Complete up to date lessons from Balana

Lesson 1- I was out in my backyard eating a sandwich walking around. I saw a forest friend within my plum tree. I decided like I do a lot of the time to go and stand within its energy. I didn’t know which individual forest person this was. As I was standing within I felt lighter and my vision altered. I thought what if I was to meditate today within this energy? I then got an answer. “Come to me in the purest way and I will share with you.” I thought who are you? I then got Balana my clan leader but wasn’t positive. I said ok and left and took a shower. I was in the shower thinking about coming in the purest way. I received “Pure of heart and pure of body.” I said what am I supposed to go out there naked? My neighbors would not appreciate that. “Come how you can”, it said. So I went out with in just shorts. Bare feet and no shirt. I sat down and began to meditate. The first thing I need to do is confirm who I was talking to. I asked who and in kind of an irritated manner it was said “Balana!” I said ok but now I need a vision of your face. I focused and saw the face of a black haired forest person. He had completely dark eyes, a prominent brow, and a stern and weathered face. I got the feeling Balana took his duty as clan leader very seriously and was of a traditional manner. He requested me to come to him in a certain way to receive some knowledge.
“Let’s start with feet. Can you feel the energy flowing through your feet?” At this time I was sitting with my bear feet grounded. I could feel the energy coursing from the earth through my feet and up my legs. “Very often you humans wear foot coverings losing your connection with the earth. We cherish this connection. This connection is vital. One of the first things you humans do when your females give birth is place the baby on the mother skin to skin to create that connection and bond. We see this between us and the earth. Sometimes we leave you tracks to remind you of this connection. To see our track within the earth is a reminder of this connection.”
“Now on tracks. You will see variations in tracks. Some will look very much like yours but a little different and those individuals gene strength is closest to you. There are also tracks that have the largest toe pointed outward strongly. This track is of the strong Lemur variety. And sometimes you may see a track with no large toe. These are tracks of what you call Dogmen.
From here there were some distractions and my time was running to a close. I was made aware there would be more sharing of ancient knowledge. “You have noticed our people have been coming forward with trusted individuals and sharing our ancient knowledge. Now is the time to for you humans to start to receive this knowledge.” I thanked him and that ended our lesson.
Lesson 2- I felt the urge to go out and sit with Balana again. I went out and as I was getting ready to meditate I looked in front of me and saw a small rainbow of colors. It appeared in a flash and disappeared. I looked away and then it happened again. I couldn’t see it looking straight at it but if I looked slightly to away it could see it. It flashed four times. I then connected with Balana. “I am here”. I asked what that was. “That is my son Sharak. He is saying hello.” I said what I am I going to learn today? “There is a great sadness over us. Some of my people have died in the fires. One of them I was related to and was close to” Balana said. I am sorry to hear that I said. “Humans are reckless and ignorant.” I then felt how they felt. Great sadness swept over me and some anger. I said I am not like them. “I know” he said. I am sorry this has happened to your people I said. Why does this happen? Why do your people sometimes get caught in the physical and die? I asked. This was a complicated question and I could tell it was hard for him to get me to understand. It took a little bit but he got the ideas across. “We are like you humans in some ways. Each clan has a leader. Each leader and the members of the clan can decide to have certain traditions and behaviors that are different then other clans. Some clans may decide to be more physical most of the time. Eating, hunting, mating, etc. Some clans make rules that they will be physical. Other clans like mine prefer to be in an elevated form most of the time. That is why you do not see our tracks often unless we want you to. So these physical clans sometimes get caught in bad situations.” I said we humans call it cloaking. What do you call it? “There is not a name we use. It is just another form we choose to take. There are overall collective rules that we follow. These rules were decided by my people’s high council of elders. The rules are 1: Do not intentionally harm any living thing without purpose. 2: Do not intentionally harm one another without purpose 3: Respect all living things 4: Stay hidden from dangers 5: Live by the code of the forest(which I will tell you later).” It began to rain and I thanked him for this lesson.
A friend had a question about information from lesson two. She wanted to know why they broke branches if they are to respect all living things. I thought it was a good question so as I was laying in Wesley’s bed on a Saturday evening for nap I decided to call out to Balana. I felt a presence descend upon me like a blanket. Balana? I asked. “Yes”, he said. I asked the question. In a sarcastic annoyed tone he replied “You humans mow down forests with your big machines. You’re worried about branches? We are not to hurt another living thing without a purpose. There is a purpose when we break branches and make glyphs which I will tell you later. Before we break a branch we ask permission from our fellow tree. Usually they are happy to allow us to continue with our purpose because they are of the knowledge we are all of one source and are happy to allow us and would give their branches freely. We know that breaking a branch would not cease the life force of that tree. Trees have much sense of unity and wisdom.” I thanked him for his response.
