Message from the Sasquatch People November 29 2018 (11:11:11), Channeled by Fiona MacEachern

Message from the Sasquatch People via Fiona MacEachern,
Per Staffan, November 29 2018 (11:11:11)

Channeled by Fiona MacEachern

Please feel free to share this only in it’s entirety

Copyright Fiona MacEachern 2018 © All Rights Reserved.

As I am clearing myself and my space and tapping via ThetaHealing ® into this beautiful energy , I suddenly hear the sweet whistle of the North American Bald eagle. They are starting to arrive at this time of year with the first of the salmon returning from the ocean to spawn in the many streams around where I live.

“The NOW”… I am hearing things phase in and out as I try to stay on this frequency with which Creator has connected me …

There is a presence

The message came slowly and indistinctly through :…

“There is a buzzing frequency around you, an interference, we are resonating to undo this torture … it is a frequency unnatural to us …..

This way we eliminate the intrusion

It is a gross error and… this… standard clearing of limitations..”

I break at this point to target the interference and clear it for a second time

I use Forensic Healing and a big clearing is complete ..

The message now comes through clearly …


“Ah! We are back on track …

Yes! It is I , Noonuk, of the Sasquatch People

We are in tune with you now

We come to you this day to settle agreements with regard to districts and places where we reside

The pollutants the staining of the soil and sands with agriculturing practises that decimate insect populations is a grim reality- soon we hope for it to be in the past.. in this dimension.

With regret we observe the nature of things, the populous of humanity succumb to doomsday predictions…. And yet there is still time

And yet there is a way…

And yet there are mountains that lead us further to the task of obtaining truth and freedom These peaks of consciousness egress into freedom because once achieved there is no real return to the old ways of thinking.

That remains firmly in the past and soon to be declared “Dark Ages” of humanity consciousness.

I press on

The activation of Life Force Energy (flfe) on your property has peaked the energy and has created a hive of activity here because of you in session with your prayers and recruitment process and the (opposing) undermining process that goes on and is ongoing in the background of every home here in North America as we know it.

And so forth

So we are stating that as progress is being made with regards to shining (Divine) Light, so there is almost equal and oppositional force that beams its vilest intent on disrupting your plans for future peace and harmony on this planet..

And so we go further into this task , into the future with you with all humanity to rescue the Great Plan that was made many many millennia before when sights were set on Planet Earth for new growth of a new species of humankind and with all liberties and free will in place.

To see what would come of it – it has been a most interesting experiment but beyond that it is most precious and loving one (overwhelming love field surrounds me) and so we forecast this story to be told many millennia from now about the battle for and of humankind on their own planet and others (planets) where there are forces of good and evil set apart and driven to succeed, each within and without the other if you understand.

Each force (Light and shadow) resides within and dwells without too, as we and you each have the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within each human body of light

And I agree it is a shame and a waste of energy resources to create these games at work (genetic experiments that seeded Earth) if they were just so, however they are more than that there is growth on the planet.

In the Universal State of Beingness among all life for these interactions, because each has an impact – each life

Upon another

Throughout the Universe.

And so it is.

And we -beings of the stargalaxy far from here -we were placed here to maintain the peace, to be companions of humanity to bring and bear the Light of God for all her creatures here and to be a resource of Light – planetary Light -on that scale we speak….

Turning Earth into a place of fortitude of Light and Beingness of principles of Pure Intent and deeds of Compassion only, reversing resentments and suspicion.

And so we have tried -what became a battle for us was also a battle for our lives (and place to live) and the distain and lack of connection from humanity has been a barrier we have tried to expose for all to see, for truth’s sake and for the keeping of harmony of our brotherhood and sisterhood.

And so it is.

We speak of races coming to your planet now and to rehabilitate your return into intergalactic life.

This will be on the part of your freewill, your freewill action at work, adjusting the species into harmony with themselves

And the Insectoid and Draocs and Reptilians and so forth that measure our and your every step and counteract it as far as possible so that they may proceed with their agenda is a goal that they want to achieve.

Chaos and anarchy in all levels and realms, and freedoms dominated by themselves against one race- humanity

They have some respect now for teachings coming through and shifting perceptions and shifting the way that humanity is advancing now.

There have been powers taken from under them, from underfoot, they thought were so deeply part of their powers, and now that that has shifted and gone, it has created space and opportunity to move forward, to advance with Love and Freedom into new possibilities and space. And so here we are on this topic of space and freedom again.

We would wish to extend to you, the humanity peoples, that we respect your freedoms and livelihoods and liberties with regard this planet.

You have free will and so it is according to Creator’s decree.

But here we hesitate to state freely …”

Me: Please do

“…And so we/I will now

I say that I wash with love all conditioning that forces you to obey the signs of fear over resonating with rationale when you humans encounter one of us.

