Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz

Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz October 31, 2020. I reach the top of the hill behind my dad’s house. This is where my gifting area is for the home clan. On this day I gift them something very special. It is a little blue Angel. I take a moment to infuse my love… Continue reading Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz


The last moon of my journeys, with photos, by SunBôw

For our SCENIC readers who are not on Facebook, I'm sharing here some selected news, images and revised excerpts from the last moon of my journeys in the Blue Mountains of Oz, to the starting winter in Québec, since I have not posted news on SCENIC for a while, as I have been busy finishing my next book coming out soon. Enjoy the SCENIC tour!...

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Min Min Lights, interesting short video with witnesses accounts

Min Min Lights, interesting short video with witnesses accounts


Who were the Wodewoses?

Greetings SCENIC readers, As I just returned from Australia to Canada, I'll need time to catch up, but will soon share a post with photos from the last part of my journey Downunder. Meanwhile, I'm re-sharing this post with images and links about the Wodewoses of Europe. Blessings to all. Who were the Wodewoses? By… Continue reading Who were the Wodewoses?


Sasquatch Among Wildmen, documentary

Sasquatch Among Wildmen, documentary Although conventional researchers are still concerned with finding proofs, bodies and footprints, a growing number of them is opening to the possibility of an interdimensional Hairy Humanoid connected with the stars. Note: some images in this video are of bad taste according to us and we do not support everything said… Continue reading Sasquatch Among Wildmen, documentary