Additional channels to contact SunBôw

When I googled ''sunbow true brother'' last month, I got 394,000 results (8600+ for ''sunbow truebrother''). Today I get 237k and 6240. This shows clearly how the all-seeing algorithms will never allow alternative content to spread through organic growth, no matter how long, how hard and how steadily you invest efforts into networking. It is also shown with the numerous channels or groups with large follow up that are constantly censored or deleted...


Three Sasquatch Save a Man’s Life

In this video by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, different stories from the California Natives are shared, including one in which a Modoc guide was saved by three Sasquatch.

Experiencers Stories

They saved my husband’s life, by Peggy

By Peggy Ledyard: A group of them saved my husband's life (who has recently passed) many years ago up near the Canadian border; while camping, he became snowed in and ran out of food. A Sasquatch family brought him algae first, then fish until he could get out.


A Sasquatch Story: My Life with the Clan of Arrie, new book by Brian Bland

Our friend Brian Bland just published his book and asked us to share his link on SCENIC. A Sasquatch Story: My Life with the Clan of Arrie. Synopsis: In 2012 Brian got a telepathic call to go to the mountains. This was the beginning of a ten plus year teacher/student relationship with the enigma called sasquatch. Follow his incredible journey with these master teachers in the pages of this book.


Su Walker captures aliens and Sasquatch, by Carl Knauf

Note by SunBôw: I was consulted by this journalist who wrote the following article on our friend Su Walker and quoted some of my words. It is a pleasure and honor to cite her outstanding work. ''Coincidentally'', this happens just a few weeks after I received her portrait of Kamooh she had made for the Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch, who in turned mentioned her in the last channeled message he gave me to share. She will take part in the same 5th International Conference of Exopolitics held in Prague in November, to which I am also an invited speaker.


A Case Against an Elusive Fugitive

We could wonder why would Sasquatch want to put down cable cars? Are they perceived as encroaching on the wilderness habitat? Invasive technology scarring the landscape? Then we could wonder, who else would want to see those cable cars gone?

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Lyn Brooks, from Oregon

As I walked away, I stopped and looked back. There was a mom bent down with babies. It looked like they were telling on me, with Dad peeping through the trees at me.


German translation paperback and eBook, of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

For our German readers inquiring, I had not yet published the links to order the German translation of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity in paperback. So here are the links:


New Message from Kamooh, transcribed by SunBôw

I greeted Kamooh and asked him if he had anything to tell me. He confirmed that the channel can always be turned on when we tune in, and that it was up to me what time and energy I consecrate to listening and transcribing the channeled information. So, I consented to write some of his words if he agreed and this is what he said:


Compelling Footage from Western Quebec, by Silver Lynx Photo

The video shows what appears to be a small-size or younger Sasquatch-type forest being sitting in the woods and turning its (his or her?) head slowly from side to side. At one point, the creature looks straight at the camera, clearly aware that it is being filmed, so obviously this video is gifted voluntarily. Silver Lynx Photo captured these images with her cell phone, from a distance of about five meters.

Experiencers Stories

Communicator’s account, by Lisa Rockwell

By Lisa Rockwell: I see him often and can call him and he comes. He has shown himself many times to me. There are different looking ones and different colors. They even walk into my house, in spirit form, especially when grand babies started coming. Always respect them. Talk to them, they hear and will come to you. Their energy is like the strongest energies or vortex that you have ever felt.