Open letter to Big Brother Beast, the All-Seeing AI, on the occasion of the public disclosure of my corporate ID. Once in an April’s Fool Blue Moon…

Open letter to Big Brother Beast, the All-Seeing AI, on the occasion of the public disclosure of my corporate ID. Once in an April’s Fool Blue Moon… by SunBôw

For a fifth time in nine years, Fascist Book is threatening to delete my profile with all the content of my online work, for which I accepted to surrender my copyright to them through their ‘terms of agreement’. Tactiques have evolved, from the early waves of stalkers, spammers or hackers, to the trolls invasions. But with experience, we have learned efficiently to create safe communities and troll/shill-free spaces.

So new series of glitches constantly introduced, from jumping pages, to mouse chasing flickering links, added to arbitrary restrictions on posting and targeted censorship, causing filtered content to disappear, increased the challenges and difficulties for efficiently networking, but did not succeed in stopping us.

That is when, as each time, the final argument for Fascist Book to silence whistle blowers or disclosure is the sudden ID check, as if the user name everyone has known you by for years is not valid anymore. Whether it is a Native spiritual name like DawaOutah LomaKatsi or an author’s pen name like SunBôw TrueBrother, all of a sudden someone somewhere has decided that it is not you nor a name you can use.

The four first times, I was kicked out quite abruptly, without much time for a second thought; so like in a video game, I started a new virtual life under a new avatar, and continued being myself, just the same. Each time it was like being newly reloaded in the matrix, but with the same ongoing long term mission.

In 2013, after writing an open letter about Native rights to the PM of Canada and one to the Queen, that were both widely shared, I found out the next morning I had just been booted out of your Office Book. In 2015, it was after warning some Native Elders of a potential scam that all my accounts were hacked, some not connected to Fatal Book, the same day that my profile there was zapped. So it is a Big Beast.

After the matrix agents had cleared the slate with my name on it and erased all traces of my existence from archives, I would simply re-emerge out in the open, never trying to hide, simply telling the truth. But this time, to avoid being killed once more by the bullies and lose all contacts made, archives stored and connections created on here, following the spiritual guidance received, I have decided to stand my grounds and defend my community, given the heart touching support its members have been giving me.

Since I have nothing to hide, never had a criminal record, and no unpaid tickets left pending, I will comply with the rules of the game they made and disclose publicly my corporate ID. Not that it matters, nor will it change anything for the world, nor to whom I am, nor do I renounce in any way to my spritual names nor author’s pseudos to please the censorship of the Big Brother Beast, which knows already very well exactly who I am without me needing to report, as my different accounts are all connected, my photos and activities are shared publicly, and my IP have been tracked and monitored. This simple change in the name of the game will not make BBB nicer, nor prevent future harassment, nor will it affect my relations, friendships and connections with the many allies in the Family network.

Now, let it be made clear that my corporate ID (Identification Device) is not my true person identity, but simply a registered code to identify a corporation I have been appointed to, as individual custodian. That is why, the name that my parents gave me, was written in capital letters on my birth certificate and subsequently abridged to JEAN LETELLIER on ulterior pieces of ID, to represent the corporation by that name, so it can be legally taxed by your illegal income tax, and prosecuted in your admiralty court.

Since legal does not mean moral, your legal system was devised so that it defines a corporation as a ‘moral person’. Slavery has always been immoral, so finally one day it became illegal; but slave owners facing the loss of workers they considered as their ‘properties’, turned corporations into ‘moral persons’ in your legal system, so that those virtual corporate entities could possess every right of a real person, without the moral responsibilities. The next step was to use virtual corporate entities called States, to impose mandatory registration of every newly born natural person under a ‘moral person’ corporation, making them citizens of corporate States, subjected to its laws and taxes, creating subjects, or slaves.

In my case it was in the territory claimed by the Crown Corporation known as the Dominion of Canada that I was born, and within days, without my knowledge or consent, assigned the custody of the ‘moral person’ corporation designated by the name aforementioned, which I have been representing to this day, by accepting the social contract of carrying official mandatory IDs emitted by the States to that name.

