Negative Conditioning

By Michael Bodewitz

Monster movies portraying paranormal or other worldly beings coming to earth to kill humans or monsters in the forest give our forest friends a bad rap. This kind of media conditions people to see unknown beings as enemies or dangerous and out to kill us. We must not support this type of media and try to enlighten society with the truth of our experiences as them being the loving elder brother and sisters they are.FB_IMG_1557941016624

3 thoughts on “Negative Conditioning”

  1. I will agree with that one, lately on TV there have been so called documentaries about Bigfoot and they are disgusting. So misrepresenting the Sasquatch and many other forest beings! Hunters saying they shoot before they even find out what they are pointing a gun at, one guy said the hairy being was not very old and was stand there with his hands up in the air and he shot him just because it was considered a threat. You are right, people are loosing it and this is why there are so many people killing each other now days. Prayers for raising the energy above where we are for sure!
    Thanks Mr. “B”, give hugs to Balana for me!


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