Lost cities to rise up again?

As I write this I know that I realize I left you all hanging. I apologize. I had mentioned earlier that Balana gave me a message about Atlantis and Lemuria rising again. I will try to the best of my ability to recall what was said and ask Balana to come forth and help me.… Continue reading Lost cities to rise up again?


We Are The Arcturians

WE ARE THE ARCTURIANS Beliefs. A human invention. Beliefs have shaped your experience since the beginning. The more complex you get as a human species the more they play a role in your 3D reality. Your beliefs and led you to wars. Your beliefs have led you to great accomplishments. Your beliefs have torn your… Continue reading We Are The Arcturians

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Looking back at the 4th annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat

This was my first year attending and I am so glad I was able to. It literally changed my life. On the drive up there Balana and my friend's clan leader Churang were with us manifesting and projecting on the landscape letting us know. Not to mention Balana telling me they find Dale and I… Continue reading Looking back at the 4th annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat


Balana Lesson 15

New Lesson from Balana! Lesson 15 As I sat down underneath my plum tree to call Balana for another lesson I tried to decide what to listen to as we had our lesson. I usually go with my first feeling about what to listen to but this time I was prompted to listen to a… Continue reading Balana Lesson 15


Message from the Arcturians

From the Arcturians: Received by Michael Bodewitz 6/26 Hello brothers and sisters of the light. We are the Arcturians. We are aware that many of you are inquiring about supposed events or an event happening in your month of July. We would like to bring you clarification on this as there are many inaccurate energetic… Continue reading Message from the Arcturians