Negative Conditioning

By Michael Bodewitz Monster movies portraying paranormal or other worldly beings coming to earth to kill humans or monsters in the forest give our forest friends a bad rap. This kind of media conditions people to see unknown beings as enemies or dangerous and out to kill us. We must not support this type of… Continue reading Negative Conditioning


Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders!

Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders! Channeled through Michael Bodewitz We are pleased to bring forth this short message today. We are the Sasquatch High Council of Elders. We are 12 and we collectively bring forth this short message today through Michael. We chose today to speak to you as it is… Continue reading Spring Message from the Sasquatch High Council of Elders!


Winds of Change

New lesson from Balana. Lesson 14. Written by Michael Bodewitz           Here I sit. It is February of 2019. Feeling the call of Balana to connect with me for our first lesson since last year. I am here brother. Waiting patiently to feel you. I long to connect with you again my brother as one.… Continue reading Winds of Change


Lesson 13 from Balana

NEW LESSON FROM BALANA! By Michael Bodewitz Lesson 13 It is Halloween day and it has been awhile since I have spoke to Balana. Sensing my missing him he came to me saying it is a good time to speak on a couple things. I have sat down on this drizzly Halloween day with my… Continue reading Lesson 13 from Balana


Incoming Wave

By Michael Bodewitz As I entered my room Tuesday night after a long day of work I immediately noticed a presence in my room. My wife fast asleep I was aware of at least three of my Arcturian family present in orb form. I did not see them but knew they were in the room… Continue reading Incoming Wave