Lesson 3- I felt another lesson coming. I went out to the plum tree and sat ready for the next lesson. I got on my phone really quick to check some updates. I then felt Balana’s disapproval. “You come to me to learn our ancient ways and yet you sit here on your technology.” I felt I had disrespected him. I apologized. “Let’s begin. The first thing I want to talk about is I am aware of your soon coming get together with other friends of our people. This is a great thing and of importance. It is good to get together physically even though most of your interaction is through your technology. When gathered in together you can share your ideas and energy. Laugh together and enjoy one another. There will be some of us there with you. I will be there as well. Now on to the next thing. Tree breaks have a couple purposes. One, Males break trees as a marker, a display. It is a visual for both females and males in mating. We also break limbs for humans that frequent our area to say “We are here”. You see, we do not need to use many physical ways to communicate amongst us. We use what you call “telepathy” therefore our communication is silent among the physical world. We seek to communicate with humans we deem trusted but you have lost the ability to speak in our preferred way. So we reach out in other ways. Some structures you may see are the “X”. This can mean multiple things. A large one can mean a boundary has been reached. Smaller ones we use to tell you “do not go here”. The structure you see that looks like what you call an astrix is a sign of connection. Everything is connected to one another to the central source. Glyphs do not have a set meaning through us and are used mainly for communication with humans. Like you humans send special messages to one another we too see glyphs as special and personal. We use them and put our meaning in your heart when you see it. What one variation means to you will not mean the same to another. There is a special energy we apply to a glyph as a energetic signature. When you see it you will receive a message from it. That is the end of this lesson.” I thanked him and once again apologized for my disrespect in the beginning.
Lesson 4-
Today’s lesson from Balana:
I really felt the call today from my forest friends. Balana in particular. He was on my mind a lot and I knew I would sit under my plum tree and get another lesson today. It usually seems to happen on Wednesdays. He must know what day of the week it is even though that doesn’t matter to them. Even as I was thinking this Balana was validating what I was thinking. “We had no need for time as you humans do. We have no need for days of the week. It doesn’t matter to us. We just watch the sun. We are not controlled by time.” I thought it funny even though I wasn’t under my plum tree meeting with him he was still tuned into my thoughts and awnsering. I was taking a shower and thinking about other things. I was thinking about my friend’s picture of many Sasquatch in the trees. Then here comes Balana again “We are able to float up to the tree and stay there we don’t have to climb it.” He seemed really wanting to tell me things today and I sensed a little anticipation on his part.
I went outside and approached in the traditional manner. I sat down and plugged my native flute into my ears from Pandora. I calmed myself and slipped into a meditative state. Hello Balana I said. “Hello” came the reply. What shall we talk about today? “Well, we left off on our relationships and hierarchy. We talked about how we mate for life and our mating ceremony.” Yeah, that was beautiful. “Yes. We give gifts to our mate. Like the gifts we give you humans. We can you many things such as sticks, rocks, and vegetation. We try not to kill or damage anything around us. If there are sticks and rocks on the ground we use them but we don’t go around picking flowers or destroying things. We will make something and give it to our mate. We also put energy into that gift. We will place a feeling or thought into the gift so our mate or the friend receiving it will feel a feeling we put there or a thought about something. We do the same thing when we give you human’s gifts but not all the time can you pick up on the energy it holds. We can also materialize gifts with our mind. We do this often with you. We pick a place you will notice it and make it appear when you are not looking.” I thought that was cool. My mind wanted to ask about portals due to the recent question about whether they were natural or placed there. He picked up on this. “Ok, I guess we will discuss portals.” Then I felt he wanted to save this for down the road when the lessons get more technical. Right now was just the basic stuff but he agreed to talk about it. What followed was a different way of communication. He put ideas and thought impressions into my head to get the point across. What came next was not the same kind of communication that just happened. I then began receiving ideas and thoughts in immediate form from him. This is what I learned about portals: There is a somewhat even flow of energy throughout the earth but in some spots there is concentrated and spiked spots that create a disturbance or turbulent point. These points “tear a hole in this dimension” and open to other dimensions. These are natural portals. There are some natural portals on earth but not many. Most of the portals are manufactured and placed at specific locations. I asked who puts these manufactured ones at the designated spots? “The star people do this.” Once placed there the portals energy is there and closed and on “stand by” until someone who knows how to open one comes. To open you need to use and energy vibration at a specific frequency. Like a key to a door the key to a portal is the specific frequency. He said every portal is usually guarded on both sides. Sometimes Sasquatch guard portals. A lot of dogmen guard portals along with other beings. I asked if there are every any violators to come through? “Not usually but sometimes.” What happens when they come through? “We usually try to convince them to go back. If they do not want to we contact the star people and they come and try to convince them and if they still don’t want to go usually the star people are very persuasive.” I asked if they are guarded how do beings get through? “Sometimes they slip through undetected. It happens” he said. I sensed there were strict rules regarding portals. Even star people use them to travel around. I sensed we were wrapping up and the last thing I was given was an Idea of what it looks like to be in a portal. It is hard to describe. It can just be walking into another world or it can be many lined up. You go through the “tear” and there seems to be many dimensions lined up. Somehow you know which one you need to go to and go. It is super hard to explain and I am not doing it any justice. Anyway, I thanked Balana for another lesson and said good bye.
