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Meeting young Forest Friends at home, by Kelly Lapseritis

By Kelly Lapseritis

This morning, all of my digital clocks (except my cell phone which woke me with the alarm) were set exactly one hour ahead.  I posted about that this morning but I have since learned much more about it, so I wanted to write a new post to share what was shared with me.

I woke up at 6:00am and all was well. Twenty minutes later, I looked at the clock and it was 7:22… where did that hour go? The sun wasn’t up yet, so it must still be at the 6 o’clock hour and not after 7am. I was puzzled and rather annoyed that this has happened again (yes, it happened before with about a 10 minute difference on the clocks, but not an entire hour).
After awhile, I started smelling skunk smell. We have seen ermines here, who are pole cats like skunks, so I thought maybe that was a faint smell of a weasel. Then a few mintues later there is a loud dragging sound on my porch! It sounded like someone moving heavy furniture and dragging it. I look out and of course there is nothing that could be making these sounds. So I asked, “Is that you guys?”, directing my question to the Sasquatch and I hear some silly, devious kind of chuckles. Well, there was my answer.
I was busy getting my son ready for school, so I didn’t inquire much more but after the bus picked him up, I spent some time outside telepathing with two young Sasquatch. Actually, they are Sasquatch/ancient one hybrids. The two that I communicated with are called Toh-Ben and Rajah. Toh-Ben is the more mischieveous one who likes to play little pranks like moving objects and messing with our clocks. Rajah enjoys this too but is more of an observer and likes to analyze the human response to these actions. He is the one that often touches us in the house. While we telepathed outside, there was also a very strange animal-kind of call. It sounded like a chirp, and hoot, and a donkey’s bray at the end; a very strange multi-toned sound.
Toh-Ben and Rajah are twin brothers! This is very rare, genetic twins are not common among the hairy people. They explained that this is possible because they are part ancient one, meaning their DNA is younger/newer than the ancient Sasquatch race and more closely aligned with human DNA. In human earth timeline perspectives, these twins would be around 17-18 years old, so like teenagers and young adults, and their behavior and attitude reflects this as well.
They explained to me that they have been taking lessons from the local clan leader but also working with George (my ancient one brother and guide) and Sa’nah-tah-re’ll who I have channeled messages from in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity​ Book 3. They said Kamooh is also supporting and teaching in the collective consciousness of not only the humans, but the Sasquatch races also who are wishing to develop their relations with the humans. He is like the overseer of the lessons.
Toh-Ben and Rajah said that they knew we would be moving here… they have been anticipating it for awhile actually, so this move here was pre-destined and already “happened” in the space/time continuum. For some time, the energy strands connecting us with this land and the energy of the forest people here have been building, even unbeknownst to us, and everything aligned for this connection to be made now at this time, even at the right time for the Sasquatch on this land. This is also why it was so apparent that this place was selected for us and why we continue to see/feel/hear signs of their presence. This is a time for us to strengthen our connections, co-create, and learn and heal from each other. Working with them is a catalyst to our spiritual growth as well as theirs. They teach us what humans don’t understand and we teach them what they don’t understand about us so that we may learn to honor and respect our different ways of being and understand how we’re all connected.
They have many more lessons that they would like to teach and learn too. They said a primary focus is understanding the energy and cords that connect us all to everything as well as understanding the the “song of the cosmos” which I am assuming means how we are all connected to celestial beings and bodies and our connection with our personal astrology and how it influences us. That is how I interpret it anyways.
There are 8 of them in this clan that live nearby, inside the mountain they say, although we have only communicated with three of them, the twins and the clan leader, whose name I don’t know, but he has notified us of his presence and we can feel him protecting this land very fiercely too.
This is very sacred land to them, as are so many other places in this general area, there is a high concentration of many hairy races that are connected to this land. They say part of this is because of the history and ties connecting them here but also because it is “safe” for them. I didn’t ask more about the safety of this area, but I took it to mean safe from many different things.
Toh-Ben and Rajah are very young, and while they have a much deeper understanding of multidimensionalism than humans do, they are also learning a lot and very naive about human ways. They are warned not to trust all humans but they KNOW somehow that we are trustworthy. I believe it has to do with the energy cords again as they are connected on the other end of this too…. they can feel our intent and our spirits. The twins wish to learn from us as well as teach us what they know. It seems that they are being trained to be great inter-species allies and ambassadors of Earth People, not just humans or Sasquatch or animals, but all life on earth.
I don’t fully understand how to explain this, but what I could feel is that because they are twins, they share this two-spirit kind of connection… a cord also connecting them as brothers and strengthening the connection to all they are connected with too. Meaning that the lessons and teachings almost have a “double power” to them in sense… they are stronger energetically as there is more energy connected to them. It’s hard to put into words as these were concepts shown in downloads of information, but it is significant that they are working and learning in this together as are Kewaunee​ and Jeremy and I.
Anyways, Toh-Ben changed the clocks today to really get my attention so that I would tune in for this lesson. You just can’t ignore it when all of your clocks jump time, it’s impossible, right? Well, we used to think so, but as we know, time and space is an illusion and this was a perfect example of that.
I look forward to our connection and lessons and I will be updating you all on what I learn as this is information that they have asked me to share. They will be a part of the lessons in The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 4 for sure.
Best blessings and happy day of LOVE! 💞

P.S. I changed all of my clocks back except for one of them. I want to see if it corrects itself later!