We share this space

We share this planet and we are afraid of you peoples at times, of what they will do, and where they will attack us next .

We wish to bring forward truths and freedoms that allow us to remain in a counter state of love and compassion , breeding absolute joy and love to contain the fear that emanates immediately upon encounters.

And so we wash with joy and love and respect these encounters and wish to see an advance of humans into the concepts of Sasquatch and come closer to humanity to have respect and understanding grow finally between us on equal terms without delay and saturate all the population so we may all have freedom and apply ourselves together to the tasks at hand:-

free humanity from slavery and resource-plundering of the planet by many groups known and unknown, your race and others .

2.To gift you the grace of love and oneness that comes from 2 species working together in love on one planet at times of weariness and pain but at least together in the suffering and joining in together to free ourselves, us- from the confines humanity puts on us, and you- from the shackles of the past – the reptilian species that mask themselves and cleave great energy supplies from the back and sweat of humanity .

It is disgusting and a gross intrusion into the freewill but they cleverly make use of… loopholes shall we say, to enforce their secret agenda and play havoc on your peoples .

We remain safe from them through our unconditional love and hatchery or wellspring of Splendour, Grace , and evolving past this process of being tied down.

We see the pressures they place on you and first remain steadfast to our plan, our mission but are constantly adjusting and creating new innovative or inventive ways to creep under the doors of their secret agenda.”

Me: In what way do you mean?

“We negotiate for your parle and ghost ships appear within our realms that serve to teach through fumes (ie mind control via aerosols) and we negotiate your freedoms as best we can and maintain goodwill on high a level as possible to co-opt some advantage for all .

We have discretely set up energy vortices around the planet to harbour good energy and this may be drawn upon in times of need…”

Me: Thank you ! (I am shown pockets of concentrated Love energy to be used in future timelines)

“We have foreseen a time of great anger and rebellion as Disclosure is released and so it was with this in mind that much of this was created, because with the Disclosure the energy is volatile and can spin out of control into a blackness, that can plunge the planet into darkness again if there turns an abundance of energy into resentment and revenge. Because this is NOT the route to take- it will only attract further disaster and haven’t you had enough?

It will take work, but with disclosure there comes a time for peace and forgiveness and necessary prayer into truth and alignment with Creator forces of Love and intimate relations with all loving beings to bring them into your sphere of beingness,.. to recruit them into a new job for humanity and your culture that shifts into a new paradigm of peace and not revenge .

It will be spectacular to see.

And so we have constructed these vortices to procure this good fortune and happiness after Disclosure and ensure the proper transfer of power back into your hands- the hands of the individual -and to get a grip on the new shift- the new age to withstand the forces of aggression that might be standing by waiting to attack and feast on energies of regret and resentment, bitterness and revenge.

So we wish for you to see this

To look ahead

To stand your ground

And to take a seat at the table of love and redemption, forgiveness of atrocities and withstand the forces that implore you to retaliate.

To regain composure, you must first seek control within ….and far better then, to withstand these pressures to super-cede the voice of compassion and wisdom.

Remember this is a course of action that humanity has never seen

That they are not familiar with .

To turn around and say, “I send you love and compassion”

“What is this??” many will ask.

“A joke?”

“We must show a swift forceful action and teach them a lesson”

But indeed this would plunge you right back to the beginning times of irrational and unemotional or detached emotional thought processing.

And grief

And survival (mode)

And torture

This is action you have never witnessed

I say it again.

We wish for you to understand that these end times of Draco rule will catapult your society into a new era of peace that has to be EMBODIED and become ingrained by hard mental processing so that it becomes automated and natural to turn to love and not hatred and revenge.

And we feel we have made our point clear here and thank you for the opportunity to speak clearly with you, little one, we will return shortly .

Thank you!

Peace on your agenda and pray for peace, for love and forgiveness .

We are grateful for this chance to speak and communicate directly with a peaceful one of your group of humans.

And so it is.”

Me: Thank you


4 thoughts on “Message from the Sasquatch People November 29 2018 (11:11:11), Channeled by Fiona MacEachern”

  1. Beautiful! I can feel the warmth and love, I am a warrior of the light, I send peace, joy and compassion wherever my energy flows. I am grateful and have gratitude for this message!
    Thank you all who seat into this shared message, may it’s echo be felt and warm and clear the hearts of many of any bitterness whether past or present!
    All my love –

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pleased to be sharing in with you all via a waving salute, carried by the wings of love, peace and freedom. Knowing our birthright is to be here for the greatness of oneness and very pleased to energetically connect to you all from the Southern Hemisphere.

    Liked by 1 person

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