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Another Star ship landed on the mountain tonight, and they let me capture it on video

By SunBôw

Another Star ship landed on the mountain tonight, and they let me capture it on video.

If you have less time, start watching at 3m30, when it flies between the trees.

The Sasquatch and Star Elders have been visiting almost daily lately. The first two nights after I returned here, I heard Sasquatch calls. The first night it was a female voice who walked about a mile in less than five minutes. The second night, some gentle groans in the corral were answered by the horse, which walked towards the oncoming footsteps. It was the second time I witnessed a Sasquatch and a horse come together as friends.

On Sunday, after doing a ceremony, our friend Dean visited here, a Sasquatch communicator who has interacted with the local clan on a telepathic level for five years. He had known of the white Elder for years, but was only allowed to talk to him since a month, that same white Sasquatch Elder I met last fall and channeled in a chapter of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3. Dean describes him with the same peculiar sense of humor and characteristics as I have written, yet he has never read my account.

We were talking about opening portals and activating energy grids along a certain creek, which I won’t localize to protect the area, when we all heard clearly right over our shoulders a long whistling sigh sliding from a high to a low pitch, sounding somewhat like a landing jet, while we were sitting in the garage. We all recognize the presence of a Sasquatch with us and Jules was overjoyed to finally become an experiencer, witnessing his first manifestation of their presence, in a time of intense conversation about them.

In the last couple years, he has gathered over 70 accounts of Sasquatch encounters in and around this valley, as well as several UFO sightings, cryptids and other paranormal phenomena. He has been highly interested in Sasquatch, reading books, drawing them, he facilitated the speech Kewaunee gave around here two years ago and helped with the organization of the first international extension of the Sasquatch Spiritual Event we did last October in Slocan. But this was the first direct contact he consciously had with a Sasquatch when he heard this long whistle just above his ear and his eyes turned wild.

In many accounts Jules recorded, the creek mentioned above is a hot spot for UFO sightings, they are observed frequently along that valley. We are now learning through Dean that there are a few people in the area that communicate with the Sasquatch and Star Elders on an ongoing basis, and we will look to connect with them shortly.

On Monday morning, a Native Elder and friend came to pick up the tarps on the sweat lodge to be used on another new lodge being built right along that same creek mentioned above. We will be doing ceremony there in a couple days, with all our relatives…

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Thanks and blessings to all in our great Cosmic Family…



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