What a magical journey the last 5 years has been! I am so grateful to my brother SunBôw TrueBrother and all of you that share your love, support, and compassion with all of humanity and all realms of existence.

“On the evening of September 28, 2015, there was a rare total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Blood Moon. This eclipse was the fourth and final eclipse in a series of lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. These rare eclipses are known for causing energetic shifts and unexplained anomalies. This Harvest Moon was unique and phenomenal for many more reasons.Our ancient ancestors, the Sasquatch People along with the Cosmos rejoiced during this full moon eclipse not only because of this sacred event but also because of the reconnection made between souls and the collective mission to share our experiences of love, truth, and wisdom from our Elder Brothers of the forest.

It is because that evening was the first time that I read a chapter from “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.” It was Chapter 7 to be exact, and from that moment on, an obvious shift had begun. I immediately recognized this passage as truth and my own sasquatch guides were surrounding me and jumping for joy for this new reality and connection that I had made with the author, SunBôw, a spiritual brother whom I was destined to meet along my path.Our meeting on September 28, 2015 was an energetic catalyst to the channeling of the additional 43 chapters of the The Sasquatch Message to Humanity; for the following day was the beginning of several long days for SunBôw of receiving and transcribing these channeled telepathic messages from Sasquatch Elder Kamooh. This re-connection created a flow that manifested into meeting and aligning with many more individuals from all over the world that know the Sasquatch People and their message of Love.

The Sasquatch People and the Council of Star Elders say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising our vibration to higher levels of consciousness. It is time to know our truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to our humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking. Everyone likes the idea of saving the world, but if you try, the world will destroy you. However, if you change yourself, the world around you will change with you.It is okay to discard old belief systems that no longer serve you. Seek Truth by going to the Source within yourself. Dismiss fear and practice only Love. You are awakening to your highest potential and you are a unique and magnificent being! Be One with all life and share your vision of Love and Truth. May all beings be happy and free!”-Prolgue to The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 1 byKelly Lapseritis Kelly RainbowButterflyMore info at https://sasquatchmessage.com

Photo: Super Blood Moon eclipse, September 28, 2015

Prologue to Book 1, by Kelly Rainbow Butterfly

By Shekinah Ma

I was activated by Sunbow many moons ago as he awakened my Spirit, my Soul, and my Heart to an array of Interdimensional Beings specifically the beloved Sasquatch. I had always been able to commune with Spirit and different Intelligences before however just by being in Sunbow’s presence many more doorways opened and connections began to form.

I believe Sunbow to be a Key Master, a keeper of certain Sacred Keys which can open doorways activating people to Interdimensional Communication with Interdimensional Beings of which there are many. Sunbow, I have been told by the “Wise Ones” who are my team of Spirit Guides, is a “True Brother.” He is a voice for Sasquatch, a Teacher who has come to bring wisdom to humanity, he is a Shaman, a fantastic Author, a Healer, and a Friend to All that is Sacred.

In great humility I would like to share a key moment in my life that changed my destiny forever. This occurred when I was blessed by the offer to several years ago attend the Sasquatch Psychic Fair in Chewelah Washington with Sunbow. I can remember how surprised I was at how quickly and how effortlessly it was that I was able to connect and to consciously begin communing with different Sasquatch Guides there, specifically a group of females called the “Mamas.” I will never forget meeting the “Mamas” and their children and receiving the shared wisdom they imparted to me as they opened my heart and restored my “Original Blueprints.”

From that point on many great things began to change for me and you can say that there was for sure an acceleration to the process of unfolding me into my higher purpose that was thus activated through that experience Sunbow had initiated me into. Through that activation and the support that I received from the “Mamas” and from Sunbow I am proud to say that I am now publishing my first book called Frequency the Hour of Power Has Come.

I know in my heart Sunbow was a great catalyzer and inspiration for me to begin my higher path’s calling and destiny to be a messenger for the “Wise Ones” and to aide in the support in preparing humanity for our ascent into 5D and emergence into the 5th Age of Peace as was prophesied by the Hopi People long long ago. Sunbow to me is a true Warrior of the Rainbow; he stands for Truth and Honesty as that is his Medicine. He is an amazing friend, brother of my Soul, and he has helped me significantly in transitioning from illusion to Truth! He has helped me in remembering the Truth of who I am, why I am here, and from whence I came from. He has opened me wide up to our great “Family of Light,” and for this I am forever Grateful! Aho All My Relations

Website: Ascension Aum


Testimonial by Shekinah Ma

By Jessie Oliver-Laird (about The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series)

Got them all a month ago! Reading and loving… heart hugs… Miigwtech 💜

I’ve been communicating with them for approximately over 20 years now. Comforting and beautiful to read someone else’s accounts too. Also connecting them to the star beings the way I know them. Your work is highly appreciated, as interspecies communication can be mind bending and a lonely experience at times.