UPDATE: The one clock that I did not fix was returned back to the correct time by the next morning.

12 thoughts on “Meeting young Forest Friends at home, by Kelly Lapseritis”

  1. Reblogged this on patrickfranck and commented:
    Thank you so much for this interesting story about the Sasquatch Twin and their connection with humanity. Would love to hear more! Meanwhile over here in Belgium we have an ongoing ‘invisible’ visit by our Sasquatchbrothers, probably also sisters. Our dog barks when there is activity, sheep in the pasture looks in the same direction as the dog ( there must be some energetic imprint going on at the same spot ) . When i take a peek seeing just ‘the normal’ view, i suddenly notice two little birds finches fly by and land on the outside cowbell ( used to announce dinnertime for playing kids on the land and forest). I watch them closely and re-member…

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    1. Interesting Patrick. Indeed, watch for animals around, as the Sasquatch often manifest through them, especially around populated areas. Anything unusual from the animal kingdom can be them, like when you saw your African antelopes in your Belgian countryside, you can guess the Sasquatch are involved. For me as you know, I had this series of unusual animal close encounters on my front yard including with grizzly and mountain goat never seen in the valley, or a rare white raven one day. There is more to these stories that I can tell, like seeing them shape-shift, but one thing I know for sure is that the Sasquatch manifest through these animals that come to visit me and talk with me from close distance, either by traveling through their bodies or taking their forms, to make it easier to go through populated sectors…

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      1. Hello Sunbow, thank you for reply… the more i am aware of those ‘silent’ visits, the more I ‘see’ through ‘the eyes of Spirit’. The animals on Earth are way showers connecting us to a Greater Wisdom, the funny thing is that it is not always true ‘speech’…

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    2. Hi Patrick, I love your stories and the pictures of the braids on the horses, Sounds like you are in touch with your inner self to be able to focus so well with everything around you, I would assume this is a major step in telepathy? Thanks for your posts!

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      1. Hello Gloria, there is so much to learn, to let go and/ or give it another meaning. I am baby stepping into unknown worlds of reality, diving deep…coming to surface etc…Great to hear your interest in the broader spectrum of human, animal and non-human realms. Thank you for your reply!

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      2. A major step in telepathy…
        Telepathy means communicating without distortions, sending a holographic field of energy in the stream of energies from one being to another. In it has all the representation systems ( sound, smell, taste, motion) we use in our daily lives. “Telepathy is a natural form of mental and emotional communication and can more accurately be called “telempathy” because being in a state of love and harmonizing with another is what allows for it to occur.”
        Understanding telepathy according to KAMOOH ref. The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 2 p. 79
        Telepathy is a Universal language, the fastest communion and limitless Soul connection. It takes efforts from both sides to develop a conversation, or else it is called suggestion. Kamooh mentions one form of telepathy to share images and feelings, often called astral projection. All animals and people naturally practice this form of telepathy, or emotional intelligence. Consciously or not, we project our thoughts and emotions in the form of alter-particles. These energies and thought forms are felt by other beings, influencing our surroundings. They make the fabrics of our alter-body and soul, reflected in our aura and our relations.
        This universal and natural form of telepathy through astral projection of thought forms in the Alter-Universe, affects all relations and soul evolution. When understood and mastered, the information codes of Alter-Matter particles can be channeled consciously. The astral realm being the dimensional plane of the Alter-Universe made of Alter-Matter, the amount of information received depends on the quantity of alter-particles transmitted just like the number of pixels in an image defines its resolution in lower or higher grade.
        Page 116: The primordial universal Alter-energy is also known as Chi, Prana, Mana, Shakti, Orenda…. When this never ending flow of energy is consciously channeled, it can be applied for healing, magnetization, energizing, TELEPATHIC communications or astral projections.
        To test these telepathic properties from the Alter-body level, focus on loving thoughts, then concentrate on channeling these intensively and sending them to any pet or animals in your surroundings
        In order to begin consciously telepathy, I refer to the Telepathy Primer 101, the Gift of Infinite Voice from T’ni, Su Walker & Rev. White Otter.
        When I have clear thoughts there is a natural transmission of telepathy
        Much Love Pat

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  2. Hi Kelly, thank you for sharing your experience with the twins. The info about time and space being an illusion is really cool. The example you gave here is excellent and helps us to understand it better. I feel blessed to connect with them through you and all the others here and in the books.
    Happiness & Joy

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