2023 Journey To Truth Conference Roundtable

2023 Journey To Truth Conference Roundtable: This panel discusses topics ranging from extraterrestrial contacts, secret space program and Sasquatch. Starting at 1:14, Sasquatch becomes the main topic for 15 minutes, and at 1:15 Aaron Kuhn recommends The Sasquatch Message to Humanity trilogy. The information shared in this roundtable agrees with the book series.


Search for Australia’s Bigfoot, documentary

This 2020 one-hour documentary presents an interesting and honest research, with some of the most famous researchers in Australia like Gary Opit and Yowie Dan. Although using a conventional approach and pursuing rather mainstream theories, the encounters documented and the evidences recorded (footage, footprints, sound tracks, eye shine, tree structures, broken trees...) are very similar to what I observed and experienced in the Australian bush, minus the gifting exchanges and telepathic communication. This expedition took place in the Blue Mountains, around the Megalong Valley and Solitary Peak, a region I explored for three months, famous for its paranormal activity and encounters, including with the Yowie and the Bunyip.



It is with great pleasure that I present this third volume of my autobiography. Completing this 658 page volume, the largest I ever wrote, took fifteen months of work. It includes 175 photos and illustrations.

Experiencers Stories, Message

Experiencer’s insights, by Cassandra from California

By Cassandra: If you try to meditate with the vibration of Love, absolute love, they will draw near to you when you call upon them. Do NOT have fear in your hearts if you do happen to run into one of our elders ancestors while hiking or in the outdoors just send them love and see the response. They are trying to help heal the masses and wake everybody up.

Experiencers Stories

Experiencer story by Chyenne Morning Star

By Chyenne: I think it's important to know one's origin, not only in the spiritual sense but in the bloodline sense as well. However, I think it is important that one seeks with purity of heart and mind for the benefit of all things, as well as the evolution of the individual Soul...


Proof of Sasquatch Existence, Introduction by Kelly Rainbow Butterfly, Texts by SunBôw

Proof of Sasquatch Existence, Introduction by Kelly Rainbow Butterfly, Texts by SunBôw (written in 2015).


Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Re-sharing a message of guidance for our times…

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Message of Guidance for our times, by SunBôw

Where are we heading now? It’s up to every one us…

Prophecies fulfill. Dreams come true. Visions manifest. Signs appear. The White Buffalo has returned, Condor and Eagle reunited, the doors of the House of Glass were opened to the Indigenous Peoples, the four colors have come together, the last baktun was completed, the Rainbow warriors are circling, we are the 7th generation, the 8th Fire is being lit. What’s coming next on our walk towards Unity and Peace on Earth?…
Re-sharing here a message received in dream in February 2015:

Humanity is about to enter the hardest phase of its evolution since the beginning of its existence. It’s time for all the spiritually conscious Light workers, healers, wisdom keepers and medicine carriers to come together and unite as One. We must quit thinking as ‘I’ to think as ‘We’…

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Now available in Spanish, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1

Greetings, we are pleased to announce that the Spanish translation of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 1, is now available in Kindle format on Amazon. Thanks to Ignacio José Beitia Puentes for the translation and publication in Castillano. Hola, estamos feliz de anunciar que la traduccion en Espanol del Mensage Sasquatch a la Humanidad, Libro 1, es ahora disponible in formato Kindle sobre Amazon. Gracias a Ignacio José Beitia Puentes para la traduccion y publicacion en Castillano.


Scott Carpenter’s newly released footage, shorts

Researcher Scott Carpenter, who collaborated with Dr. Melba Ketchum's Sasquatch Genome Study, just released a short but compelling footage that could leave many experts baffled. See for yourself...

Experiencers Stories

Communicating with our Brothers, by Don from BC

By Don: It’s been three years since our brothers first stared to gift stones around my mountain home and about five years since I started to interact with them. I’m lucky to live a place where there are a lot of Sasquatch and also a lot of rock...