Lesson 13 from Balana


By Michael Bodewitz

Lesson 13
It is Halloween day and it has been awhile since I have spoke to Balana. Sensing my missing him he came to me saying it is a good time to speak on a couple things. I have sat down on this drizzly Halloween day with my laptop open ready to transcribe this message instantly as I receive it. Here it is:

I take a moment to get into a calm meditative state. To connect with my friend once again. My left ear rings. Now a sign they are tuning in. Specifically Balana.
Hello my old friend. It is good to speak with you again on this day. “Hello my little brother. I have felt your longing to connect once again. I am here.” Thank you for being here. I have missed you. “I know. We have always been around and are always there for you. As you know Talishia has passed on and decided to transition to the next step of her journey. Malwani her mate came to you to notify you of her passing. We could feel your sadness. But understand that death is just the next stage of your evolution and it is not to be feared. She has since returned to you a couple times to visit and show her love to you for you were very special in her eyes. You felt her holding your hands during meditation. Even though she has left her physical body behind which we buried in a special place she can return in spirit to visit you.” Do your people always leave your bodies upon death? “No, not always. Sometimes when we reach a higher state of consciousness and can ascend back to the source and our Elders. But Talishia chose to leave her body behind.” I miss her deeply. “We know. Her path was to watch over you and protect you as you grew. To be a guardian and mother like figure to you.” She has been. I love her deeply. Well, what should we talk about? “I would like to speak about your human tradition of Halloween.” Oh great, I bet you and the others don’t like it. “ Your human tradition of Halloween like many of your cultural traditions has changed over the years and not for the better. As you may know Halloween started out as a day of observance and remembrance for the passed on souls. To celebrate their passing by remembering them. You would have great feasts and play cute games and dress up to honor them. But since then your culture has turned this tradition into a perversion of the original idea. With the adoption of violence and gore your culture places in front of you and your young ones, now Halloween for most does not mean what it used to. Most of the people celebrating do not know the true meaning nor do they remember the passed souls in their family line. It has turned from a legitimate honorable tradition to gorging your children on sweets, dressing them up in very disgusting and violent portrayals of other people, events, and entertainment. You walk around your community inducing fear among you and shoving gore and violence in your young one’s faces and then you reward that with garbage that your body doesn’t need. All the while there is no remembrance of why this tradition was created in the first place.” Wow, you’re right. That’s ridiculous. Traditions are very hard to change. How can we change this? “Change the consciousness attached to it. You don’t have to stop celebrating but celebrate the way it was intended and help spread that consciousness.” Good idea. Thank you for bringing that to light.
What else would you like to discuss? You know I got a new drum yesterday. (Big smile) “Yes we do. We are all excited about that. We love to hear you play your flute and now we will love this drum. One thing we love about you humans is your creative nature when it comes to 3d material things. You have the ability to create some beautiful sounds, objects, and ideas that we love to share with you. But you must know that specifically sound is special to us. When you humans play your flutes or drums or even sing we actually feel those vibrations deeply and enjoy them so much. Some of your higher consciousness humans can connect and feel the music at a deep level but most just receive the vibrations through your ears interpreting it. We receive the vibrations within us. We truly feel your music within us and we love it. You see, it is a transfer of energy from you to us. You literally create this vibrational energy and send it to us and it becomes a shared relationship that we most cherish. So, when you go out into the forest and play for us we enjoy it very much and gather around to receive the vibrations from it. Keep it up and encourage others to do this as well. This has been a ceremony you humans have done for hundreds of years for us. Whether it was to call us to commune or just honor us we appreciate this relationship.” I am so glad! That makes me feel so good to know you all enjoy it so much. I can truly feel my vibration rising just speaking about it. I treasure these times when I go out and am with you all in the forest and play for you and see you all gathered around receiving it.
Well, is there anything else you would like to say at this time? “Yes, we are preparing for the incoming wave of consciousness that is soon to arrive. Please encourage others to prepare as well. It should be here very soon.” Ok. I will. Thank you my brother for once again speaking with me in this precious way and I send my love to my family in the forest. I love you. “And we love all of you very much as we are family and care about you. We will see you in the forest.”

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