GATHERING OF THE ANCIENTS: A Convergence of Earth Keeper Wisdom

The Gathering of Ancients is a 3-day gathering and campout to celebrate universal wisdom, ancestral knowledge, ancient teachings, nature spirits and each other as stewards and care keepers of Mother Earth. This convergence is hosted by the Children of Earth Coalition and is an expansion of the Sasquatch Family Reunion and Sacred Spirit Gatherings from NE Washington State.

The Gathering of the Ancients is on September 16-18, 2022 at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area in Mountain View, AR. Tent camping is available at a group site for Friday 9/16 through Monday 9/19 at 2pm for *$125 per person which includes all group activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
*The early bird registration has been extended for two more weeks. The camping ticket price increases to $150 on August 14th. Refunds available through 8/22/22. Tickets and details are available at http://www.sasquatchfamilyreunion.com.

The schedule of activities for this gathering is:
Friday, September 16 – Wisdom Keeper Co-Creation (10:00am – 6:00pm):
Sharing circles and nature honoring, trade blanket ceremony, making a collective prayer stick, drum circle at the Cave Shelter, personal readings and energy sessions available. Community kitchen available for potluck meal sharing.

Saturday, September 17 – Wisdom Teachings Council (9:00am – 6:00pm)
The cost is $50 to participate on Saturday unless a camping ticket was purchased. Saturday activities are located at the outdoor amphitheater near the group camp site.
Raffle tickets and vendor products will be available for purchase and personal readings with the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull will be available as well. Please bring cash for purchases and bring a dish or snack to share for the commUNITY Potluck Lunch.

Wisdom Teachings and workshops facilitated by:

  • Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (The Skull of Love)
  • Kelly Rainbow Butterfly
  • Garrett Duncan
  • Arla Collett Williams
  • Tammy and Anthony Chino
  • Tom and Shelly Jones
  • A’lana Marmel
  • Christian Schena
  • Lori Golden Feather

Topics Include:
Nature Spirit Communication
Earth and Galactic History
Earth Stewardship

Ancestral and Indigenous Wisdom
Ancient and Universal Knowledge
Energy Working and Self Healing

Sunday, September 18 – Wisdom Walk-About (10:00am – 7:00pm)
Closing Ceremony followed by a day trip group excursion or personal exploration at Blanchard Springs Parks and Caverns (pay your own cavern tour fees), including herbal walk and indigenous teachings and history. Drum circle and sharing circle in the evening.

Group Campsite #1 at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area is reserved for up to 50 people and 20 vehicles up to 25′ long. Tickets for participation in the full campout event and all activities is *$125 per person while space is available ($150 after August 14th). Tent camping is allowed at the group site, but there are other sites available on a first come, first serve basis. Campers are responsible for their own food, firewood and trash. Meals are not provided at this gathering but potlucks and sharing and cooking food together are encouraged and the community kitchen is available for everyone to use. Food vendors are welcome as well. There are other campsites at the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area for RVs so you will want to reserve your own space if you plan to RV camp with a vehicle or trailer over 25′ (dry camping). There is no electricity at this site but toilets, showers and swimming are nearby.

Saturday 9/17, the Wisdom Teaching Council will take place at the nearby amphitheater and the cost of participation for the day is *$50 per person unless you purchased the camping ticket. Please bring a dish to share for the commUNITY Potluck lunch at 1:00pm. Participation in Friday and Sunday’s activities are by donation only and the group will meet at Group Site #1. Please consider car-pooling with other participants if possible.

For those who wish to attend and stay in cabins, there are many cabins and rentals available nearby by searching and booking on Airbnb.com or vrbo.com. The two closest towns to the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area is Mountain View and Fifty Six, AR.

* $125 is the early bird price available until August 14th when the price raises 20%.
Refunds are available through August 22, 2022, minus a 25% service fee

The details of this event and tickets are for sale on the website at www.SasquatchFamilyReunion.com. Please contact Kelly Butterfly for any questions, concerns or recommendations at ChildrenOfEarth@outlook.com.

The facebook event page for this gathering is Gathering of the Ancients: A Convergence of Earth Keeper Wisdom: https://www.facebook.com/events/486506036514895

The facebook group to connect with others for the Gathering of the Ancients Gathering Discussion Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638137820605514

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