Chii miigwetch🙏💚
“Breathe with the Heart”-The Sasquatch Beings🥰

Sasquatch tribe

Testimonial by Jessie Oliver-Laird

By Sarah Wareing

Good Morning Sunbow 🙂 Thank you for your response, your dream as you explained it lined up with the purpose of our ceremony in the coastal cascade mountains of BC. I realize those of us called to action are so connected and doing amazing work. You warned of lash back, and I believe is what we are seeing and experiencing now. I have stories shared with me by the elders of the nlaka’pamux (ing kla pa muh) nation that may interest you. My experiences with our friends began 23 years ago when my father left the earth plane and I was looking through his slides. He spent countless months is the wilds of BC over the course of his life. I found several pictures, one that included an entire family group… It sparked my journey and myself and my sons have had many many communications over the past two decades. I am thankful for the beautiful work you are doing in Australia. I have family and many ancestors from there as well. Irish hereditary lineages that were banished there. I am here doing the work of sovereignty and restoration of natural systems. Please consider me a contact for any future travels to this region. In love and golden light I thank you 🙂 I affirm this with my whole being 🙂



Testimonial by Sarah Wareing from BC

By Kristin Griffin

Hello Brothers and Sisters. Sending you greetings from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Happy always to find others who have had similar experiences, dreams, and connections with the Heart. Since a child I have also had such a life. I am new at reaching out to others but felt compelled. I have had a life long journey with Sasquatch People. I hope you are all well, nurtured, and safe. I will hold you in my meditations. Thank you for your work here at this time.


Testimonial by Kristin Griffin from PEI

Testimonial by Sophia about the Sasquatch Message to Humanity:

It is a mind-blowing book, and please read book 2 also, that goes into the multi-dimensional nature of reality! And WOW, is all I can say. I am a science nerd, so it really tied a LOT of things together for me. I even made a spreadsheet with notes, for both books, which helped to organize all the data for my mind and get things to sink in. (nerdy for sure 🙂 ) LOL! Profound stuff from Sunbow, Kamooh and the Star Elders!!!

forest people

Testimonial by Sophia

Thank you so much for the kind message, ever since I found SCENIC, I have felt like I am reuniting with a family.  Recently, I ordered the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book and began to read it. I believe that they are coming to me in my dreams,, as well, the other day I was walking in a small patch of woods around campus and found a stick structure (attatched) Perhaps it is them. Thank you once again for your work

~Paulina Torres


Paulina structure

Testimonial by Paulina Torres

Hi Bo, I met you about 3 weeks ago at Earth Frequency Festival. (…)

I just wanted to say I am extremely grateful for the knowledge you shared with me through our time spent together. And I have since spent many many nights listening to the stars, oh how they sing 🙂 I’ve also been waking up around 3 am, and sitting out on my driveway to connect with them. The other night, I felt a beautiful energy, so present and so clear! I told this being that I accepted its presence and the being it is no matter what form, and as I was laying there, trying to catch the lightning in the beautiful sky I saw this electric blue orb shoot past in the right corner, and disappear. I honestly cannot describe to you this colour, it was so magical! And my goodness, did I feel blessed.

When the sun came up that morning, I noticed all the birds flying to kind of congregate together around this gully in the trees, almost like a ceremony. Then I heard this soft cry, almost like a howl but more of an ‘ahhh’ sound. It was extremely gentle, and very soft.

I thought it was beautiful, and the next night at 4, watching the stars again I hear this noise, louder, at first I thought it was a rooster, then possibly a man being murdered, but the more I listened the more sure I became that it was a spirit of the forest. My housemate heard it too, and she was just as in awe as I was. It made me instantly think of you, and the Sasquatch’s, and the blue orb! Possibly they’re not connected, and it may just be some other creature. But I’m still so extremely humbled and blessed to be able to have had this experience and see the magic. (side note: this came after my first trip on lsa, where I truly saw how beautiful energy is, and fell so much more in love with Mother nature). A part of me has always longed to be home, I know my soul remembers the spirits and the etherical world, and I know it rejoiced when I was able to connect with it again through my trip, but the fact that my connection to the etherical world is becoming so much stronger in the physical brings me so much relief and happiness, I feel as though I’m slowly beginning to not feel so lonely down here, like I’m starting to really understand that I never was 🙂
Your words and your heart truly did have an impact on me, and I feel it really did open my heart to having faith in my spirit friends, always and forever, but also just gave me an activation, a sense of wonder I’ve never quite accessed before. Especially through the stars. I can’t stop thinking about them, everyday I look forward to being with them. And I’m so deeply grateful, I truly do think the angels guided me to the festival to meet you and all the beautiful people there, and so I say thank you! 💜

