Bigfoot is now the Big Thing, account by Mare Cromwell

Bigfoot is now the Big Thing: While still mostly considered as folklore, the legend is well alive and the public interest in Sasquatch keeps growing...

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Precious archives of Hopi Elders teaching

These rare and precious videos archives show two renown Hopi Elders offering original and timeless sacred teachings, more actual than ever. In 1986, I had the honor and blessing of visiting both of them in their homes...

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A deeper study into HOPI KNOWLEDGE, by SunBôw

A deeper study into Hopi Knowledge, by SunBôw: Read text on this link:

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 5)

This Part 5 completes this series of selected comments from a viral post about Sasquatch by the Indigenous Life Movement, with again astounding witnesses testimonies and tribal knowledge about our hairy Elder relatives...

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch, Part 4

We should allow ourselves to be open to the mystery and phenomena of nature beyond our present experiences. It doesn't matter if it can be proven or not. The legend gives courage...

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 3)

Following Part 1 and Part 2 in this series, here are additional comments on the post about Chiye Tanka or Sasquatch by Indigenous Life Movement.

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 2)

Following the previous post quoted from Indigenous Life Movement's original post from six years ago, here is a second part of this series of selected comments...

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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 1)

I am often heard saying that the best sources to know and understand Sasquatch, apart from the Sasquatch themselves, are from first hand experiencers, especially those who have developed communication with those relatives. For lack of knowing direct experiencers in your surroundings or networks, the Indigenous cultures and their ancestral knowledge transmitted mostly through oral tradition but also nowadays through some writings, offer the best sources of knowledge about Sasquatch or other related Hairy Humanoids known since ancestral times by a vast diversity of names in tribes and ancient cultures around the world. From my years of experience and research on the grounds, it appears obvious to me that the proportion of experiencers who had contacts and communications with the Hairy Humanoids is much higher among Indigenous Peoples, especially among cultures that have remembered and honored those relatives in their traditional stories and ceremonies, whether they call them Sasquatch, Sabe, Skokum, Yowie, Dooligah or any other name among hundreds.


Halloween Special: ”’Monsters” Documentaries

We find ourselves again in this time of year when nights grow longer and scare stories are popular. For the occasion, here are three documentaries about ''monsters''. The most common human reaction to encounters with non-human humanoids is fear of the unknown, but cryptid doesn't mean creepy, it means hidden, unknown. Yet, an honest research leads us to admit that there is much more fear than harm and that the vast majority of encounters are peaceful.


Native Bigfoot, Documentary

This excellent one-hour documentary entitled Native Bigfoot describes Sasquatch from the perspectives of the Yakima, Cherokee, Anishnabe, Apache and other First Nations.