The Call of the White Wolf, via SunBôw

By SunBôw

The Call of the White Wolf…

So happy now that I know this White Wolf friend who had visited me twice last year and left me this message one year ago today, is the same one who returned to see me with his newly found mate last November, a 2 year old black she Wolf.
Now I understand why they came running all happily down the road, stopped at the entrance of the driveway, came running my way, passing me close by, and she stopped to say hi.
I had forgotten these words channeled from my brother White Wolf last year and rereading them, I’m so amazed to realize once again how the spirits of our allies are so connected to us.
Grateful for these blessings and telepathic conversations…

The Call of the White Wolf… (01/29/18)

Last night as I walked outside, the heavy snow piled on a branch formed the perfect shape of a white wolf head, bigger than life size. It looked so clear, with both ears, eyes and muzzle that I saw it as a sign from my White Wolf Spirit ally.

I gave thanks for this manifestation and an instant later, a long low howl sounded in the valley. I felt it was the same white wolf I saw drinking at the river downstream, two months ago.

I talked with him in telepathy, remembering that I used to be called Talks-with-Wolves (Kinosh Mowegan) a few years ago.

Here is some of what he said:

Greetings relative. You hear the melancholy and nostalgia in my howling. While you rest in your homes, ours are being destroyed by loggers and encroached upon constantly.

It has become hard for us to find a mate and maintain a pack. We long for the times when your ancestors respected and honored us. When ice covered the lands, they and us hunted the same herds side by side, in mutual respect and cooperation. Some of us chose to live with you as dogs.

Generations passed during which we co-existed in Peace. Your tribes held our medicines sacred in their ceremonies. Times have changed and we are now targeted and hunted down for no other reason than living on our homelands.

Humans who feel Love for us are our best hope of survival. They will not poison water tables, clear cut forests, rip apart the soil to extract the minerals and leave toxic waste behind, not will they support or tolerate those activities in any ways.

We do not need anything from you. We can find our food and water. All we ask is that you stop polluting and destroying our homes, so that we can raise our families in Peace and dignity.

Stop killing us as trophies, for money or out of fear, and remember the ancient alliance your ancestors had with us, when they could still read the winds, listen to the stars, understand animal languages and live in Peace with Earth.

Thank you my relatives for your good hearts and souls…

No photo description available.

6 thoughts on “The Call of the White Wolf, via SunBôw”

  1. The concerns of White Wolf speaks for all our relations; thru your wise and kindred portrayal this voice is heard. With respect and honor, it is priveledge to recieve this communication SunBow True Brotherxoxoxo

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  2. Happy Morning Thank You For Sharing Sunbow!!!
    My heart hurts for every level of the ecosystems on this planet! As long as “we” are all here to experience it as such, it will be the way that it is. It is truly on a moment to moment basis that has turned into a huge mess in which will only be fixed by closing our eyes and seeing the vision of love and peace come together in the energy swirling around down to our hearts and FEELING it different. The love in the feelings growing the energy that will fix …repair… mend the sore we have all caused this gracious place called EARTH. I hope she can survive …… maybe She will also pass into a new birth!
    We really DO love you MAMA….WADO
    Honoring…White Wolf…White Buffalo and all that is!
    Do what you can every day to make a change for the better, even if it is picking up a piece of trash! Aho

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  3. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin many if not all of the animal Spirit/Souls will not be returning on the New Earth in the New Fifth World, we are hearing, and learning from the Galactic’s…
    So sad we cant leave the Wolves in peace brother Sunbow…

    Last Year I saw a Large Black Wolf step out of an embankment and he looked back towards the rock I was sitting on praying then he disappeared into a giant Oak after about 13 steps.. Peace and Blessings Chi Miigwetch great article from White Wolf to Humanity

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