We Are The Arcturians


Beliefs. A human invention. Beliefs have shaped your experience since the beginning. The more complex you get as a human species the more they play a role in your 3D reality. Your beliefs and led you to wars. Your beliefs have led you to great accomplishments. Your beliefs have torn your species apart. Your beliefs have brought your species together. Your beliefs are a necessary tool to create your experience and keep the polarity of your 3D world going. We are here not to remove you from your beliefs as we know the importance of the role they take but to help bring a higher understanding why you must transcend the system you call belief.
What is the human invention called belief? There comes a time in your incarnation where you encounter that which you already know about but have forgotten. You ask what is this? You experience something for the first time. You take in input from this experience and try to come to a judgment about what it means to you. Often times you look to others to help you to figure out what this experience is. Then someone that has had their experience with this tells you what it is. They begin to tell you what they know about this thing. This begins to shape your experience about this thing which influences you. You begin to listen to others experiences instead of listening to your own. You see, the world you live in is based in duality. Something is either hot or cold, good or bad, right or wrong, and you believe or you don’t. This is a very limited understanding. Also your language can’t fully describe your experience making words very inadequate in operating your own experience. At what point do you decide something switches from cold to hot? The next person that decides when something is hot may be at a different temperature. You see, so your belief about something is a judgment you made about something that you feel is valid or invalid in your experience. It either aligns with your way of thinking or it does not. Right away you give this something a dualistic nature when there is so much more to it.
We encourage you to see beliefs for what they are and look beyond them. Look at everything from a perspective of observation. See the apple for what it is and not for what someone told you about it growing up. See a system of beliefs as someone’s operating system they thought worked best in their experience. See things for what they are without any preconceived ideas or judgments already conditioned to you. Strip yourself down completely and look at something as Devine and perfect the way it is. See it with the purity coming straight from the Source. When you look beyond beliefs of others and choose to go within and observe your own experience in relation to something then you will see that there is so much more to it. Depth of understanding comes from within and transcends your 3D Duality world. So we ask you to remember this message and bring it with you. Begin to change your perception and understanding on the human beliefs. With love we are always with you and watching. We are the Arcturians.

-Channeled by Mike BodewitzFB_IMG_1568390904637

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