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A Bible of Indigenous Prophecies and of the Inter-Tribal Unity Movement

A Bible of Indigenous Prophecies and of the Inter-Tribal Unity Movement

This free e-book is a rare masterpiece and a precious gem, for anyone interested in Indigenous Prophecies and the history of their fulfillment, through the growth of the Inter-Tribal Unity Movement.

The authors, DJ Mackboogaloo (Andy Mack) and Michael Bastine, an Algonquin Elder, did an impressive amount of research, with a clear concern for scrutiny and accuracy, to reveal to the world the epic stories too often untold, of those Elders who pioneered the foundation, birth, development and expansion of the global Pan-Indigenous movement, that took its roots in North America in the ancestral prophecies carried by Native Elders of many Nations, namely the Iroquois, the Hopi and the Lakota.

This book covers in depth the life and work of Mad Bear, a highly infuential Tuscarora Elder, whose legacy in gathering tribes and in the advancement of Native rights advocacy has changed history and will be felt for generations to come. This research also presents dozens of other Elders whose teachings and achievements have left precious knowledge, memories and improvements, to honor and cherish.

This account describes the long road towards the recognition of Native sovereignty and spirituality, made of several historic gatherings and events as stepping stones, with the legal aspects involved. Other chapters address various prophecies, the Great Law of Peace, the Mayan calendar, the White Buffalo, the Medicine Wheel, the environmental situation and movement, Rainbow gatherings, Ubuntu, the quantum universe, meditation, Star People, hidden archaeology, disclosure, the globalist agenda, as well as amazing stories of miraculous healings and powerful shamanism of the most advanced levels.

This unique collection of over 600 pages of highly valuable information concerning the Indigenous movement and our global destiny is a must-read for all interested and involved in the healing of the world and the unification of Humankind into a Peace-loving ecological sacred Family on Mother Earth.

This is the will of our cosmic Elders and higher consciousness spiritual allies, for us to unite in Peace. Through their guidance, we have been building bridges and opening channels for interspecies relations. One thing I have kept repeating from years, is that apart from accounts of first hand experiencers and contactees, the best source of information about Sasquatch and Star People alike is from the Indigenous ancestral knowledge that has been preserved and passed on to this present generation, not only because of millenia of interactions with other intelligent sentient beings, but also because of the understanding in Indigenous cultures of the mutidimensional Omniverse and of the ever presence of the Spirit world, which allowed them to perceive and communicate with non-Human intelligence on several dimensions.

Many thanks to Andy Mack for making this e-book freely available for all. Please download and read. Share in your networks. Help preserve and spread this precious heritage and legacy of the history, knowledge and wisdom of those great spiritual Elders, who taught through example and dedication.

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Best blessings to all our relations…

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