Classic Canadian Sasquatch Stories – The Columbia Mountains (video)

This 20-minute video covers reports from the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia, labeled as Area 2 by researchers for the number of sightings. With Native legends recorded by anthropologists and historic reports, including the story of Sasquatch Lake.

Experiencers Stories, Research

Bigfoot in California, a compilation of reports

Bigfoot in California, a compilation of reports: This recent video on Preston Dennett's channel compiled some 100 historic reports of Bigfoot encounters from California.


Documentary on the Almas of Central Asia and Russia

This interesting 40-minute newly released documentary covers several historic reports and modern research about the Almas of Central Asia and Russia. Most of these cases and the names related are mentioned in Hairy Humanoids from the Wild - Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch...


The ABC of Sasquatch, for beginners

As disclosure unfolds, mainstream medias can't keep silent on the subject of Sasquatch. While reports are generally presented with laughter as a myth to debunk, when not pranks or hoaxes, the growing public interest seems to lead to a more serious approach. Here are three examples of mainstream media reports from ABC, BBC and CBC, and as a bonus, a short Native experiencer report on an alternative outlet as a comparison.


NASA finally admits studying UFO/UAP

While over 35 countries have declassified their UFO files and made them available to the public, it seems like disclosure has been slower in the USA. In the last few years, we have seen signs that the secrecy regarding UFO/UAP might start to be breached, with Pentagon releases and Congress hearings on the matter. This week, it is the turn of NASA to officially launch a UAP study team of 16 members (like a kind of Majestic-16).


Nahganne: the Yukon Sasquatch, book and video

In this video, Red Grossinger, author of the book Nahganne: Tales of the Northern Sasquatch, and foreword writer Raymond Yakeleya give examples of the reports they have received about Sasquatch encounters and occurrences in the North. For as long as humans have been around the North, the activities of these giants have been observed in many places, but only a few people have taken the time to share their stories of coming in contact with these forest giants.


UFOs on the Moon: Truth Exposed, documentary

UFOs on the Moon: Truth Exposed, documentary: Interesting research about the hollow moon as an alien base.


Bigfoot in the forest, documentary

Bigfoot in the forest, documentary: Interesting film about Sasquatch, covering how to recognize signs of activity, accounts of encounters around the world, alleged abduction stories, regulations regarding Sasquatch, the giants of Patagonia, interdimensional aspects, ley lines, UFO connections, extraterrestrial hybrids, reptilians and more.


A Sasquatch Story: My Life with the Clan of Arrie, new book by Brian Bland

Our friend Brian Bland just published his book and asked us to share his link on SCENIC. A Sasquatch Story: My Life with the Clan of Arrie. Synopsis: In 2012 Brian got a telepathic call to go to the mountains. This was the beginning of a ten plus year teacher/student relationship with the enigma called sasquatch. Follow his incredible journey with these master teachers in the pages of this book.


Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo

The video shows what appears to be a small-size or younger Sasquatch-type forest being sitting in the woods and turning its (his or her?) head slowly from side to side. At one point, the creature looks straight at the camera, clearly aware that it is being filmed, so obviously this video is gifted voluntarily. Silver Lynx Photo captured these images with her cell phone, from a distance of about five meters.