Message, SCENIC

Message from Gaia

As my feet touched the ground I was listening to Byron Metcalf and preparing to meditate. I felt a vibration on my feet as they nestled into the grass. I felt it before, but this time Gaia seemed to want to connect. She was calling me. All the times I have talked with her I used her frequency. 136.1 Hz C Sharp. A video by Bashar with this tone tuned me into her. As I listened I felt a calming effect. Like the breathing of a mother but in a constant tone. I felt Gaia’s loving embrace. Comfortable I asked do you have a message for me? “Yes, my child, I have a message for all my children. Even the ones that do not know me or abuse me. I love all of you and we are all connected. Me evolution is connected with your’s. Your consciousness across me affects me and causes me to churn and sway. Your thoughts cause me to react and your energy is absorbed into me. It is a fine balance. One day you will see my glory. Anytime you climb to a mountain and look at my beauty or sail my ocean and see the sun set on my body, or dive off my waterfall, or simply lay down on me and fall asleep you have experienced my glory and my good tidings.” How can we be better? What can we do to help you? “First you must understand that everything is connected. When you understand that you understand your impact on it. Second, you must love everything. When you love everything, you appreciate that which you love. Third, connect with me daily. Take your shoes off and feel me on your feet. Get on your knees and kiss me. Feel me as I love you. Remember, everything is connected, love everything, and connect with me daily. This is how you can help. Some are doing this now.” People have been asking about Nibiru. What can you tell me about that? “I cannot speak of this. Now is not the time. But I can say that I will become new again and when I do my splendors you see today will look washed out in comparison to my glory when I transition.” Ok thank you Grandmother Gaia. I love you very much. “And I love you all my children.”

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