Although I once went four years without a valid ID, for being hijacked by unpaid tickets forbidding me to renew my IDs, it has been obvious that your system is devised so that if you go without an ID proving to the officials what corporation you are the legal custodian of, they will not allow you to exist. In spite of being the same natural person, a free man, recognition of this simple fact is officially denied. So, I paid my debts to society through six weeks of community work, for a few parcometers too late. Experience has taught that playing fair game, by the rules, does not make things easier, nor rules better.

An ID acts as a licence registering me as the legal custodian of the corporation by the name cited above yet, I am not the owner of the corporation by the name aforementioned, which is a Crown corporation, a mere asset of the Corporation of the Crown which, through your legal system, claims ownership of the natural body I incarnate after my physical death, as through admiralty laws it has the pretense to the largest illegitimate land claim on Earth, through another Crown corporation, the Dominion of Canada, where these colonialist policies and admiralty laws are compulsory and applied through enforcement.

The Crown corporation of Canada, just like that of the United States of America, is an asset of the Corporation of the Crown, which is itself an asset of the Corporation of the City of London, which has had the monopoly since centuries to assign or approve all flags and coats-of-arms around the world, explaining why they all carry masonic symbols. This mandate has now been openly relayed to the UN. This imperialist agenda of corporate take over of the world was already designed and planned in 1215, with the Foresters’ Magna Carta, and it has been carried in the shadow through a global network of secret societies controlled by a small select elite, bound by secret oaths to unhealthy occult practices.

Beyond the fact that, according to your legal system, I am bound and expected to represent the ‘moral person’ corporation that was assigned to me soon after birth by the corporate Dominion of Canada, I am bound to some portions of this huge territory claimed illegitimately and in parts illegally, by that virtual colonialist ‘moral person’ appointed as the corporate State entity, designated to apply admiralty laws. Illegitimately because most of this vast territory still awaits for your representatives to set foot there, and illegaly because a large part of it is still unceded Native land under international law and morality, as recognized even by the highest legal institution of that Dominion corporation, its Supreme Court.

As a natural person, I have a deep connection with parts of this vast territory, since I can trace my ancestors on these lands twelve generations back, nearly four centuries, and some of my ancestors had been here millenia earlier. I traced some ancestral lineages, including that of my surname, five centuries earlier to the 15th century, since being part of the high nobility in France, with three generations of influential chancelors, over two centuries of their names and history appears in some dictionaries. The third chancelor and last one in my lineage renounced his hereditary title as a young man, in a gesture of conscience objector to a renewed cycle of religious persecution in France, so he was shipped overseas to New France, in time to join for the signature of the Great Peace of Montreal with Natives, in 1701.

His son was born soon after in Québec City, my first ancestor with this surname born on this continent. He died in that same place in 1759, fighting to defend his homeland from the invading British armies on the Plains of Abraham, where he was buried with the pile of victims under an unmarked mound. That was just a sequel of this colonial war, that left every village for hundreds of miles in bloody ashes. The following generations lived under British rule, at times ruthless, like when striking on the Patriotes, a democratically elected party that the Crown ousted illegally and repressed harshly with military raids.

Without reminding the details of history, three generations later, another one of my ancestors with this same patronym left his mark in the history books and encyclopedias, although the establishment did not appreciate him and tried to erase his memory. He has been presented as the author of the only ‘coup d’État’ in Canadian history, because he had the first elected government of the Confederation dissolved after a year, for denouncing the frauds and briberies of the Canadian Pacific scandal; and later he suggested the resignation of the Québec’s Premier over similar charges and for misuse of public funds.

He was rather an honest man who used his position as Lieutenant-Governor to rectify the wrongs and sanction corrupt politicians, in that time when politicians were not receiving a wage for their seat, so he ended up with many ennemies, despised and ostracized from politics, but loved and praised by many. He opposed the Confederation’s take over, supported Métis and Natives, developed farms and roads. He had the world famous Terrasses Dufferin built in Québec City, and a town in Manitoba bears his name. That is why up to this day, the name of Luc Letellier de St-Just can still be found in many dictionaries. It is without any shame, but rather with a legitimate pride, that I have carried this ancestral patronym.