blue orb

Testimonial by Nellie Correa

Hello Friend, Ahhh yes, what a life you have led brother!  So many places and people. (…)

Congratulations on the job, how wonderful that you can work at something that is one of your life’s missions. (…)

Please if you would, lend me your attention for a few minutes.  Get a cup of coffee (or tea lol) and let me tell you some things.  NO response is required but would be respectfully appreciated.  I feel that you are very busy answering emails and saving our planet.  Thank you for that.  I am trying to figure out my part in all this.
The snow is falling softly outside, on the trees and the lake, so beautiful.  The wind is telling me do it, do it.  I feel that that I need to write this message to you. I have to tell you that you are a huge piece in the puzzle of my life.  Through you, my friend, I have had the privilege to study the teachings of Kamooh. (…)
I have asked to know my True Authentic Self.  I have had very strange and disturbing dreams and I know this is a part of it.  Through Aja’s and Kamooh’s teachings I am learning my interdimensional Self.  I am practicing my meditation, which I have found to be a most difficult task.  I have lost the fear of the paranormal that goes on around me.  The most wonderful things happen.  Bare footprints all sizes.  Vocalizations, Lights of all colors, strange sounds from inside the earth.  I have at times a heightened sense of awareness.  I will get a small thumping sound next to me in my ear.  I have been surrounded by mist, and I mean just that, the mist comes and surrounds me. I have seen star ships.  When I read or see something that resonates with me the phone will ring one time.  One time, no information listed.  I have seen them (the forest people) twice never facial features, but more times in dream state.  I want so desperately to mind-speak, although this has not happened yet. We do communicate with messages.
They seem to be guiding me to different teachings.  Documentaries, books and articles.  (…) I have never held with organised religion.  It never made sense to me. My church has always been the forest.  (…) Now I will admit, I don’t understand it all, kind of like Kamooh’s teachings on quantum physics but I know it all means something to me, and I am trying. (…) This will sound crazy to the public at large but maybe not you. (…)
Going to places that I knew I had been before. The man that was my mate at that time is still a protector of mine. Black Thunder.  I have seen him in the mirror (one of Kamooh’s teachings.) I am Native American.  I have lived my life knowing this.
Among the many beings that are here, I wanted to tell you that Kamooh has come to me and given me his coyote calls.  Limpbatook has also come and shared a joke with me.  He came outside my house and screamed in the night. Scared the daylights out of me and the dogs were going crazy. Lol. I had been thinking about him and I guess I was rewarded. He left, I would say, a 20 inch footprint on the side of the house, just to let me know YES.
Brother is there any teachings you can give based on what you have read here?
I am at the point of being obsessed about the star gate. I am supposed to be doing something regarding it.  Maybe I already am in dream state. Protecting it. They (the Sasquatch) want me to know something. (…)
Thank you for taking the time to read about my TRUTH.  I respect and love you brother.  I am your little sister in this.  Any perspective you can provide, would be most appreciated. I have no groups or like minded people out here. There is a BFRO Wisconsin group but it seems they just like to go up North and run around with cameras and do tree knocks and speculate on what they think these beings are.  Of course they are doing it all wrong and I don’t feel that there is anything to be learned from these people. (…)
Also I forgot that I wanted to tell you. I feel that I have been taken into the portal twice.
The first place was what I believe is a volcano, except it had trees growing all inside it on shelves of earth. The second place was two small winding rivers surrounded by strange trees and cranberry bogs, low vegetation. Both places were magical and powerful. (…)
A couple of days after I emailed you , they (the Sasquatch)  were out there doing some kind of ceremony.  Huge sounds like tree knocks but almost industrial sounding.  Reverberating. Some kind of chant as well.  Also two Kachinas showed up, a man and a woman. They were in my pine trees.
The next morning there was an icicle hanging by a hair.  It was thin and long, kind of blondish brown.  I don’t know why but I thought maybe it was yours. My protector has very dark hair.
I’m sorry to have put all that pressure on you in my email.  I do understand that I must take this journey alone to find my higher self.  I just get so overwhelmed at times to know answers.  I know that they will speak with me in when the time is right.  (…)
So please know brother that I am progressing.
Blessings and love,
B. R.

