Red Road or Black Road, the healing path of good medicine

Red Road or Black Road, the healing path of good medicine
In some Native teachings, such as expressed by the Lakota Holy Man (Wicasa Wakan) Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), there are two roads: the Red Road, which is the path of goodness, healing and balance, and the Black Road of hardships, ignorance and destruction.
At each moment of our life, we stand at the crossroad, at the center where both paths meet. It is our own responsibility and challenge to choose the right road on our healing journey on Mother Earth. Everyday our path will cross the Black Road even when following the Red Road. It is part of the challenge we accepted by living here.
The following are a few insights written in conversations…
We are all parts of the same cosmic Family. There are many clans and tribes, but the greatest achievement is to learn to live in Peace, respect and harmony with each other and with the Cosmic Order.
We each carry our own teachings and have our own mission to fulfill. We do not all walk the same path, but if our goal is Peace, we all converge in Unity. All planets have many different species and souls. None can judge any other. We find our allies naturally. If we seek Peace, then we are allies.
All of us carry some karmas, none of us is crystal clear, or we wouldn’t be in this plane anymore. The whole purpose of incarnating is to learn to deal and heal those karmas. The evil done to us is part of the equation we have to solve. We can either fall into it, or heal from it and help others to heal. The karma of the lower lords is not ours to carry, it belongs to them, but it’s part of what has influenced our evolution. The enslavement comes from fear and illusions, we have to free ourselves from.
It’s our own responsibility to solve our own karma. Some people ask: why do Sasquatch and good ETs don’t solve it for us. It’s because if they do, it becomes their karma and we don’t grow up. They’ll help, support and guide us, but they can’t walk the path for us. In other words, we have to evolve into becoming spiritual masters, and no one else can do the work for us.
Our own Human species has a sh*t load of karmas to correct and heal, so it is quite unsuited for us to judge other species. We have to pick up our own mess before counting on others to do it for us.
When we walk the sacred path towards spiritual enlightenment, at some point we can help not only the good allies, but also the bad ones in their healing. Universal Love is the ultimate medicine. Discernment is necessary not to be fooled or tricked, but compassion prevents us from feeling any hatred or fear, even towards the ones who project it.


There can’t be no healing or evolution as long as we focus on others sins, rather than on our own. If there was no evil, we wouldn’t be trapped in this 4D plane and wouldn’t have to work on ourselves. Since this is where we are at now, wisdom dictates that we must learn to live and deal with it, until we upgrade to higher dimensions. It’s a healing journey and every step counts just as much as the destination. Enjoy the walk…

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