Winds of Change

New lesson from Balana. Lesson 14.


Written by Michael Bodewitz

          Here I sit. It is February of 2019. Feeling the call of Balana to connect with me for our first lesson since last year. I am here brother. Waiting patiently to feel you. I long to connect with you again my brother as one. It has been a long while since you and I had a sit down and conversation. I miss it.

I breathe and calm myself. I go back to the time I first saw him when I was 7 years old. Going back to the first encounter to reestablish our connection.

“Hello Michael. It has been some time since you and I sat and had a discussion. Much has happened in your life which has caused  your vibration to become eratic. My people and the star people have been trying to stabilize your vibration and help you.”  I know, a lot is going on in my life right now. It can get a little crazy. I thank you for being here with me. “Of course I am always with you. Once we connect, it is a bond that can never be broken.” That’s beautiful. I keep going back to that memory that surfaced about seeing you when I was seven years old and had just moved to your area in the forest. Can you explain that a bit? “Yes, I would be happy to. As you know, that is your first memory of me in this incarnation as Michael. It was a beautiful moment that was planned by us. I knew you were coming as was told to me by the Eagle that day. When you arrived I knew I must make first contact to secure the bond. I appeared to you that day for a brief moment to make the connection and secure the bond. I also gave you calming energy so you would not be afraid. When you look into our eyes a connection is made. A special bond happens. A soul to soul  connection as our energies are literally fused together with love.” Why did you suppress that memory from me? “Because in my great knowing I knew that if I hadn’t that it would hinder your path with me. I had to make the connection yet I suppressed the memory for your benefit. If I had not, you would have ran and told your family and they would have thought you were making it all up and then your doubt would set in. This doubt would grow your whole life and impede your path with us. But I had to make that connection early on to make the bond strong. It changes your DNA.” How did you suppress my memory? Isn’t that against my free will to do so? “My dear friend, you agreed to this before you incarnated. If you agreed then it is not against your free will now is it?” I guess not. How do you actually suppress one’s memory? “It is hard to explain but I will try with your limited words. A memory is a moment in time. You just travel from moment to moment in life. I have the ability to “hide” that moment from your awareness by masking it with my own energy. I do not take anything from you or take that moment from you but I just push it down deep and mask it from your awareness. I pushed it down far enough so that when you reached an appropriate level of consciousness you could retrieve it. Of course I encouraged  you to seek it by giving you the feeling of that spot you stood that day was special. Once you recognized that that spot was special for some reason you seeked to know why. You had the appropriate consciousness level to retrieve that memory. And so you did.” Yes, and a beautiful memory it was. I thank you for your kind guidance my friend. “You are most welcome. As your Elder Brother that is what we do. We love and guide you as we know how.”  So, what is on the agenda for this year? Lol “You are going through many changes Michael. You are transitioning to a higher self. As you felt the past few days with the high winds sweeping through the area there is a transitioning happening. Winds of change I believe you called it. Many things in your life are changing. Your changing jobs, churches, and your house is being sold. Your closest friends are changing as well. This is a huge shift in your life. You are ascending to a higher self. Be patient and change with the changes.”  What about Oregon Sasquatch Encounter? How do you see that coming? “I feel how excited you get about this. This is your calling and now you know it. You are here to lead your people to mine. And you will do so. Do not be afraid to stand up and call your people to us. Do not allow the lower consciousness among you to derail you. Keep on your path. You will do great things to bring your people to connect with us once again. When I knew you as Wakima, this was one thing that most bothered you. You were bothered by the fact that the Sasquatch people couldn’t unite with their little brothers and sisters and you decided to do something about it. To end your incarnation as Sasquatch Elder Wakima and incarnate on the other side. To help bridge that gap between us. You are at the beginning of a beautiful endeavor.”  What do you say to the others out there that are having troubles with existing within this matrix illusion? “We the Sasquatch people will always be there to assist you. You are not alone in this. We are here to help you. Ask us for help. Keep on your path. But do take time for yourself. Do not drain all your energy. Rest and come back. Rest and come back. Your value is so very much needed right now as you are doing amazing things for your people. But you can come to us and rest. We will hold you as family and recharge you. But you need to be our voice. You need to wake your people up. It is not easy but you agreed to this.” Thank you Balana. I am so happy we were able to connect once again. I missed you. “You are welcome my brother. We are happy to once again speak to everyone. We love you all so very much. Please continue to love each other and spread our message of love, unity, and peace. Goodbye.”

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      1. How I met Wakima my Sasquatch self, I set a safe space and created a Zen garden in my mind. There was a concrete bench I sat on. I used his name and called him to visit with me. Understanding he is another part of my multidimensional self he had to agree. It didn’t happen right away as he said the timing wasn’t right but eventually we met in my Zen garden and he began sharing the ancient knowledge that I already know that has been awakening in me.😊

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