Testimonial by B. R.


I came across this wonderful website while reading “Creatures in the mist Little People, Wild men, and Spirit Beings around the World: A Study in Comparative Mythology” by Gary R. Varner. In one of the chapters, the book talks about the Goo-teekhl. I look up for some images of this being and came across the SCENIC video. I explored your website and I am so enamored by it! I truly am. I am in love with your mission to connect humans with inter species communication and the touching message of Kamooh.

I am a college student, exploring ideas and avenues. I was inspirited by Sunbow’s and your guys journey to Australia. I am a college student, exploring ideas and avenues. This time has been interesting lately, I have been thinking of what I want to do in my life.

I have been aware for quite some time that I want to be in the service of others, but not sure in what exactly. SCENIC and many other fine groups have inspired me tremendously! I would like to know if you have any Ideas of what I could do (from where I am (North America)) any prayers I can pray for the cosmic war crisis, Australia, the rainbow serpents pathways, etc. I feel an urge to do something, sometimes I am ashamed I am not doing anything. I do not have a car yet, (I don’t think a car is NEEDED to do such things but it could be important) I would appreciate if I could have some fresh ideas from you guys!

Just to specify again, i would like to ask for any guidance (to educate the message/mission that SCENIC and so many other people and beings are spreading) prayers (of any kind) and any advice that would be helpful. I hope that comes across clearly.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


Paulina ❤


Testimonial by Paulina

Hi Sunbow,
Thanks I read all yours books and Katie’s book on gridwork. Sasquatchs’ teachings are profound. Thank you for your help in getting their word out so clearly.
Thanks for your work with the Sasquatch. Your books on their message to humanity are the best I’v read yet concerning earth’s dramas and our task at hand in elevating consciousness. The importance Sasquatch stressed in building the intelligence of the heart inspires with profound clarity.

Testimonial by Michael Montgomery

Good day SunBow, my name is Melissa. I’m pleased to report I just ordered myself a copy of your book “Hairy Humanoids from the Wild”. 😁 Thank you for the wonderful work and sharing that you do!! I greatly appreciate it! I only write this to you because my new found love for these special folks runs deep. It stirs great emotion in me and I don’t even know why… Although I have believed for many years. Through much searching on YouTube I found some truly amazing information. Which ultimately led me to you and some of the information you’ve shared. I love to hear the wisdom you share. I think it is so amazing that you have gone and spent time with different tribes, learning their ways. What a dream come true!! I have always felt like we as a people have gone so far in the wrong direction. Simple is better, traditions are meant to be kept. Keep on going in your ventures my friend, you are reaching many!! Blessed be!! ❤️

imterdimensional Sasquatch

Testimonial by Melissa

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild, professional review

Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild – Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch: Disclosure of Inter-Species Communication is indeed pretty much what the title suggests, an almost encyclopedic description of human interaction with the hairy humanoids we have christened Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Abominable Snowman and a host of other titles over the centuries. Author SunBôw TrueBrother has compiled a comprehensive description of the majority of famous and widely-reported contacts between humans and the hairy humanoids. The author goes much further than mere contact with the hairy humanoids. He suggests and shows in his narrative the supernatural, paranormal and otherworldly aspects of the hairy humanoid and its contact or indeed lack of contact with humans. As well as looking at all the theories, conspiracies and frauds of the past, the author attempts to present compelling evidence that hairy humanoids are not only alive and well in earth’s wilderness areas but that they are here for a reason – to set humanity back on the right track and to guide us toward some type of enlightenment.

As a mere casual observer of the Sasquatch phenomenon, I, like many readers, would be naturally cautious and wary about accepting their existence, especially given the numerous proven frauds surrounding their existence perpetrated on the public during the years. In Hairy Humanoids from the Wild, author SunBôw TrueBrother presents some compelling thoughts on the existence of the hairy humanoids and indeed their interaction with humanity. I found the detailed (yet still not exhaustive) list of recorded encounters surprising and indeed more frequent than I had ever imagined.

