Sasquatch Revelations, by Andrew Robson

Sasquatch Revelations, by Andrew Robson


“From deep within the earth and the vast reaches of nature, there are mysteries and beings that are finally coming out, more and more, in glimpses and in various ways, to reveal to us that there is something more…there is a more to this earth and life than we understand at this moment but soon there will come a time when we all awaken to this and many other realizations and revelations, seen and unseen, which will totally change our collective view and we will turn to a more peaceful era working within an ancient rhythm dawning into the healing of the present. If you stand in the light and work with your heart, you will find the right path at the right time. In fact, you are most likely already on the right path if you are reading this .It is time to awaken and be a helper of the earth and universe.”

andrew robson sasquatch revelations

“There are some things, places, beings and energies that science and the mainstream perspective cannot explain nor touch…There are answers but you have to not only look around you, but you must look within. Be prepared to see and feel wonders that you have barely begun to fathom or contemplate. Much transforms when you use your intuition.There are powers and energies around us invisibly reaching out and it is innately within you to make them become visible again to the world. Use the powers Mother Nature has bestowed upon you. Tap into the source. You are a part of solving the master puzzle.”

andrew robson

Art work and text by Andrew Robson. Source:




1 thought on “Sasquatch Revelations, by Andrew Robson”

  1. I totally know this is how life is as not many know it. We have much to learn off these beautiful beings. Kindest regards Mark Fawkner 💙🙏💙

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