Lesson 5-
Once again I felt the pull of Balana and the others. What do you know! Wednesday. Right on schedule. The weather outside was not very nice and I asked if I could sit inside and receive the lesson in there. He said “Yes, but keep yourself in a pure state.” I had the idea of taking dictation with my computer while he gave me the lesson. “No, you can do it later. I want our lessons to remain pure and technology free.” I agreed and it was about an hour before. For some reason it seemed like we were connected. On sync is the best way I could describe it. I put my son down for a nap and sat in the recliner for the lesson. I wanted to learn more about my relationship with them. Maybe I was selfish I don’t know but I really wanted to know my place and where I was going with them. As soon as I slipped into a meditative state I immediately saw a large bird flying away. Just by the long beat of it’s wings I knew it was a large bird of prey. I said Balana I am ready. “Ok”, he said. I asked what was with the bird vision. “Before you moved into that house where we live we knew you would be coming. One day I saw an Eagle fly in and land on a branch and look at me. It screeched to announce it had a message. It spoke to me and told me that there would be a human that would come to us and we would teach it our ways. This human would become one of us and bring our ways to the world. He would be a Keeper of the Forest.” I saw the whole thing. I saw the eagle come in and Balana look up at it and it screeched and give it’s message telepathically and leave flying away out of the forest. “Not long after that you moved into that house. We knew between your brother and you which one was to come to us. We watched you grow up and Talishia saw you as one of her own. You got to an age that we needed to begin the process with you knowing about us. Much discussion had taken place and we didn’t want to risk your father moving you away by showing ourselves to you or leaving tracks close to your house. So I decided to send a message to you through your father. That one morning when your father was hunting I screamed from the next mountain frightening your father.” At this point I saw Balana walk up on the mountain and let out this huge scream. Clinched fists he belted out a tremendous echoing scream. Then I saw the look on my father’s face when he heard it and he slowly left the area. “We were constantly watching over you and protecting you. There was a time when you recalled my scream when you were away in green(military.) You heard one of our kind on your computer and then felt bumps of a goose (goose bumps). That was me letting you know it was real and your father’s experience was real too. That kept you searching. Then you came back knowing we were here and have always been. The one time when you came and played the flute, I was watching my clan and I saw how happy they were when you came that I decided to get the elders together to decide to make you a Keeper of the Forest. Your friend saw us talking about you and deciding to make you one of us. It was of great celebration to us because we knew of the eagle’s message and the message you would bring to your people.” I asked if I would eventually be with them in physical form. “You will but remember you are still a human. There is still a line and process. It took you from when you came to us as a child to now to become one of us. We do not rush these things. They are very important.” Will I have your abilities too? I asked. “You are biologically built different then us but we can help you. It doesn’t help you eat the things you do and drink the things you drink and live where you do. It hinders your progress and makes it more difficult. But we have been assisting you for awhile now.” Then at this time my son came out of the bedroom and said he couldn’t sleep. I told Balana sorry and he said it was ok. I felt so much love for them and it was a validation of what I have always felt my purpose was with them. Even as I write this now which is later I feel Balana’s presence assisting.