What I particularly liked was the willingness of the author to discount frauds on the public and especially not to easily accept reported encounters without compelling first-hand evidence. I thought it extremely telling that the author made such a clear delineation between those who seek “physical” evidence, i.e. dead Sasquatches, versus those who understand that such attempts to kill and capture them are extremely hard to procure. The second half of the narrative, where the author explores the paranormal, extra-terrestrial and somewhat magical source of the hairy humanoids was, for me, the most fascinating part of the story. As someone relatively new to this area, I would have to say that this book appears, on the surface, to be a definitive work and one I can highly recommend.

Kit Labrosse Paulette Thanase

When purchasing this book, you help me to continue this work of documentation, research, journeys and expeditions, networking information and public education.


Thanks to all for your interest, support and collaboration. Best blessings…

Hairy Humanoids from the Wild, professional review

By Matt Brooksbank

Hello Sunbôw! I have been a Facebook friend for a while but not contacted you. I wanted to thank you for the Hairy Humanoids Encyclopedia and your Interdimensional Meditations. Both of which I finished reading overnight! I’ve always loved the Message to Humanity series and was enraptured by the Hairy Humanoids volume!

The next bit might start to sound a little weird! So I will first say that I spend part of my time in Portugal living by the woods and have seen the odd arrangement of branches near to my place). The rest of the time I am on the island of Malta where I have just returned. I had a walk today to the next village across country and had a message that I understood might be from Kamooh himself. If so I feel very humbled to have the Eldest Elder contact me. I have now started a “Sasquatch Encounters” journal and from this walk have three entries already. Of course nothing can be proved but it feels right.

I look forward to the journey and hope to have much more to add to the journal. Sorry to take up so much of your time. Thank you for your publications and I hope (if you wish to) you are able to access the attached journal entry…

1. While walking to Marsaxlokk I understand that I was contacted by Kamooh himself. He said I would receive a sign during my walk. I had just started the walk back when I came across a truck with a picture of a large foot with the logo Bigfoot on it with the same signal on the side. I didn’t consider at the time taking a picture though I recognized the sign straight away. I think by not taking a picture I will better remember my first ‘official’ encounter.

Kit Labrosse Paulette Thanase

I finished reading The Hairy Humanoids Encyclopedia during the early hours and also read Interdimensional Meditations by the same author. Sunbôw TrueBrother. As I neared the end of Munxar hill I had a butterfly escort me for longer than I would normally imagine a butterfly would tag along with someone, Kamooh again? Also check out the orb I discovered in my photos, of the horrid antennas at the highest point of the walk. Green orb, Kamooh??

Peace & Love, Matt

Matt Brooksbank

Testimonial by Matt Brooksbank

Dear SunBow, I am very excited to have read both your books on Sasquatch Message to Humanity. I thank you for being an ambassador for us humans, and building relationships with other beings whom are our cousins.

I have learned so much from both your books, and they have answered some of my confusions on all these different types of beings on Earth. My people are from SE Asia, and we have many stories about these different beings on Earth. To me growing up, it was always fascinating to hear these stories, but in the current world that we live in, it really kills your expansion of the mind to limit it as a fantasy. My people have stories about Snake People and Amphibian savior, as well as hairy ape-like people who would kidnap young women for wives. SE Asia is also known for stories about Ogres and Bird people.

My people also have shamans who can talk to inter-dimensional beings to help heal people. So, many things in your books were familiar yet eye-opening.

I am even thrilled to read that Kamooh is a descendant of Sun Wu Kong!

I grew up watching and reading about Sun Wu Kong. He is a beloved character in the Chinese culture. There are many Chinese movies and TV Series made about Sun Wu Kong, and one that I dearly love. (…)

I’m just very excited to know the Forest People and their connection to Sun Wu Kong. Thank you for bringing these knowledge to all of us. I hope one day I can also overcome my own fears and be able to meet Kamooh and his people.

Xay Yang

books 1-2-3

Testimonial by Xay Yang

Hi SunBôw,

I am so happy to be connecting with you. My client Regina Meredith interviewed you last year and I so enjoyed learning about your experiences. Then I read your first Sasquatch Speaks book and every cell of my body buzzed and I just kept having more and more aha moments. A few days ago I had my first telepathic experience with a Sasquatch. 🙂 I have been watching the documentary series. Gives me goosebumps in a good way and I feel my heart center open more and more… Thank you 🙂



Testimonial by K. A. from Sedona

Readers Testimonials.

Note: I did not have time to ask everyone’s permission to publish these, so for the ones I didn’t reach, I just put initials.

