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The Last Frontier: The Soul within

By SunBôw (originally published on August 12, 2015)

The Last Frontier: The Soul within

Will we survive our modern world?…

The age of discovery is over. Just over a century ago, we could still explore unmapped lands, encounter uncontacted tribes, discover an unrecorded species of animal or plant, name an unknown star, write a book that would make history, invent a simple device that would change lifestyles, pick gold nuggets in the rivers or found a new city. Nowadays, rare are the wild summits not yet conquered, few places left on our planet have not been explored, studied, claimed and actually exploited for their ressources.

While two to four thousand new species are still discovered each year, mainly on the microscopic scale, two hundred disappear every day in a dramatic depletion of biodiversity comparable in scale to a mass extinction level event, due mainly to Human activities, including climate change. If you are over 35, the Human population has more than doubled in your lifetime and its expansion in previously remote areas, with the encroachments on natural habitats, are clearly obvious and the consequences deeply felt in all ecosystems globally.

Humanity now uses the ressources twice faster than the Earth produces them. At this ever fastening rate, simple logic and mathematics tell us that there are very few years left ahead of us, as compared to the long road of our past evolution and history, before ecosystems are unrepairably ruined, resources run out and Human societies become unsustainable. The problem is not overpopulation nor modern technologies, but the modern way of life and inappropriate use of technologies for unsustainable ends. If Humans would pay attention to our Soul, weaponry, fossil fuel and nuclear would be banned forever.

There are still unknown worlds left to discover for Human science, namely inside our planet’s lithosphere and in the vast outer space of the universe, regions that have kept almost free from Human ventures so far. There is probably a few billions light years yet to explore in this seemingly endless omniverse, but as far as the world given to us Human Beings to be our home and environment, there is very little left of it that has not yet been recorded and annalyzed, in this age of communication following the age of discoveries.

Even the structure of matter itself has been scrutinized and decorticated into subatomic particles and quantum, organized by energy fields, magnetic waves and fractal geometry, while the blueprints of life inscribed in genetic codes are being read like a book.

Modern science has even developped thinking machines with artificial intelligence; a 3D printers that can reproduce itself is already marketed; they can print living organs with bio-ink made out of human or stem cells; devices or robots can already be operated by remote control through brain implanted microchips. Some think that only through technological development can Humanity keep evolving, promoting a transhumanist ideology giving way to artificially engineered modification of Human genetics, and cybernetic graftings, aiming to combine biological Humans with robotic technology, and eventually replace them by it, as the solution to overpopulation.

Transhumanists argue that our memories can be uploaded and saved in a computer; that is if out thoughts are limited to electromagnetic impulses that can be harnessed through electronics, and if they are the seat of our Soul remains to be proven. As for the breath of life and the feeling of being alive, with all the emotions attached to the experience, making our unique individual consciousness, no artificial intelligence can ever achieve the comprehension and empathy or a living breathing Soul incarnated in a biological body.

But, wouldn’t such a technological take over represent the surrendering of our natural sovereignty and the end of our evolution altogether? Are we the last generation of ”naturals” to be replaced by cyborgs, or can that fate be avoided? Will we survive our modern world?… The answer lies in our Soul and depends on our goodwill and present actions.

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There is a last frontier, an ultimate dimension, which remains for Humanity to explore: the Soul within. It cannot be studied or quantified by technological means, nor weighted or examined by any material instrument, yet it is ever present in Human life and activities, but given much less attention than it deserves. It is such a deep and vast dimension to explore, that we too often forget to look within and search outside. Is it so hard to admit that we didn’t create ourselves nor this Soul which makes us alive? The Human Soul is beyond the man made world and the artificial control grid of social institutions. Each one has an individual Soul, but here is a greater Soul of the Human species connecting us, which we can reach and communicate with.

The only giant leap that could be made by Humanity is the discovery, exploration and study of the Soul. The further we have gone in our discovery of the outside world, the further away we went from the Soul within. The more we have learned about the universe we live in, the less we have been able to live in harmony with it. As our modern scientific knowledge developped, our ancient wisdom has been lost, with our skills and ability to live in balance with the Earth.

Historically, as cultures have met, clashes happened, most often leading to conflicts, wars, domination and colonization of the smaller, less technologically developped nations, rather than learning from each other’s experience and knowledge. Although our theoritical science has largely increased and in spite of all the technological ‘progress’, in practice our collective behaviors in general have not so much evolved, taking us to a modern era ravaged by wars, plagued by injustice and destruction, on the brinks of ecological collapse.

