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Ubuntu and the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, by Sujeewa Abeyasinghe


Many of us may be familiar with the compelling evidence put forward by Michael Tellinger in Season 1 of Hidden Origins on Gaia and also in his other written works that human beings were engineered by extra-terrestrials and seeded on Earth. There are many other authors and findings that parallel Michael’s research making this alternative view concerning the origins of humanity hard to dismiss. One such alternative to the established theories of our human origins is the recent emergence of messages from the Sasquatch. A being which we might be pre-conditioned to classify as a myth, has come forward at this time to reveal their existence and tell us who they truly are. Native peoples have always known of their existence and interacted with them. Surviving texts from some of the world’s oldest cultures also mentioned them. They carry a message for us and want to impart the ancient knowledge which they say our human people have forgotten. Countless accounts from people who have witnessed and experienced them, along with a growing body of research and evidence put forward by veteran researchers like Kewaunee Lapseritis, whose books can be found at, add more weight to the existence of the Sasquatch as a real people on this Earth.

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity is a series of telepathic messages received by DawaOutah Lomakatsi (SunBow TrueBrother) over the last few years. His close affinity with these people and their being a part of his ancestry on the Metis side of his lineage were among the reasons he was chosen by them to compile these messages which he has shared with the rest of the world since early 2015 on their behalf. The messages provide us with knowledge of our ancient origins and also about the original species that inhabited this planet long before the Sasquatch and Humans were conceived here. The Sasquatch live in 4th density, sharing this Earth with us who currently live in 3rd density. Topics ranging from genetic engineering of species by Star Elders for soul evolution in keeping with Divine Law and reincarnation are discussed in these messages.

One of the most prominent statements in their messages is that Humanity was seeded here on Earth in the ancient continent called Lemuria. We were created as part of a Divine Plan about 6 million years ago and the Sasquatch who had already been living on this planet, themselves being conceived 60 million years ago, aided in our creation and helped us adapt to our new environment. They say we had a close relationship with them in the early periods of our existence.

Need we to remind you that you were like us, created in Lemuria to be caretakers of all life on Earth? Unlike the Elder Brothers hybrids who preceded you, you were not gifted with the shells of the Ant-People, the scales of the Lizard-People, the feathers of the Bird-People, nor the hair of my own people. You were created without any natural protection from the elements and weathers of the earthly environments, precisely to remind you that your spiritual star seeds were implanted on this home-planet. You were conceived to be vulnerable, depending on the protection of your Star Elders and Brothers. This was to make you a sensitive species, with a greater empathy, compassion and sensibility for life.”

Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Chapter 50

Later incursions by whom they call the lower lords infiltrated and divided the human population causing separation among our people. They enslaved human populations to work in mines, evidence of which Michael Tellinger presents extensively in his works. They modified human DNA making us become more docile and servile, implementing a control agenda through royal bloodlines which we are only too familiar with. The messages describe where these lower lords originated from and what caused them to revolt against the Council of Star Elders who were responsible for seeding humanity on Earth. It is helpful in understanding why beings that live in the higher densities immediately above us do not always live in peace and are prone to the same shortcomings that we experience in our human existence, causing divisions in the heavens.

The Sasquatch want to teach us through their messages that only a civilization of the soul is sustainable and will outlast many uncivilizations of the mind. An uncivilization is the antithesis of a true civilization where people live in love and mutual respect for one another. Instead it is based on war, competition, scarcity, lack of respect for and destruction of life and the environment. An uncivilization of the mind is concerned with domination and survival. It is overrun with ego consciousness. A civilization of the soul shows empathy and understands its connection to all living beings, caring for and protecting life around it, living in harmony with the environment it is in. It is based on Unity Consciousness, aware that we are all one.

You must develop and adopt ways of ecological lifestyles and self-sustenance that are harmless for your environments and other life forms. Your planetary conscious civilization is growing like a garden, out of many different star seeds, that are united in purpose and will connect when ready into a greater unified force. We are here to assist you in this process of returning to the original balance of the Cosmic Law and reconnect with the Star Elders, to free our home-planet of its ages-old enslavement by the control grid of the lower lords and the powers serving them. But we cannot accomplish this shift of consciousness for you, since our people has never submitted to their fallen rule and domination.”

Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Chapter 5

Through movements like Ubuntu which aim to steer humanity away from exploiting the environment and towards a society that mutually cares for all its members regardless of their differences, we as a people will be returning to the path originally intended for us to follow. We will be fulfilling our purpose by caretaking for this planet and all its life forms, living in harmony with one another and the environment.

 The Sasquatch Message to Humanity can be read online at and is also available on Amazon.

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