Joining efforts in networking alliance for the Cosmic Disclosure

We give thanks to all our visitors, readers, followers, supporters, collaborators, to those of you who share our links, re-blog our posts, send their stories and submit material, and to our team of editors and the new ones who have joined as Sasquatch communicators.

We have been reaching out on various social medias and websites and invite all of you who believe that the Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication is an idea worth sharing and a network worth building to help us with the outreach by spreading the word and info in your contact lists, websites and networks to facilitate the free circulation of information related to Cosmic Disclosure.

Special thanks to Patrick Da Costa who has posted the articles we sent him on his blogs Operation Disclosure, Intel and Voyages of Light. Here are our articles he posted:


Together forward towards the Great Cosmic Disclosure. truth sets us free…

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