290 million year old human footprint

290 million year old human footprint

Another inconvenient evidence, not fitting the mainstream academic frame…

”Researchers have had mixed feelings about this footprint, and they don’t seem to try very hard to debunk it, nor have they argued about the authenticity of the footprint. According to most researchers, they comment on the matter saying that ” It just looks like a human footprint”. Well, it doesn’t only look like one, it clearly is one.”

”Is it possible that we have history all wrong? That the dates that conventional history is giving us regarding mankind are all incorrect? That humans lived on Earth much sooner that science originally thought so? With all of the recent discoveries that are being made, it certainly seems like a possibility. A Possibility that mainstream scholars seem to have a problem with, since that would mean our history book would need to be rewritten? The origin of man and the fundamentals of religions would change a lot, and that is something that mainstream scholars cannot possibly deal with.”





2 thoughts on “290 million year old human footprint”

  1. The more I learn, the more I realize I know very little. And with this I also have become aware that just about everything we’ve been taught, told and conditioned to believe is “backwards”… the other way around. After having my life and belief systems turned inside out/upside down, I have learned to find my own truth now. Go with the intuition now. Gut and heart. Good article, thank you!

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