T.J. : Sunbow, Kelly told us about this page. We are fans!!! Thank you for everything you are doing for Momma Earth. My wife and I are fairly new to the Sasquatch community but we would love to be connected with you and to help in any way that we can!

C.G.W. : I completed book two last night and starting book three today. Thank you for writing what our Elder Brother and Sister Sasquatch told you. It is 100% love.

Susan Sweet : Thank You so much for posting the Bigfoot encounter. I was so pleased to see my video Of Paul Micheal Pearlman’s encounter on your page. I like your page (Literally) and would love to post more such stories here. Again. Thank You!

E.W. : Thank you Sunbow for sharing my experience! I hope that helps others! I was reading the other accounts and they were very interesting! Lots of amazing experiences! Hope you have a beautiful day!

T.G. : Hello Sunbow, I sent you an email and you responded back in the fall, thanks. I appreciate your getting back with me! I have been drawn to bigfoot/sasquatch for a long time for some reason. I will be ordering your first book soon.  Thanks for you answers! I was looking to reading your books soon. Thanks for your research and work and dedication.

Zu Zen : Hello Bow, me and Eric love your book. We keep rereading it. Hope to see you soon with discussions in detail… Oh wow, your life sounds so full. Thanks for writing those books. We want to buy the other 2 for sure. What a beautiful message… Last year at the Oregon rainbow, I could see clearly the Sasquatch in you. I got excited because I’ve always wanted to meet a Sasquatch. And now I read in your book that it’s in your lineage. Eric and I keep telling our friends about your book to people who are open. We talked about it at the Ontario rainbow around the fire last year. And this brother told us his story of seeing the Sasquatch in BC at Sasquatch park. Both he and his girlfriend saw this huge hairy being in a green energy appearance. Life is so amazing, full of wonderful mysteries being revealed… I’m happy that you found everything you need where you’re at. Loving you.

L.L. : Thanks so much for taking the beads into the woods for the Sasquatch people. My mom was so delighted when she learned they were intelligent beings. They have come to her twice in a dream. Nice. Thanks again. My mom really love them and hopes one day to meet them…. me too. Hope to see you in 2019.

T.O. : Hello, Thank you for your pages and work. I’ve had Sasquatch encounters since childhood. But didn’t fully realize until January 2018 when I researched something from summer 2017.

N.P. : I’ve had many experiences with Sasquatch during my time living on the Colville reserve and following. I’m very interested in hearing what you have learned from your experiences. Blessings.

L.T. : Happy to be here! I live in Maine and have so much activity here on my property.

M.J. : Felt kinship with these beings since I was a little girl. Want to uncover more.

M.J.M. : Greetings from the deep woods of Algonquin Ontario. I just finished your first book and I must say right on par but then of course Yogi does not lie. I found your book to be a great addition to my library and say Miigwetch!! For taking the time to listen learn love and share !! We have ongoing contact and have for several years and as a child I was taught by my father about my origins. I am very glad to make your acquaintance and would really appreciate hearing back from you. I am not sure of a question per say and just wanted to reach out and thank you for sharing and caring and knowing the true I AM it is a great relief to know more and more in this third dimension we are gathering and with the polar shift shall rebalance our Mother for we are all a part of her and her us the sooner others realize the better. Blessed be sending all our love and light.

Martha Dewey : Blessings and Gratitude to our Elder Brothers. When I woke early this morning I was surrounded by the smiles and embrace of my brother Limptbataook and sister MayaLeah. My Star Friends came with sparkling energy. It is indeed a time of great healing on this planet. I am honored to be here at this time. In Gratitude to you SunBow and Kewaunee and Kelly for all of your writings and leadership! Martha LittleTree. ***And much Gratitude to All our Relations! A’Ho****

Shahar S. : Dear Sunbow, my name is Shahar, I am a Biologist and live in Israel. I became interested in the bf phenomenon a few years ago. I have heard about you through contacting Kewaunee L. some time ago. I would like to have a talk with you and share my thoughts about the subject, and also get some advice from you on some issues I am dealing with in my research on the subject. I am reading your first book right now. If you have time to talk please let me know. All the best.

