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From Kelly Lapseritis

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Kewaunee and I (Kelly Lapseritis) decided to take a ride out to go visit with the Sasquatch and Ancient Ones around our area. We dowsed on a map and asked them to show us where they would like to go or where would be the best place for us to encounter them. They pointed to a general area not far from where the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference will be held on September 17th at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center.

On our way out of town, Kewaunee told me to look out of his driver’s side window to a figure on someone’s property about 75 yards away that he had been watching for at least 4-5 seconds while driving closer. It was around 2pm on a sunny day, and we both saw a solid black being taking big strides. As we watched him taking these big steps, we realized that he was not actually going anywhere… it was like an animated GIF (a moving picture in Graphics Interchange Format) that kept repeating the same steps in place. There were no color variations on the body to where you could see flesh or light reflecting off his hair. The only exception is that below his feet was a stark solid white color almost like he was wearing brand new platform shoes but we could see that they were obviously not shoes; the white part was at least 6 inches high and they seemed to make him glide in this continuous repeated motion. His arms were longer than humans are, his head was slightly conical and his movements looked like typical sasquatch posture except that he was not slumped and stood straight. He appeared to be about 7 feet tall judging from the roof of the home that he was near. Our first assumption was that this was a person, but the more we looked, watched, and processed what we saw, we realized it must be some kind of magic and that this was a sasquatch! Upon voicing to each other that it was indeed a sasquatch, I grabbed my camera to see if I could get a shot and he completely disappeared. He did not progressively walk out of sight; he was just gone.

This sighting was on someone’s open property, right in front of their home. There were no vehicles, people, or animals outside when we drove by. The house was approximately 60 yards from deep wilderness. We circled around and drove up for a closer look and there is no where that this being could have gone that he would have disappeared out of our sight. The land and property seemed very serene and it was apparent that there is no one who witnessed this with us. We felt happy and blessed for this sighting and knew in our hearts what we had witnessed but continued to discuss how supernatural it was as we drove up the mountain where there is still quite a bit of snow. While driving on Flowery Trail Road, I saw a set of huge footprints in the snow leading into the woods, so we stopped to photograph and investigate them. They were in 15-18” of snow, so very deep and it had rained on top of them so they weren’t as defined as they once were, but enough to know exactly what we were looking at. The length of the prints was about 15 inches and the gait between them was 4.5 feet. Upon investigating, we found that the tracks actually came out of the forest, crossed the highway and went up a steep embankment where there was a small waterfall running down nearby. We did not climb this embankment, but it leads to more forested area. We took photos of these tracks and Kewaunee near them for comparison.

Upon returning home and sharing our encounter with SunBôw (Bo), he stated that Kamooh the Elder Sasquatch that channeled the Message to Humanity to him, was present and informing Bo that it was he, Kamooh, that we had seen today. I felt very honored, but not surprised as I have also received a message from Kamooh the day before and felt a larger sasquatch consciousness presence in the last week. Without me questioning Bo on Kamooh’s appearance, he told me that Kamooh is “black, about 7 feet tall with 14-15” tracks.” No coincidence!

Bo and Kamooh said, “Kamooh has visited a few people lately and given messages. He told me he was busy on a mission and in deep meditation. He knows you both and has been guiding us. Kamooh says he is happy to have met you. We will meet again as we are now friends. Our souls have met long ago as you know. We are the same Family. Much love from Kamooh, his heart is happy. He says we will speak more later but Kamooh must go talk to with his People now.”

What a blessed confirmation of our experience and for the message I received from Kamooh telepathically the day before. I asked Kamooh what were the white things at the bottom of his feet and he responded that he was gliding on interdimensional travel. It’s a clue as to how to connect the dimensions. He’s on a mission to gather the clan leaders for our upcoming conference, he says.

Bo informed me also that Kamooh walked in our backyard today as well and that he saw it through his eyes (something I’ve also experienced on occasion). Again, this explains a lot because I was aware of someone out there and heard noise but did not see anything. I brushed it off, but when I told Kewaunee about this, he said that he sensed it as well. He thought it was his regular guide Snow Hawk at first, but when he greeted him as Snow Hawk, he was aware that it was a different and more ancient presence.

This was truly a beautiful and phenomenal encounter to behold, pure magic! We wanted to share this with all of you and encourage you to continue to seek out the guidance and wisdom of our Elder Brothers who are here to help us collectively raise our vibrations so that we may once again sit with our Star Elders and live in peaceful harmony together with Mother Earth.

These photographs show where the encounter happened and I drew in a rough sketch of what Kamooh appeared like to us. This was the 9th physical encounter that Kewaunee has had and my second. Oh, and also each time that I thanked the Sasquatch People for each magical moment, I saw or received something in the shape of a heart.