From Sasquatch Revelations, by Andrew Robson

From Sasquatch Revelations by Andrew Robson
“Do not fear, there is a silver lining meant for you in this situation. You have the power to create blessings in this world, in this moment, so BE THE BLESSING. Exude your true nature so that all beings know that you, no matter what, stand for truth, love, respect and healing the planet and her children. You must know that all of the beauty and healing in the world resonates to this helping, loving energy. You do not have to look to others for truth, you simply have to accept what is and all that could be and reach to the subjects and passions that innately flow to you throughout your entire life. There en-lies the answer. What you are seeking is found from your own love. Use Love in your search. Whatever it may be. Use love. This pure love will flow to all living beings and It will lead you directly to what your heart desires. This means, be an example of a planet of healing. This is the time of healing. It starts in your heart. Now. We the ancient ones, the nature beings, the light beings, we honor you. Blessed Be.
-The Sasquatch Consciousness

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