This is a short lesson as I talked to Balana in the shower inquiring about my experience with the little ones yesterday. “Before your time, it was strictly prohibited for our young to be around humans. We kept them safe and from seeing humans. Only certain elders would approach humans in a relationship. Now the time has come where the collective has moved forward with our relationship with humans. There has a been a change and this is the beginning. We are working together with the star people to awaken the human species. We are furthering our relationship with you and other humans and now we want our young to begin to know about humans and have a relationship. That is why you were allowed to hold Makai’s little ones yesterday. Our young will grow up knowing you and seek to continue the furthering a relationship with your kind. This is a great journey we have started and it ends in your people and our people reuniting under the moonlight as family. You are bonded to this clan Mike and we are with you for the rest of your life. But please do not forget this is a process and certain rules are still in place for our protection but the heart of your people is coming back to us. Please tell your people that more interaction from our young will happen and to please open your hearts to them and love them. They are the bringers of your future.” Wow.
Lesson 7- I decided today to go outside even though it was cold and sit under the plum tree with Balana. I grabbed and hat and a big brown blanket. I sat down in my chair within his energy and covered myself up. Before I could say hi he said “You know this reminds me of our ancestors and how we shared our knowledge with the people you call Native Americans. They would come to us wrapped in their bear skin blankets and sit and we would teach them things. Most of the time it was with what they call their Shaman or Spiritual Teacher.” I said that that was great and I got a vision of an old Native Shaman with a bear skin blanket sitting besides a fire and telepathically speaking to a Sasquatch elder. I greeted Balana and said before we get started I would like to ask the council something (The details will be revealed later as it is a personal thing). Balana said ok and I was going to exclude myself from the meeting but Balana insisted I be present. I said ok. In that instant I was among the council. There was eight of them including Balana. I said hello and saw their faces. Each one said hello except for one who kinda just looked around. Many old faces. I presented my request to them. I then gave them a minute to decide. I heard their conversations. They came to a decision. “We will allow this for two reason (Which will be revealed later). I said thank you and they were gone. After that I opened my eyes to take a break and I look up and see a bald eagle flying above me. Along with it is a lesser mature one that hasn’t came into it’s colors yet. No doubt an offspring. It was a beautiful thing and I instantly knew this was created by the council for me as a validation. I said Ok where shall we begin? “I believe we need to touch up on pictures as I have already given you some information on that.” I said Ok. “When one of you humans takes a picture or video of us there is a small energy that goes into that picture. We are linked to that picture. There is a connection between the picture taker, the picture, and us. We can hear what you think of it, what you feel, and what others think and feel.” So I asked, do you mind if your pictures are taken? “Most of us don’t like to deal with it. There are some of you humans that have an agreement with some of my people that taking pictures is acceptable. But I would encourage anyone who is seeking to film us or take a picture to ask us first. It can be very hard for us to deal with all the conversations and bad things being said because of a picture you have taken of us. The Sasquatch you call Patty was haunted by her filming.” I heard she has passed on. Is this true? “Yes, she has but I will not reveal why she passed. Only that that film caused her great distress. Thousands of conversations and talk flooded her mind for so long. It was a lot for her.” Ok, what else would you like to talk about? “As you know you and other humans are now in the fourth dimension.” Is the third dimension still there? “Yes, it is still there with all of it’s energies.” What can you tell us about the fourth dimension? “As you are aware many of my people are coming forward and stepping up their interactions with trusted humans. Talks are happening in order to raise the collective consciousness into the fifth dimension.” Are you and other’s in the fifth dimension? “Yes, as you know we can travel through dimensions. There are many beings here in the fourth along with us that reside in the fifth dimension speaking to humans and helping them reach the fifth.” Like what kind of beings? “Bird people, underground people, sky people, and many other beings. I will not name them all.” Will I get to the fifth dimension in this life? “Most likely not but depending on how the energies raise you could but most likely you will spend the rest of your life communicating with us to help others reach the fifth dimension.” I felt the completion of this lesson and told Balana thank you.
