The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2, Prelude

For the unexperienced bypasser, the idea that such a creature as Sasquatch could exist can be hard to believe. That they are highly intelligent and spiritually evolved beings, with superior psychic and interdimensional abilities, and that they communicate through telepathy can be even harder to accept for conventional rationalism that has repudiated all spiritual knowledge. But talk to experiencers who have met Sasquatch first hand, hear what they say.

At the first Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference held in Chewelah, Washington, from September 17 to 19, 2016, people from different parts of the world who had never met, came together to share their experiences with Sasquatch, describing very similar phenomenons. In that international circle of spiritually oriented souls, paranormal manifestations are seen as normal and to walk with our interdimensional Elders is the common will and guideline.

For the conventional deniers or speculators, we are categorized as ”woo-woos”, a pejorative code name to classify the people who believe that paranormal and psychic phenomenons surround the mysterious Sasquatch. But for us experiencers, it is beyond debate and useless to try to prove what we learn through direct experience to those who choose ignorance.

This book is not for those who constantly seek material proof without ever finding enough in the abundance of evidences to admit the possibility of the existence of a being as Sasquatch. This message is addressed to the open minded spiritual seekers looking for understanding of the interdimensional essence of existence, experienced by highly spiritually evolved beings.

The advance of modern scientific knowledge in the fields of astrophysics, quantum physics, the multiverse and parallel dimensions confirm ancient mystic and shamanic knowledge about the fabrics of the Omniverse and the omnipresence of consciousness as the very essence of existence and source of manifestation in the process of co-creation in evolution.

As our circle grows worldwide, willingly opening up to a collective shift of consciousness into higher understanding of the interdimensional nature of existence and actively taking part in a global cosmic disclosure about higher forms of spiritual intelligence, every Human Being is now offered the choice to remain in the old dying paradigm limited to the materialistic linear 4D temporality, or to expand their consciousness towards higher dimensional knowledge.

For those on the path of spiritual understanding, who choose to evolve into a greater use of our Human potential and the unlocking of ninety percent of our brain and ninety-six percent of our DNA that are left dormant, holding the keys to higher intelligence and interdimensional psychic abilities, this message received from spiritual Elders offering help and guidance to Humanity and transcribed by a humble and imperfect channel may be useful.

Truth sets us free as it resonates within the deepest fibers of our Soul. Let there be Light…

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