K.G. : Hi SunBow, I had a quick question for you. So I might need to ask you more about this later… It’s a whole long story on how last year back in 2017 I came to realize that the Sasquatch phenomenon was a lot more than an undiscovered species of wild apes living in the forests of North America. It sent me down a path however, that lead me to both of Kewaunee’s books, as well as Arla Williams’ book plus Dr. Matthew Johnson’s take on it all. In short though, what I was hoping to learn this year was “what it took” to establish a means of communication with these forest people. Just west of here in Morley, AB (on the Stoney Nakoda reserve) my friend Justin has the ‘big people’ coming onto his family’s land and they seem to hang out around the house and go about their business as the snow melts. He said they had a visual sighting less than 2 weeks ago. I was hoping you could give me some insights on if this is even possible. When I make the trek out there I don’t take cameras, guns, or any other offensive items with me. I plan to go out next time by myself, and with permission of the landowner, smudge some sage and sweet grass, lay some tobacco on the earth, and engage in some Transcendental Meditation in a spot along a circular clearing just NE of the property where they’ve been seen. I’m not really sure what else I could do except put forward positive intention in my mind and ‘make myself available’. Let me know if you had any other feedback on this.

K.R. : Dear Sun Bow, After reading your first book, I am grateful for the information and message that the Sasquatch are giving us at this time... These questions arise as I read your books, because the Sasquatch are providing such a rich body of knowledge about our ancient past, and that of many other species before us. I realize there are things they cannot explain in a way we would understand… but there is a lot we can understand, and I am left with deep, existential questions that in my view, no spiritual school can truly answer with any certainty... For example, depending on their spiritual evolution as you mentioned, really determines how much suffering will be transcended… I am a psychotherapist, so I work with so many people whose belief systems keep them going around and around and around. Can I help them? Yes… but what about the millions of people who don’t come in for help, or who don’t have opportunities to find the help they need? Maybe it is just karma… But as we bridge these gaps in our own understanding, via the Sasquatch and other advanced races… I think it’s fair to get down to the nitty gritty of all existential questions, and ask any and all questions that pertain to a much bigger picture than we as humans, have been given. We are infants in our learning and development as a species…. and we are coming out of this, expanding, growing, and learning the truth… how can we not have so many questions as our own evolution is blowing open at this point in time? I appreciate you reading this, and allowing me to express so openly… In gratitude

C.C. : Hi, I love Sasquatch. I was one at one time. They showed me what I looked like as a Sasquatch. They also showed me people that I know now that were Sasquatch with me. They have showed up in streaks of light in photos and in my consciousness and also flew over in over 30 salmon colored disc shaped crafts. They come to me when I channel and when I am praying and meditating and going within many many times. They all look different and are all unique and different just like humans. So happy you keep going with your work. The Mission can not fail. It is too huge. Many will awaken to their true purpose which is to bring in the new paradigm of the new earth. We are all part of the awakening of our planet and humanity. Stay strong brother in unity, we will all accomplish what we set out to do here. We who have awakened to our higher purpose know that we are here for expansion and truth. Trust. That all is well and exactly as it should be. And let nothing stop you from being you. Turn within for guidance and strength. You are forever protected in the light of the all. Fear not those who say nay for they are still wrapped in the veil of forgetfulness. Peace my friend. And many blessings.



Readers Testimonials

Good morning. I just want to say that this week I’ve been reading chapters 1-3 from Kamooh in Messages to Humanity to my Son this week at bed time. You are brilliant. Your messages (his message) resonates with me more than any other. Their truth through you means more to me now than ever. After spending many years in the forest collecting info, we’ve finally received contact on our last outing before snow fall. We cannot wait to get back with our Friends early this spring especially now that we’ve been given extra information through you. I’ll be working to develop my telepathic communication in the coming weeks with a little help from my friends. We Love you and appreciate you. Keep writing as you receive more info;) Cheers! My very best, – Ken Shepley

Testimonial by Ken Shepley

Hi Sun Bow, I just finished reading the Sasquatch Message to Humanity book 3 and I must say that it is a truly incredible book. I am currently implementing all the strategies in the book which, I know will take time, but having a guide of this sort is truly a blessing.
2018 was amazing for me as I discovered the Sasquatch to be real and this lead to me discovering Aja Andromeda (on your site) which lead me to discover my status as a starseed/lightworker. This was not apparent to me at the beginning of 2018 although I have always known that there was something inside me that was not of this planet. . As with most star/seeds I didn’t fit-in anywhere in human society even though I tried repeatedly to be like everyone else. Finding no one at any point in my life to guide me or help me understand this “otherworldly” feeling I was carrying around became a futile act that lead to extreme sadness and alienation. This book, of yours, though,  has had a remarkable impact on me so much so that I felt compelled to tell you about it……. (I also can’t stop thinking about LImptbataook for some reason, possibly because we both like to be alone a great deal) .
In the months since summer of 2018 I have slowly become immersed in the shamanic way of living so when I read this book (I also read the 2nd one this year) it was as if it was sent to me to answer all the questions I’ve been asking for months. Could the forest people have something to do with this? Perhaps but whoever prompted me to buy this book definitely knew what I was needing. When this whole journey started back in March 2018 I simply thought my discovery of the Sasquatch was going to be the apex of this journey when in fact it was just the appetizer. Through the words of the Sasquatch Elders, Ets and channelers I have gained a new understanding of my role in human evolution and so I thank every person involved who has lent their words and time to creating this amazing piece of work. For someone like me (and there are many) who never felt as though I was a member of the human race I finally understand why I’m here and what my soul purpose is. This book has truly been a gift of immense magnitude such that my words are insufficient to explain the transformative power it is having in my life.
Thank you….. and please send love and many thanks to our Sasquatch friends for their loving guidance
Betty Grudniski

