring one time.  One time, no information listed.  I have seen them (the forest people) twice never facial features, but more times in dream state.  I want so desperately to mind-speak, although this has not happened yet. We do communicate with messages.
They seem to be guiding me to different teachings.  Documentaries, books and articles.  (…) I have never held with organised religion.  It never made sense to me. My church has always been the forest.  (…) Now I will admit, I don’t understand it all, kind of like Kamooh’s teachings on quantum physics but I know it all means something to me, and I am trying. (…) This will sound crazy to the public at large but maybe not you. (…)
Going to places that I knew I had been before. The man that was my mate at that time is still a protector of mine. Black Thunder.  I have seen him in the mirror (one of Kamooh’s teachings.) I am Native American.  I have lived my life knowing this.
Among the many beings that are here, I wanted to tell you that Kamooh has come to me and given me his coyote calls.  Limpbatook has also come and shared a joke with me.  He came outside my house and screamed in the night. Scared the daylights out of me and the dogs were going crazy. Lol. I had been thinking about him and I guess I was rewarded. He left, I would say, a 20 inch footprint on the side of the house, just to let me know YES.
Brother is there any teachings you can give based on what you have read here?
I am at the point of being obsessed about the star gate. I am supposed to be doing something regarding it.  Maybe I already am in dream state. Protecting it. They (the Sasquatch) want me to know something. (…)
Thank you for taking the time to read about my TRUTH.  I respect and love you brother.  I am your little sister in this.  Any perspective you can provide, would be most appreciated. I have no groups or like minded people out here. There is a BFRO Wisconsin group but it seems they just like to go up North and run around with cameras and do tree knocks and speculate on what they think these beings are.  Of course they are doing it all wrong and I don’t feel that there is anything to be learned from these people. (…)
Also I forgot that I wanted to tell you. I feel that I have been taken into the portal twice.
The first place was what I believe is a volcano, except it had trees growing all inside it on shelves of earth. The second place was two small winding rivers surrounded by strange trees and cranberry bogs, low vegetation. Both places were magical and powerful. (…)
A couple of days after I emailed you , they (the Sasquatch)  were out there doing some kind of ceremony.  Huge sounds like tree knocks but almost industrial sounding.  Reverberating. Some kind of chant as well.  Also two Kachinas showed up, a man and a woman. They were in my pine trees.
The next morning there was an icicle hanging by a hair.  It was thin and long, kind of blondish brown.  I don’t know why but I thought maybe it was yours. My protector has very dark hair.
I’m sorry to have put all that pressure on you in my email.  I do understand that I must take this journey alone to find my higher self.  I just get so overwhelmed at times to know answers.  I know that they will speak with me in when the time is right.  (…)
So please know brother that I am progressing.
Blessings and love,
B. R.

Testimonial by B. R.


I came across this wonderful website while reading “Creatures in the mist Little People, Wild men, and Spirit Beings around the World: A Study in Comparative Mythology” by Gary R. Varner. In one of the chapters, the book talks about the Goo-teekhl. I look up for some images of this being and came across the SCENIC video. I explored your website and I am so enamored by it! I truly am. I am in love with your mission to connect humans with inter species communication and the touching message of Kamooh.

I am a college student, exploring ideas and avenues. I was inspirited by Sunbow’s and your guys journey to Australia. I am a college student, exploring ideas and avenues. This time has been interesting lately, I have been thinking of what I want to do in my life.

I have been aware for quite some time that I want to be in the service of others, but not sure in what exactly. SCENIC and many other fine groups have inspired me tremendously! I would like to know if you have any Ideas of what I could do (from where I am (North America)) any prayers I can pray for the cosmic war crisis, Australia, the rainbow serpents pathways, etc. I feel an urge to do something, sometimes I am ashamed I am not doing anything. I do not have a car yet, (I don’t think a car is NEEDED to do such things but it could be important) I would appreciate if I could have some fresh ideas from you guys!

Just to specify again, i would like to ask for any guidance (to educate the message/mission that SCENIC and so many other people and beings are spreading) prayers (of any kind) and any advice that would be helpful. I hope that comes across clearly.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


Paulina ❤


Testimonial by Paulina