Lesson 8-
Shall we begin? “Yes, we shall but I want to go over a few things before we talk about the subject of the lesson. First, as you see right now your son is up and not able to take a nap. I knew this was going to happen before this time as I gave you this thought. This is a validation for you. Second, before you sat down to meditate today you were thinking of me which instantly connected us and I became aware of your thoughts. Once I choose to connect with you I know your thoughts. I know that you want answers that have to do with the terrible things that happen to my people and they seem from your limited perspective that they do nothing to avoid this. When we are connected I read your thoughts. I can choose to add to your thoughts giving you thoughts to your own thoughts. I can also choose not to do this. As you were thinking before this time I have given you some ideas to your questions. I also have decided to allow you to write down our exchange automatically on the computer. At first I did not want to have any kind of technology involved during our lessons but I see how the lapse in time from when I give you this information to when you get around to remembering it and writing it down how you can miss something or the message can become distorted. I will allow this instant writing down on the computer to keep the message pure. Let’s begin.”
Ok. This has been on my mind for awhile now. “I know.” Not just my mind but many other of my human friends have wondered this too. Why do your kind with all the amazing abilities you possess allow yourselves to become surprised and killed? “This is a very complicated matter as I have known this to be on your heart for awhile now. Let’s start here. We as the people you call Sasquatch are people too just as you are. We are biological beings that incarnate into a life. Just like you our way of living can be diverse. Each one of us is like you in that we have a personality and individualality. We can operate on an individual basis. We also are more connected then you humans are to others of our species. There is a mass collective consciousness grid that we can access telepathically. We can also romove ourselves from this grid at will. When we access this grid of energy we can instantly know things about the collective or others of our species. It is what some of you called the “hive mind” or “collective consciousness”. That being said there are other beings out there are not of this collective as they are not pure. There are beings out there that look like us but are hybrids created by others that are not from our great creator. These hybrids are closely monitored and do not possess the pure soul as we do thus are diluted in spirit. So to answer your question, the Sasquatch casualties that occur are difficult to explain but need to be addressed on a case by case basis.” Can you give me some common examples why they do not seem to protect themselves or use their cloaking abilities or other abilities to thwart harm? “As I have stated earlier in our lessons some decided as a clan to live mainly in physical form and taking on the physical life. This decision is to the death. Your other human messengers are right when they say that some of our kind simply do not possess the know how to use the higher states of consciousness. Like your own people you have a varied array of consciousness and vibration. Some of you like you Mike are using more of your given abilities that you already possess and others come into a life living a lazy potential. Our species is somewhat the same even though our DNA coding is more evolved and closer to our source potential then yours, some of us are of a lower consciousness in our spectrum of consciousness. But let me be clear, some of our lower consciousness would be compared to you Michael. This is not meant as a negative suggestion but a comparison. We do not see your species as lower then us and we do not see us as better. A good comparison that you know of that I like is what you have said “Is 8th grade better then 2nd”? No, it is just the path that your soul is on right now.” Ok, thank you Balana. This explains much. “Good. I hope this brings some hearts of your human species some rest about our kind. It is true, your human species do kill and injure us on occasion and it hurts not only the individual but it is felt throughout the collective. We bring this message to you so you as humans can see where your race is headed. Only you can cease the fear and hatred among your species. We are standing by as brothers awaiting your collective energy to arise and meet us with open arms and forgiveness. We will be waiting.” Thank you my friend for these communications. I love you. “And we love all of you.”
Lesson 9- “The Call”
“Allright, let’s go. I have asked that you listen to your tribal music for this session because it imitates the rhythm of the heart and we will be speaking about the heart in this lesson. Before we start I want to address to everyone that reads this a little bit on how I communicate with Michael. We are highly psychic beings as most of you understand this about us in a general way. You can’t comprehend at this moment how psychic we are but you will. When I give Michael my messages I give it to him in thought forms and ideas. I understand his vocabulary and push him to use certain words that we would never use to get the message across to the human species. You will see some examples in here.
