Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders!

Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders!

Channeled through Michael Bodewitz2b0a322e70f2cd735adb27fa7ee35a72

We are pleased to bring forth this short message today. We are the Sasquatch High Council of Elders. We are 12 and we collectively bring forth this short message today through Michael.

We chose today to speak to you as it is what you have ascribed as the first day of your spring. This is a good time for us your Elder Brothers to encourage you in your growth. As what you call Spring comes every year new growth is happening. This time of year is a cherished time for our people. We have seen many springs and it never gets old to us. We love to see the beauty ignite the forest and spring new life. As you know we are very connected to nature and our earth mother. We rejoice every spring as we see new beginnings. Now is such a time for you and your people.

We encourage you on this day to start a new beginning. See the beauty that is around you and take notice. Understand that the beauty you see is yourself. You are an expression of all that is. Seek to renew yourself today and look for a newer and better path for not only yourself but your people as well. Become a beautiful blosoming flower among your people and encourage humanity to bloom with you. Send your seeds of love to the wind so that they may be planted in other fields producing love throughout this beautiful world.

We the Sasquatch High Council love our little brother and sisters so very much. We are always on humanity’s side always watching closely in love. We appreciate sending you this message today. We love you. Good bye.

7 thoughts on “Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders!”

  1. It is beautiful to find someone that believes in these great beings. My experience with these grand beings has opened my eyes and heart more then anything else, to which I have experienced. I did experience fear; but, my heart was opened to the reality to which I experienced. I send them love as I was unable to then.

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      1. Hi Bode; Fear is something we experience it is not something they force on us. Let me explain my experience. Me and my brother would take this short cut through this forest area in town. We would walk a short distance on this path through the forest and at a certain invisible line on the path the hair on the back of our neck would go up and we could not see what was watching us, we would get terrified and run like hell. My brother was a faster runner then I and he would make up a different comment every day we would go through this path. Like the last one through is going to get caught by the town drunkard, the troll etc. It was always something different; but, never did he mention a sasquatch or bigfoot. As we never heard of them before. By the time we got out of school it was dark so we always took the long way home. It wasn’t until spring break when we took my go-cart to these 3 hills parallel to the tree line close to the forest we would take the short cut. It was the verge of darkness when my brother ask me if I wanted to go down the hills one more time before it got dark out. I said sure and we turned our heads back up the hill and all of a sudden half a short block this massive creature takes 3 steps to cross the 33′ roadway. The fear hit us exactly as in the short area of forest. The fear was from our not knowing what the creature was. I don’t think this grand being was trying to scare us, I think it was curious and showing us it was no town drunkard, troll etc. We had lived in the forest areas most our lives and had never heard of such a creature. This happened in 1976/77. This experience has opened my mind and heart to the Reality of these beings. I have heard many peoples stories regarding these creatures from natives to white people and they all say the same thing, don’t talk about that or people will call you crazy. As there are more then one type of ground burrowers (Sasquatch) and some are good and some are not good. The one we seen was good, as it could of grabbed one of us at any time. My heart is out to them and I wish them well and I look at the forest different now. Dave

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