Fairy and Human Relations Congress, SunBôw is scheduled

I just found out that I’m scheduled again this June for the 18th annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress, in Twisp, WA. I had told them I would love to go and present there again, if I can make it. Praying that resources for transportation and border crossing will be available to allow me to make this journey and bring Sasquatch teachings to that wonderful gathering, with high consciousness people. Best blessings to all…

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SunBow is a world pilgrim, storyteller, community focaliser, global networker, documentalist, ceremonial practitioner, interdimensional communicator, founder of the Ironwood Log Project and author of ”The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” (book 1 and 2). Since 1981, he has learned shamanic teachings with Elders from over forty Native Nations from North to South America, and developed spiritual interactions with animals, interdimensional beings, ancients, departed relatives, Nature Spirits, orbs, Sasquatch, ETs and other forms of non-Human intelligence. He has practiced dowsing, Akashic past lives readings, sites and soul cleansings, and assisted dozens in their first contact with Sasquatch.

Sasquatch Message to Humanity:

Fairy and Human Relation Congress’ website:


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