Message, SCENIC

New wave of downloads coming!

As I laid got ready to crawl into bed the other night it was pitch black in the room. I was aware of the presence of my star family in the room. I noticed an orb in my peripheral vison. It was a golden whitish looking orb and it seemed to be connected to me. I move to look directly at it and it stayed in my peripheral. Used to this strangeness I crawled into bed with it. As I lay there about ready to fall asleep I heard a female voice quietly talking in some language I didn’t recognize. I awoke the next morning and confirmed from a friend the Arcturians had visited me last night. With the top of my head tingling with energy I went into meditation later that day for answers. What I received was that my star family was working on my crown chakra. The reason was to align the energy so I could receive an incoming wave of downloads and messages coming soon. I was told that many people will receive important downloads soon. We must all pay attention to instant ideas that seem to come out of nowhere and are of great detail. Attributes of these downloads will consist of ideas of a positive nature. Ideas of higher consciousness, love, empowerment, sharing, unity, etc. Be aware of these downloads and share with others.

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