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Second encounter, by Annette Smith

By Annette Smith: I had my second encounter with (Sasquatch) on November 8th at 8:15pm 2019. A friend of mine had seen a roadside Sasquatch and I felt envious of him. I had spent a couple days thinking about what kind of encounter I would want and after considering all my options I I’d really… Continue reading Second encounter, by Annette Smith


The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, published in Indonesian

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, published in Indonesian: Thanks to our friend Michael Roland who translated and published an Indonesian edition of Book 1 of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity. For our Indonesian readers, you can contact him to purchase a copy either on Facebook or by email @ yayasanbarzakh@gmail.com The book can also be… Continue reading The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, published in Indonesian

Message, SCENIC

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, customers reviews on Amazon

I've read the first two books in this series of three and they are not a shallow treatment of weird thumps in the night or mysterious Sasquatch sightings. To the contrary, they are incredibly well written and packed with enough information to make your head spin. The material is so well organized and coherent, however, that it's easier to absorb. So much that you've wanted to know is contained in these pages and you will come away with greatly enhanced knowledge and understanding. A must reading for spiritual seekers!

Experiencers Stories

Testimonial, by Joshua Kruis

A few years ago I discovered Sunbow’s book “The Sasquatch message to Humanity.” His transcription of Elder Kamooh’s wisdom transformed my relationship with nature and inspired a journey with a friend into the wild to encounter Sasquatch. Kelly RainbowButterfly gave us key insights for our journey and this short story is the result. Thank You Kelly and… Continue reading Testimonial, by Joshua Kruis


Is Bigfoot an Alien? Video by Preston Dennett

Is Bigfoot an Alien? Video by Preston Dennett Most UFO encounters don't involve Bigfoot. And most Bigfoot encounters don't involve UFOs. But in a growing number of cases, these two seemingly separate phenomena perfectly intersect. There are now dozens of cases on record in which people have seen Bigfoot and UFOs at the same time,… Continue reading Is Bigfoot an Alien? Video by Preston Dennett