But at his death, it was a synonym of banishment, because the corrupt politicians he had denounced, causing the government to dissolve, received their pardon from the Crown and were back in office the following year. We cannot honestly say elected, knowing that electoral frauds were already a common scheme in those days, long before the robocalls and punching cards, explaining why the Métis leader Louis Riel although elected, was arbitrarily removed three times from his seat by a federal government. The legal system of the corporate States does not apply to all equally; it is an arbitrary colonialist law.

So, in the next generation of this lineage of my ancestors with this surname, the son of the previous moved out west to a territory then called Assiniboia and administered by the oldest Crown corporation still existing in this land, known as the Hudson Bay Company, some twenty years before it was incorporated in the Confederation as the Province of Saskatchewan. There, he married a Nehiyawe or Cree woman, whose father, my great-great grandfather, was the son of a Sasquatch. My ancestry on the Native side was not until those years recorded in your archives, as the natural persons were free men, not subjected to Crown or States, nor to census, taxes and laws, being born and living from the land. They did not carry ID and could use the names they felt the most suited on their boundaryless journeys.

Before the colonialist invasion, everyone as natural person was born free and only responded to the common law of the land, being the tribal or social conventions shared among inhabitants of the land. The imperialist agenda operates through land claims for the Crown, regardless of the populations inhabiting the land who are discarded from existing, through the false pretense of Terra Nullis from the Doctrine of Discovery, and deprived from their basic rights through the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

The next step for the imperialist agenda to take over lands is the occupation of the claimed territories through the institution of corporate States, with the purpose of administrating claimed colonies through the implementation of an admiralty law, granting the representatives of the Crown a fictional arbitrary authority over the courts and legal system of the lands illigitimately claimed, like a captain on a ship.

That is why the colonialist Crown did everything in its power to eradicate Native cultures and freedom. For standing their grounds on lands they had lived on, they were accused of high treason to the Crown. Their peaceful lifestyles were labeled as seditious and rebellious, to justify the creation of occupation troops and the violent military bloodshed that ensued on serene villages, at thirty soldiers against one.

So, the Métis Nation disappeared from the records for 130 years, until the Dominion recognized their existence, now that a century of acculturation, diaspora and the racist Indian Act have done their work in destroying most of the heritage and memory of those who stood for natural freedom and sovereignty. The paper trail for me to legitimatey and legally claim Indigenous status is now made of missing links. This was the argument used by custom guards to steal the eagle feathers I had been gifted by Elders.

The next generation of my ancestors to transmit this surname was my grandfather, who as an infant lost his parents to an epidemics outbreak caused by one of the many insidious tragedies in which contaminated blankets were offered as poisonous gift to Native communities, often by the Hudson Bay. After the buffaloes were nearly exterminated and the Natives parked on reserves, they had no recourse. They were forced into depending on scarce government supply deliveries and on the blankets provided.

So, he and his siblings were raised in the infamous residential schools created to ‘kill the Indian’ in the child, as their policy. The amount of horrible crimes and atrocious systematic abuse those institutions have perpetrated, leaving over fifty thousand Native children in unmarked graveyards across Canada, has finally emerged to public knowledge and forced some apologies from Canada and from the Vatican. Yet, those empty words offered no solution or compensation, leaving the guilty unaccountable, a mere attempt to brush off historic responsibility under the rug, while a harder agenda has been implemented.

Many atrocities were perpetrated, including against my ancestors, by that corporate Crown Dominion that emits corporate ID to a code name identifying a corporate entity that their mandatory admiralty law expects me to represent, by accepting the social contract of carrying a piece of ID making me a citizen. The crimes committed by that corporate State entity imposing its law are still ongoing, as its actual government is pushing tar sand pipelines, the most polluting technology, on unceded Native lands out of its legal jurisdiction, to profit foreign corporate interests, while offering tax havens to most major global mining corporations, and selling armament to countries conducting genocides like Saudi Arabia. Recently, your admiralty courts have proven openly that when the victims of rapes and murders are Native persons, your legal system exonerates the aggressors and shuns the victims, in a colonialist way.

So, to recognize the legitimacy of this colonialist arbitrary admiralty law and the authority of corporate States over lands illegally seized by force or fraud, is to be complicit with many untold horrendous crimes against Humanity and the environment. By carrying a piece of ID, I do not surrender my sovereignty as a natural person and free man to any corporate entity, neither States, agencies or a New World Order, being born free as all Humans with the innate, unalienable and non-negociable God given right to self-determination and free will, answering to Nature’s law, Spirit, common sense, moral ethics.

