Balana Lesson 15

New Lesson from Balana!

Lesson 15

As I sat down underneath my plum tree to call Balana for another lesson I tried to decide what to listen to as we had our lesson. I usually go with my first feeling about what to listen to but this time I was prompted to listen to a pure tone. “432” I kept hearing. I pulled up a pure tone at 432 hz. I relaxed and slipped into a meditative state. I called for Balana saying out loud “Balana”. After the second calling I got a vision of Balana coming down from a standing position and sitting straight on the ground. He was sitting next to me. “Hello Michael”, he said. Hello my friend. Thanks for meeting with me again. Why did you have me listen to a pure tone of 432 hz this time? “This is part of the lesson I want to share with you today. I will speak to you of frequency and dimensions”. Ok ! Go ahead. “As most of you know everything is made up of what you call energy. This energy is everywhere and is everything. There is nothing that is not energy. And this energy is in motion always. It vibrates at different rates and speeds. You as a human race created a numeric system in which to measure the vibratory rates of energy. You called this vibratory frequency and thus you measure it in Hertz. Everything vibrates at a different frequency thus creating what it is. This planet vibrates at a dense 7.8 hz but varies from day to day depending on circumstances that connect with her. Your human body on average vibrates between 62-72 hz daily. Please understand that you are a three part being just as we are. You call it body, mind, spirit or other names signifying these three parts. The mind is next highest to vibrate which your human race has not been able to track or measure. Your spirit is the highest vibratory part of you. This is your true essence. We have been able to draw in these three parts in a closer connection and vibrate much higher then you. I am currently speaking to you at 432 hz. This does not mean your body is at 432 hz but your mind which is communicating with me is as 432 hz and thus we are connected. When you can use your spirit and mind to raise your body up in frequency then you can come closer to how we the Sasquatch reside in a dematerialized state. Everything has to do with energy and vibratory frequency. Dimensions work in this manner too. Pure creation happened at 0D and went from there. The first dimension starts and 100hz and the second at 200hz with 3D at 300hz. Currently we are operating into the fourth dimension, working in 400hz. Some people may get confused here and please understand you transition through dimensions daily. You are a multidimensional being and your mind and spirit travel through dimensions with ease but your body is stuck where it is in pure creation at 0D. Because we are more connected with our tri-part self, we can travel through dimension with our body by dematerializing it. I hope this makes sense for you?” It does! And it is fascinating! Can you now speak about something that has been on my mind as well as others lately? It has to with a witness encounter of two male Sasquatch apparently fighting until one killed the other. Does this really happen?
“You humans are so limited in your thinking. You think it is one way or another. Let me explain. We the Sasquatch people are more evolved then you collectively in our soul evolution. That is why we are helping you. At a collective standpoint we are highly evolved. We are connected to each other collectively and know what others are doing, feeling, thinking, etc. But please understand as I have described before, each individual soul is just that. An individidual with free will to act as it pleases. It would be correct to say that the majority of the Sasquatch people are evolved enough in their soul evolution to understand that we are all one and to hurt another would be to hurt the collective so most of the time there is no fighting and harm done to another. But there are and have been some cases where lesser evolved Sasquatch clans or individuals forget who they are and take on more animalistic behaviors. You humans see a perspective from a human viewer but do not know all the information behind what the two Sasquatch were doing. This is ignorant of your species to make rash judgements about what was going on. You do not know the circumstances behind the fight or why it was taking place. It is true that the higher evolved of our people see killing as never necessary but there are less evolved clans that choose to act this way by tradition, culture, rules. If you think that any being is exempt from carrying out lower vibrational acts then you are deluding yourself. So in conclusion, it is true most Sasquatch understand that killing is not an option because it ultimately hurts the collective but it can occur and has occurred at times where our people will kill each other. It just doesn’t happen on the scale that humans carry it out at.” Ok. Thank you for clarifying this my friend. Anything else you want to say at this time? “That we the Sasquatch people love you dearly our younger brothers and sisters and that we will always be here to guide and help you in your soul evolution. We shall see you in the forest.” Ok, good bye my friend.received_498858617526336

6 thoughts on “Balana Lesson 15”

  1. Thank you so much, this is conformation to a way of healing I JUST read about and hope to become part of in the near future! What would we all do without you and Balana….
    many blessings!


  2. How can we know…when we enter a woods we have never been in ….which type of Sasquatch clan we will be encountering? A clan that holds beliefs closer to the Collective Consciousness of the Sasquatch people or a clan that is more animalistic and possibly less evolved???

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    1. It’s pretty much the same when you enter any human environment. You can sometimes trust and feel safe and other times not. It’s up to everyone’s to use their intuition, discernment and judgment. There is much less to fear from the Sasquatch than from Humans in general…

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      1. It is a feeling you of vibration. Once you learn to become sensitive to the vibrations and frequencies all around you you can instantly feel the beings vibratory level. Some are higher then others. But highly evolved Sasquatch have been known to lower their vibration to better interact with an individual. My advice is don’t try to figure it out so much. Just go out and make contact and learn to feel them. They will guide you in which way they want the relationship to go. 😉

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