Sasquatch Message, Poem by Ellen Aitchison

Sasquatch Message, Poem by Ellen Aitchison

I am a multidimensional Sasquatch, Furry as can be.

With innate senses which allow me to see.

See all the hurt, see all the harm,

As troubles on Earth are cause for alarm.

Mankind is perpetually blamed

Beaten down, controlled and shamed

For ruining the trees, air, water and Earth

And losing all the rights given us, at birth.

Settling for less, Humans become sheep

Accepting the pains that run so deep.

The uncivilized, have projected the show

Little, about advancement, they want Us to know.

Dumbed down, and Controlled as we can be,

AI, insists that they’ll make humans free.

With scientific, bionic body parts,

And especially plastic, negative hearts.

Sasquatch says throw of your shackles,

Sasquatch says raise your hackles,

Rise above the cell phone crisis,

Don’t pay with your health and slavery prices.

Stand on your feet, awaken self.

Put the controllers back on the shelf.

Listen to what the Sasquatch tells us

Quit obeying and start a fuss.

Celebrate our highest knowing

Sasquatch messages keep on flowing,

Fueling us with burning desire

To absorb the truth and ignite the fire.

Create a life that is so bold,

Which allows Humans, the Earth to hold.

The Sasquatch message aims to free the Earth,

As long time Keepers they know it’s worth.

The state of wellness much deserved,

New frequencies create a curve.

That arches ‘cross the time and space

Bringing us to a 5th Dimensional place.

Where all is known by all, and all are one.

Only that, for earth’s highest good, is done.

In this oneness all can flourish

With telepathy our souls we nourish.

Our thoughts become the sharing kind

As oneness brings enlightened mind

No guilt, no shame, no need to blame,

Each individuals Harmony is the same

Let’s honour EARTH, our Beloved MOTHER,

And honour SASQUATCH our Dimensional Brother


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