Ok. When our people see a human we can see not only their physical self but we see within. We can see their heart, their energy, their mind and thoughts, their desires, we can see it all. Remember we will never violate you or invade you but once we see your interest in us we look deeper. It starts simple, we see a possible ally. We see a human that may be friendly to us and look to connect. We send our first call. This can me a whoop, or a scream, or a branch breaking, or a track, or something else physical. This is the easiest for you to accept at this stage. We then see how you react to our first call. If you seek further to connect with us then we continue guiding you in the physical world. After a while we go deeper. We start visiting you in your dreams making it more personal. That usually gets your soul going. Then we give you ideas. Ideas such as needing to go to the woods or nature to visit and be there. Now your well on your way with us. We now know you can handle more. We may mindspeak to you. Sometimes this can send you running but it is a timely thing. Once you know we can get into your head then you are either fascinated or scared off. If you are fascinated then we proceed. We go even deeper. Into your heart. This is where we want to be. This is where we connect for life. Some of you hear this call and it is very pure and deep. This is where my connection with Michael is. There are many out there that have this connection with my people and we love this. Many people reading this now know what I am speaking of and you feel it at this moment. I will try to convey this message using Michael the best way I can. We call to you on a heart level. Literally. We are very good at manipulating energy as most of you know. When I call to Michael I am literally pulling him towards me with his heart energy. You humans call this the heart chakra. I literally use my heart and latch on to his heart and pull him like a tractor beam. If he was able to float right now I could literally pull him to me. The feeling as Michael feels it is as of a longing. A longing to be in the presence of a loved one. It isn’t a sad feeling but one of love. You long to feel the other’s energy and be present with them. Now understand not everyone will feel it in this way or hear the call this way. Our people will reach out to you in any way we can so this call can be different. But the lesson I am trying to get across to the human species is we will call you and you will hear us. Whether it is from our scream from the mouth or our scream from our heart. Our DNA is linked. We are your relatives and we love you. We will call and call and call until you answer. We will never give up on you. We will have a relationship with you in anyway we can. We love you. Can you hear us calling?
Lesson 10-
Thank you for meeting with me again. I value these meetings knowing this won’t last forever. As you know I met with Kishcheck recently and discussed with him about him being the best teacher after me to meet with you. We decided to tell you now. I am not an elder but barely a clan leader. My knowledge is only so great right now. Yes, I can access the collective knowledge but the elders decided to have Kishcheck become your teacher after I am completed with you. I was chosen to begin this life long relationship with you because I was the local clan leader in your area and had many dealings with you. I will teach you all that I can and at some point we will be done. Kishcheck will take over with you as he is an elder and you will continue to learn from him.
As you know from earlier the subject I wanted to discuss was human violence. I assure you this will be a message of peace and not a lower energy based message. There will be some very hard to take truths but this is what you came to me for. When it comes to your species and violence you are one of the most violent species that has ever inhabitited this earth. As the species you know as Sasquatch we have been subject to your violence for a very long time. Our collective soul has been deeply effected by your species attack on us and it is beginning to heal. For a time we were not sure if your species would ever reunite with us and we withdrew contact all together from you. Much strictness on non contact came from the elders as to stay away from your species. You have hunted us down, murdered our people and children, you have destroyed our home and sent Gaia into a karmic spiral. We are still being hunted by your people today which forces us to live in the shadows of the forest away from the eyes of humans. Your species is like a rabid animal turning on itself and causing much fear and panic. Our collective heart aches for your species as we see the decent of your kind. You kill, poison, manipulate, and are dishonest with each other. Your species actions are not enclosed in your own karmic collective consciousness but effect the whole planet. Like a tear in a spider web you effect the whole crystal consciousness grid of this planet. You ignorantly do not realize your actions are effecting all and are felt by all.
But like I said this is a message of peace. The tide is turning and energies are shifting. But do not be mistaken. Things will get worse. It is the nature of consciousness. It has to reach a certain point before a shift must take place. The star elders and us are now starting to see the switch point in which you are heading. We have begun to assist. The negative energies will speed up and the positive energies will gear up to make the switch. There is much going on that you are not aware of. Much help has come to assist in reawakening your species. But like your species says “Things will get worse before they get better.” But remember we are here with you. The star elders and your kin the forest people are here to help you reawaken to your soul and raise the collective consciousness once again. There are two paths right now. The lower energies are speeding up their work and creating much turmoil and finding new ways to keep you humans from awakening. The other path they can not contend with. It is too great. It comes from the source and the source will not be thwarted. Your people are waking up every day and the consciousness is rising. There is a great shift in the energies causing the lower energies to stir. There will be a day when your people rise up and awaken together. It will be a beautiful day and there will be much celebration. So the message today is don’t give up. You will see the lower energies scrambling to keep a grip on you but they won’t. Your awakening is too powerful. Your assistance is too powerful. There will be no stopping the source’s love for this planet and it will shake the bedrock of your species. So as I Balana say to you, do not tremble in the face negative energies but rise up and unite and remember we are standing with you. Our love for you goes back farther then you can comprehend. We will always meet you on the mountain with open arms and loving you as kin. Thank you.
New Lesson from Balana.