Perhaps it is the inevitable fate of the overgrowth and domination of our species over others and, as the Ancient ones say, it has been a cycle of repeated expansions and destructions that has made our destiny. Our collective psyche is used to expect, consciously or not, the end time cataclysm that brings the downfall of Human civilization, as seen either in the universal myth of the flood or the story of Atlantis, or in legends and prophecies from all cultures around the world. Some see global depopulation as the only way to restore balance; but without changing our ways, it doesn’t matter what number we are if our lifestyle is unsustainable. The change needed concerns our uses of technologies, on the basis of fundamental universal values.

But the Human experiment is a long term learning process and it doesn’t have to end in complete catastrophe and failure, or in a massive hecatomb that would leave this world for a small elite, as if Humans were an unnatural implanted species, unable to adapt to earhtly environment. In this evident and generally felt global crisis, what matters the most from now on for our continuous evolution is not what we have, but how we behave: not what we are, but how we act; not what we know, but how we evolve; not what we do, but how we do it. The vast unexplored domain of the living Soul within us holds the solutions to our problems and the keys to our future existence and evolution.

Our Soul is not only what distinguishes us and defines who we are, but it is also what makes us relate to others and feel empathy. Our Soul is not self-sufficient; it is what makes us want to reach out to other living beings, whether family, community, friends, pets or plants in the garden, to express our feelings. The Soul is neither good nor bad, but it naturally can feel and understand both principles through empathy, and the effects of beneficial or detrimental acts. It knows the value of peaceful and loving relationships and is naturally enclined to seek and develop such connections with other souls.

As it grows, matures and broadens its understanding of life, our Soul becomes caring and compassionate for all living beings. An awakening of the Human Soul leads to the development of practical solutions for the best interest of all forms of life and the realization of the futility of profit and fame, and of the absurdity of power over, knowing that all things are connected and the hurt of one is the hurt of all…

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At this turning point of our collective evolution and destiny, there is no further place Humanity could reach than the Soul within. There is no greater achievement that our science and conscience could make than to align with the natural empathy and compassion of the Soul within.

It would teach us that there is no need to waste our world’s ressources for waging wars and destructive machines for the profit of a small elite and the doom of the rest of life forms. There is no use to turn our land into a devastated wasteland to provide for our needs and maintain our comfort. When we stop seeing the beauty and sacredness in other living beings and start seeing them as mere assets of our own agenda, that’s when we lose our Soul and become like machines. The anthropocentrist and mecanist vision of the universe adopted as basis of modern society may have gained the world, but at the cost of loosing the Soul.

The healing of the world starts with the healing of the Soul, individually and collectivelly. It holds the solutions to all our Human problems regarding violence, injustice and the environmental crisis we face.

Today may only be just another day in one million others, but it is the one we are given to live. You may be just another person among billions of Humans, but you are the only one in charge of your Soul and responsible for your life, behavior, actions and destiny, today as every other day you are given. The path you travel and the accomplishments you achieve in this 3 dimensional temporal context do not matter as much as the progress you realize in the realm of your Soul. What is worth to gain the world if you lose your Soul?

The goal is not to be admired and famous, successful, or praised; encyclopedias are filled with names of illustrious people, so numerous that most of them are unknown to most of us. It matters more to leave good tracks than a great mark. Healing of the Soul is an individual and a collective responsibility. Individual healing is not depending on collective healing, but it is intimately related to it, as it is the doorway that can eventually lead to it. Healing the Soul is the ultimate purpose of our existence and the ongoing process pursued and attained through countless spiritual practices, ways and techniques, suiting each one’s needs, experiences, backgrounds and aspirations.

At the end of the journey, empires vanish, fortunes are scattered and disappear, fame fades into oblivion, new powers and boundaries replace previous ones, the world keeps changing in an everlasting impermanence and apparent chaos, whose traces and memories gradually dim out, to eventually end up dissipating with the course of time. All we keep with us of this whole adventure is the progress done by our Soul in its healing process.

We all leave traces as we breath and walk on this planet, but even our tracks are left behind to be forgotten within generations. Their size and the impression they leave are not so important as where they lead. The geographic direction invariably differs from every other, so is of little significance as compared to the way we walk on our sacred Mother Earth. Gentler steps will leave shallower tracks.

As we realize the spiritual essence of the immortal Soul, we consciously move towards leaving lighter tracks if any, and beneficial energies as beacons along the path, not only for our Human relatives and future generations, but also for all living beings. Our Soul ultimately seeks to unite with the Universal Soul binding all living beings sharing the same breath in the great Sacred Hoop of Creation. Let it be so…

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