Message from Kamooh, December 2015, unpublished in book…

By SunBôw

art painting

Today Kamooh is sad. Kamooh cries for our little brothers. Hard times come on our home-planet. Times we have apprehended for many ages. But we have no fear. Only sadness, because we Love our little brothers and we Love all life. But our little brothers have done so much harm to all life on Mother Earth; and they have not stopped fighting among themselves, causing terrible suffering to many souls.

The lower lords have a sinister control agenda that we must do all in our powers to prevent from manifesting. Postponing is no longer an option, we must abort the destruction of our home-planet and its total enslavement by the control grid. We must restore the Cosmic Law of harmony and balance. Our Elders from the Stars and my Forest People, who have watched over you and prepared you, will assist you in the transition times. We are gathering our forces now, through portals we open and watch.

Too many little brothers will leave before their times, before completing their journey, because they have not made Peace among themselves and with the world. Not all will cross the bridge. Many will hold on to the unsustainable destructive materialistic ways of life, in the fleeting, decaying 4D limited space-time they are kept enslaved in, framed by the pyramidal control grid cutting them from their soul.

Only some will be spiritually transcending into the interdimensional consciousness of the 5th world. These allies are too few, who carry the hope of the future of the Soul evolution on our home-planet Earth. For these, Kamooh and my Sasquatch People are grateful; they make our heart and Soul happy.

In your Human language, the experiencer is one of your people who sees, hears or feel phenomenons or intelligent beings from other planes or worlds. A contactee is one who has interacted with these beings. These people may often become repeaters, having multiple encounters. If they agree to cooperate with non-Human intelligent beings, they can be communicators, developing peaceful interspecies relations. When spiritual friendship and telepathic connections are created with the interdimensional allies, you become contactor, maintaining an ongoing peaceful, spiritual friendship through regular exchanges.

Among your people, some will be chosen as ambassadors, to disclose the messages of my Sasquatch People and of our Star Elders, and help in spreading the understanding of the importance of returning to the intelligence of your heart in your Soul, seat of your consciousness, remember the purpose of your life, being the healing evolution to your true Self, have empathy for all life forms, know we are all connected in one web, interdependent and sacred, and we exist and interact in multidimensional levels.

These will have much work ahead in bridging the worlds and dimensions in a fast shape-shifting world. We will assist them, as we also ask them to help us in our mission of protecting the sacred life process through the re-emergence of the ancient knowledge and timeless wisdom of the Star Council of Elders.

Fear not Little Brother, for this blue one of our home-planets is but a tiny speck of dust lasting only for a moment of eternity, and there are greater dimensions awaiting your Soul on its evolutionary journey. But our work is not finished on Mother Earth, we still have a long way to go, even if the road is rocky. Creator gave us a spiritual mission to fulfill as caretakers of the sacred life: our way to enlightenment.

The ascension of your Soul is the process you are here to experience, starting with interdimensional Self conscience. Your consciousness is not made of molecules, it only uses them. In higher dimensions, empathy and telepathy open your consciousness on the Unity of all things and beings. Separation is an illusion of the material 4D plane, reinforced by the limited perception of mind and ego, that too often makes you forget your Soul. Never forget the true Self you really are. It is not finished for them who undertake the path of spiritual evolution; the world never ends on this journey of continuous rebirth.

These are the times our Star Elders, my Sasquatch People and your Human People have been awaiting for many ages on this Earth. We are preparing to face them, with all our allies who want to help, happy to assist in their fulfilment and final completion, trusting Creator’s Plan for the outcome of our destiny.

For this, Kamooh is grateful and his heart soothed, knowing that no matter what happens, all our efforts well focused through good thoughts, healing prayers and helpful action, influence in a positive way the course of Soul evolution, whether for a relatively short time on a small scale, while we are breathing through any given incarnation, but they will never have been in vain; every step in the right way taking us closer from the ultimate destination our Soul deeply seeks: Peace through compassion for all Life.

It has been a very long wait, watching over our little brothers, too often with deep sadness in our hearts. Kamooh now is old, very old, older than your people can comprehend. Happy that we finally can talk.

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