Betty Grudniski

By Ashley Hinze, Airis Illustrations

Art has always been a big part of my life. Being an artist has taught me a lot of life lessons too. Some of the major lessons I’ve learned being an artist are to be a quiet observer, to feel into my surroundings so that I am able to understand it, and to translate what I see and feel into a cohesive visual story for all to see and feel for themselves.

I am incredibly grateful that it has led me to the most amazing opportunity. Creating the cover art and having another art piece of mine on the back of the book is an absolute honor. As an artist, I don’t want to just draw things that are pretty… My desire is to illustrate visual stories that are important to our society.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity is by far the most powerful message I have ever read in my life. Deep in my core after reading each session DawaOutah LomaKatsi (Sunbôw) had with Elder Kamooh has helped me to deepen my understanding and remember the history of how we are all interconnected and family—We are all ONE. Elder Kamooh paints a vivid picture to humanity in his message, and also holds a mirror so that we can see what it is that we can do as individuals to help inspire everyone else collectively.

Thanks again Kelly Lapseritis and Kewaunee Lapseritis for giving me an opportunity to add my energy to this passionate collective message and work of art. 


Testimonial by Ashley Hinze

Kelly Lapseritis: These messages personally affected me in profound ways! The truth rang so deeply that I knew we had to publish them and I’m so grateful to all involved in getting these important messages and understanding shared worldwide.
Georgeanna DeCarlo: Love and gratitude to SunBow and Kamooh, and all involved to bring forward the Sasquatch Message to Humanity. I am grateful to have been able to share this passage with my friend, her introduction to who the Sasquatch people really are. Writing a review is a great idea, bolsters support in a myriad of ways. I’m not sure if I did follow through with my plan to do that originally but now is a great time to be certain as well as share more information with the new global network. Thank you, brother 

Rosie Neal: I buy the books & give it as gifts to share when spirit guides me. No better Present & Spirit has brought though a few. Thank you all. Especially Kelly Lapseritis & Keewanee & Sunbow. 

Stephen Shepley It always felt like I was reading things I knew but had forgotten. It is mind, spirit and heart opening. 

Emily Freeman Really awakening and affirming of some of my experiences connected to E.T. connections/past lives. ♥️It’s really nice to be around a group of people exploring and affirming each other. I really appreciate the gentle environment here 

Jesse Haiduk: I must admit, I have read only that which has been posted and shared over the last couple of years, but in almost each and every post there is deep affirmation for one or more of several deeply ethereal and/or deeply metaphysical experiences along my path. Case in point, this reading. I can and will attest to the fact that I, too, have taken part in an encounter where one party could see a ship while the other could not. Yet both parties bore witness to tertiary effects of the ship’s presence. The excerpt from the book itself also re-re-re-re-affirms the dynamics behind the term “psychic mirror” revealed to me as a result of my first encounter with our Friends.

Tamatha Mingee Pfeffer Gave me the confidence to not be afraid of what I sometimes can’t see. I now love my life and them. We live in a beautiful magical world that many are missing out on.


Readers reviews of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity


Having just read in your “Close Encounter of the Cougar Kind” of the importance of constructive connection between ourselves and the wld kingdom, I can offer the story of a beautiful encounter I had with a black bear.

It took place at hibernation time in an area short of food due to a freak summer freeze that year. That bear had every reason in the world to eat me, including a bleeding head wound — but after we communicated, it did not.

I’m happy to send you the story by email if you’d like to read it. I know I don’t have to tell you guys to keep up the great work!

In the Light, Ana Daksina

Testimonial, by Ana Daksina