I don’t subscribe to an immoral legal system defining corporations as ‘moral persons’, and real people as assets and subjects to the admiralty laws of criminal colonialist organizations called corporate States. Though I was unwillingly assigned a corporate ID of citizeship by a corporate State, Earth is my home.

Since Fascist Book is a tool used by many spy agencies to track activists or outspoken whistle blowers, it is not surprising to see that they impose to their users a mandatory corporate ID check, to signify that the ‘moral person’ corporation assigned to you by a corporate State, is bound under a legal contract. Obviously, we are allowed the ‘privilege’ of free speech under surveillance, or else we have the right to remain silent, because everything we say can be used against us. Either way, Big Brother Beast wins.

So, now that you know of my corporate ID and my pedigree, let me give a few more clues to speed up the AI in its search. I have been arrested well over a dozen times between Canada, the US, Mexico, France and Switzerland, and each time I was released on the same day without charges; so to this day your legal system has not found me guilty of any criminal activity. I was searched more times than that, between customs, airports or random roadside searches, and although the agents representing your laws have themselves broken them, by more than once depriving me of my personal belongings, they always had to let me go free of charge. The agents of your laws once raided my remote country home without a warrant, and turned the whole place upside down, all broken, but left empty handed, finding nothing.

Your arbitrary admiralty law has proven to know no justice, only aiming at targeting natural freedom. Your anti-riot goons brutalized innocent people standing for justice too many times in front of my eyes. I faced them peacefully more than once and saw no intention to negociate any peaceful resolution, their orders are to crack down against the opponents to the corporate rule, like the militarized police officers who roughened me or others, for the sense of power they get, from enforcing colonialist corporate rule.

Over three decades ago, with my first public involvement for Native rights, to protect land and life and the sovereignty of natural persons as free men, I noticed already back then the tracking and monitoring. Over the years, it turned into surveillance, injustice, harassment, infiltration, setups, traps and what not. From lines tapped, accounts or computers hacked, connections constantly cut off, requiring a ‘level 3’ technician to be fixed, to targeted attacks with psychotronic weapons in an unmarked van parked at my door, I’ve seen many signs showing that I’m on your black list; yet I’m no criminal, I just stand for truth.

I publicly unmasked a few handfuls of undercover agents in situ, before it became a usual habit online. When I found one of your many secret underground bases, during an elite occult meeting, the men in black you sent as cyborg clones to intimidate me psychically, just moved out of my way to let me pass. A few of your evil wizards broke some teeth trying to bite me, as I have been protected by Divine help.

Needless to go into deeper details, as I am well identified now, and still stand for truth, without hiding. This information should suffice to avoid any misidentification of my natural person and prevent further interference, but unfortunately it might just as well bring trouble and cause my profile ID to be deleted.

All in all, I’m just involved in disclosure of information unaddressed by mainstream and little heard of. Either I’m just a weirdo making up some woo woo stuff, in which case, there should be no need to fear. Or else, I am telling the truth, in which case there should not be any reason to interfere either, as the truth can maybe sometimes disturb, but it can never hurt anyone, and in the end it sets us free from fear.

In any case, I have told the truth as I perceive it and will continue to do so, regardless of censorship. The choice imposed was to either not give a corporate ID and be banned, so I gave one and we will see. Maybe Big Brother Beast can play fair and respect its own rules, but allow me the right to doubt it. History has taught us that those who have the gold, break the rules, and by ‘justice’ they mean ‘just us’. For natural persons to remain sovereing and free has always been considered as an act of dissidence, by the colonialist rule of the corporate States virtual entities, taking part in the globalist tyranny agenda.

To end on a positive note, let’s say that I am ready for whatever comes, as I continue on my mission. Big Brother, you can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t stop the evolution, nor an idea, nor the truth. The collective consciousness has had enough of the dying paradigm and control grid, we are ready to evolve into higher understanding of our interconnectedness and a greater awareness of our Oneness. All can join in this ongoing shift of cosmic magnitude. Don’t be left behind, on the wrong side of history…

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