Lesson 11-
I felt the connection while I was outside eating my lunch. All the Sasquatch around my house seemed to be calling me. I felt the overwhelming pull to them. It is like a mix between a longing and seeing a loved one for the first time in a while. They were laying it on thick and I liked it. Then like a warm blanket I feel the presence of Balana. He is connected and ready for a lesson. I ask what will the lesson be today? “Since you are getting information from your life as Wakima let us talk about other lives.” Ok I responded. “Let me first address your frustration for not connecting with me earlier(I tried connecting with them earlier in the week. I tried hard with no avail. I got frustrated.) “In order for our communication to be as clear as possible I am constantly monitoring you. When I see an opportune time to connect I call. Sometimes your energy is not conducive to communication. You have distractions or anxiety has you not as conducive. Do not get frustrated as I come when you are best ready.” I thanked him for that explanation. Now on to other lives I said. “As I have told you I knew you when you were the great Sasquatch Elder Wakima. I came before you many times in dealings with the council and other matters. I must tell you I can visit Wakima right now if I so choose.” You mean you can go back in time? “I can go and visit him in that dimension yes. The more evolved(in consciousness) Sasquatch can transcend space and time. But it is a delicate thing. I must go to the council and ask permission. The Sasquatch council of Elders will hear my request and approve or disapprove. If they approve they will give me guidelines and what I can only do when I go, to prevent any energy disruption of life forms in that dimension.” Has any Sasquatch broke the rules and time jumped without the consent of the council or had a disapproval and went anyway? I asked Balana. “Yes, of course. There are always ones that decide to break the rules.” What happened to them? Did they get in trouble or punished? “The council seeks not to punish but to merely get them to understand why. They seek to instruct the rule breaker of why a certain way must be. Then they try to get the individual to correct the mistake or do something to make it right.” Oh I see. So do you know your other lives? “Yes, I am aware of all the ones I have had on this planet. You too can do this.” I have a theory. Most of the people who interact with the Sasquatch have had at least one life as one. Is this true? “Yes, majority of the humans who interact on a higher level with us have been one of us at least once.” So we have these other lives. If we can’t time travel and go meet them physically in their dimension while they are living their life can we have them come to us? “You are a good example of that. You created a meeting place for Wakima to come meet you in your Zen Garden. Wakima had to consciously seek you out knowing you were looking for him. Then you both meet in a place set up for the communication. But it is not a good idea to show up in his dimension if he is not aware you are coming. This would disrupt his energy.” How and why would that be harmful? “He would be on his path and for you to show up out of nowhere could stifle the energy and his walk on his path.” Ok. I can understand that. Well thank you so much for this communication. I am glad we talked again. “One more thing before we stop. I must tell you that the human race has been able to time travel for a while now. It is being hidden from the public but they initially were able to construct a physical device from using knowledge from a human called Nikola Tesla. The constructed the first device to time travel and mainly go to the future. Now they have many devices for this. Silly humans don’t realize they could do this without such physical devices to support them. Always stuck in the physical your human race is.” Wow. Thank you Balana. Take care and thanks for speaking with me. Then he left like he came. His presence went off me and faded with the wind.

6 thoughts on “Complete up to date lessons from Balana”

  1. Hi, Michael Bodewitz,
    Thank you for sharing Balana’s wisdom with the rest of us. What he said resonates with me and also caused me to wonder about some things. Therefore, If both you and Balana are willing, would you kindly ask him what he knows and thinks concerning those Sasquatch who interact with and are friendly with humans, yet who also have contact with the Beings on the flying saucers? Also, some friendly-to-humans Sasquatch, who interact with space beings, say that, in addition to other life forms, the Sasquatch people and human people were created by the Star Council Elders. So I am wondering….Did God create the building blocks of Life and get it jump-started throughout the universe with less complex Beings such as bacteria, etc., and then allow the Star Elders to take over and continue the creation of Beings from there on? I am trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together so I can understand a bigger picture. I know I have my hopes of how he might respond, yet my need for the truth outweighs any lesser hopes.

    Respectfully and with great thanks to both you and to Balana, Clan Leader, whether or not either of you become aware of my questions and whether or not either of you choose to let them be answered at this time.

    God bless the both of you,

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    1. God always was and always is. Everything is Good and made up of God. Even the consciousness such as bacteria has an inherent consciousness to know what to do. The Star Elders are creators too and oversea the creation and care of life in the galaxy.


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