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Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 2)

Following the previous post quoted from Indigenous Life Movement's original post from six years ago, here is a second part of this series of selected comments...

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Derek, from California

It is indeed common to feel a kind of paralysis like under hypnosis, especially in first contacts. Once you start making friends with them, it can only evolve to higher levels unless you decide to put an end to the process. However, once you know them on a spiritual level, it is a wonderful path of learning that is offered...


Interview with SunBôw on Canadian Awareness podcast

Interview with SunBôw on Canadian Awareness podcast, with host Anthony, released on 11/20/22:

Cultures, Experiencers Stories

Indigenous Perspectives on Sasquatch (Part 1)

I am often heard saying that the best sources to know and understand Sasquatch, apart from the Sasquatch themselves, are from first hand experiencers, especially those who have developed communication with those relatives. For lack of knowing direct experiencers in your surroundings or networks, the Indigenous cultures and their ancestral knowledge transmitted mostly through oral tradition but also nowadays through some writings, offer the best sources of knowledge about Sasquatch or other related Hairy Humanoids known since ancestral times by a vast diversity of names in tribes and ancient cultures around the world. From my years of experience and research on the grounds, it appears obvious to me that the proportion of experiencers who had contacts and communications with the Hairy Humanoids is much higher among Indigenous Peoples, especially among cultures that have remembered and honored those relatives in their traditional stories and ceremonies, whether they call them Sasquatch, Sabe, Skokum, Yowie, Dooligah or any other name among hundreds.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Susanne Feix from Germany

By Susanne Feix: I live in a small village in Germany. In the south. The village is called Gundelsheim-Bachenau. I often go into the forest. Sometimes I see the beings of nature in my visions at night. Once someone was very fast and he left big footprints. It reminds me of Bigfoot. In the same forest here in this place I heard calls. I have not identified them until today...

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer account by Paulo Montague from NSW, Australia

I have one of these beings on the land I'm staying in Australia. I've heard him many times. One night, I went outside due to nature calling toilet break; he was standing 40 feet away. He grunted twice and walked off into the night, I saw his red eyes at 10 feet height!...


The ABC of Sasquatch, for beginners

As disclosure unfolds, mainstream medias can't keep silent on the subject of Sasquatch. While reports are generally presented with laughter as a myth to debunk, when not pranks or hoaxes, the growing public interest seems to lead to a more serious approach. Here are three examples of mainstream media reports from ABC, BBC and CBC, and as a bonus, a short Native experiencer report on an alternative outlet as a comparison.


Halloween Special: ”’Monsters” Documentaries

We find ourselves again in this time of year when nights grow longer and scare stories are popular. For the occasion, here are three documentaries about ''monsters''. The most common human reaction to encounters with non-human humanoids is fear of the unknown, but cryptid doesn't mean creepy, it means hidden, unknown. Yet, an honest research leads us to admit that there is much more fear than harm and that the vast majority of encounters are peaceful.


NASA finally admits studying UFO/UAP

While over 35 countries have declassified their UFO files and made them available to the public, it seems like disclosure has been slower in the USA. In the last few years, we have seen signs that the secrecy regarding UFO/UAP might start to be breached, with Pentagon releases and Congress hearings on the matter. This week, it is the turn of NASA to officially launch a UAP study team of 16 members (like a kind of Majestic-16).


Native Bigfoot, Documentary

This excellent one-hour documentary entitled Native Bigfoot describes Sasquatch from the perspectives of the Yakima, Cherokee, Anishnabe, Apache and other First Nations.