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Experiencer story, by Mary R., from New York

By Mary R.

Hello, first of all I want to thank you for providing me a place to share my story. And so here it is:

Hello fellow heart travelers. My name is Mary and I live in upstate New York. I feel very deeply for our elder brothers and sisters Sasquatch, and the almost palpable shift in consciousness I can truly feel in my soul.  I have received what I’d like to think of as gifts from my friends over the past few months.  Where I live is mostly surrounded by farmland, with scattered woods here and there. There is a small ribbon of words in which a beautiful “babbling“ Brooke runs through. I had been talking to and sending out vibes of goodwill, love and respect to our Sasquatch elder brothers and sisters for months now, and one day came across a triangle shaped piece of thick slate, With what only can be described as a vortex carved in the middle of it. I was awestruck and excited, my heart swelled with gratitude and honor!  Of course, this was accompanied by the ever present doubt.  🙂

I asked for validation that this was indeed a gift, or just wishful thinking. A week or two later we found a small stone in my mailbox! There seems to be what looks like a little Sasquatch face in the stone which was really something! Again, I was excited, but still unsure (even though the stone was in the mailbox for goodness sake!) 🙂 and again, after much heartfelt thanks asked them for yet more validation.

A couple of weeks later I was out mending fences in my pasture on the side which runs parallel to a relatively thin stand of woods and creek.  As I made my way down the fence line, working as I went, I came across a walnut tucked up in a crook of a steel post almost at eye level. My knee jerk reaction was “squirrel” and thinking only of the job at hand I plucked it off and tossed it to the side. At the moment the walnut left my hand, I had a distinct feeling it may not have been a squirrel; it was just an odd place to (excuse the pun) squirrel away a nut, and it seemed firmly yet precariously positioned I thought. I found myself spending I don’t know how long searching for this walnut in the brush and snow. I felt a strong need to find it, hoping my friends had heard my daily heartfelt and sincere feelings and requests from them. I finally reluctantly gave up searching. It was just was nowhere to be found and I had to get back to the task at hand. However, I asked them out loud to please give me some validation or sign that my feelings were valid, that the walnut had been placed there for me, if indeed my intuition was correct. Well, about six or seven posts down the fence line I was astonished and delighted to find another walnut (the same one?) tucked in the same manner as the first on the post (it seemed to be there with dubious purchase on the steel, weirdly, and I took a photo of it with my phone.

I should mention here that I am an empath and things affect me pretty intensely at times, it is not always fun and I sometimes view this as being a curse if you will, most of the time. :). But I am learning to put up buffers with people and, well, they say practice makes perfect, so. … :).  So, again! (and I could picture them rolling their eyes, lol) I asked for validation that it was them and I was not just thinking wishfully! I wanted it to be a true connection very much. Nothing happened for several more weeks.  Then today, I again found myself mending the same line of fencing at the tree line.  The top strand of “ribbon” wire had been broken perhaps by wind or deer I guess. I took several pictures of what I found, from all angles as well, not only in one place,  but then spotted  a second! piece of art being even more complex than the first! which I again found down the fence line a ways (in the same fashion as the walnuts).

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s opinion on how the wind could have created such a complex weaving of such beautiful art. Thanks for taking the time to read this and Namaste to all!  💕
p.s. I later found a face in that walnut too!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Experiencer story, by Mary R., from New York”

  1. Thank you Mary for your stories about your interesting experiences with Sasquatchpeople. I loved reading and it makes me alert for signs of them. How many have we missed since? I don’t wanna know but I am aware of their existence now more than ever. I like how they weave ribbons even without horses manes. Keep us posted…Namaste Patrick

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    1. Patrick, I love your braided manes stories and pictures. It made me ask my friends if they would like to braid my horse’s mane to feel free. It also made me look twice at a friend’s horses manes (who I care for periodically) because I often wondered what was going on with their manes, and then I read your posts and took some pictures! I’m unable to post them in the comments but the braiding looked very similar to your horses’! It is really quite amazing at the complexity and beauty of their amazing creations. I feel so honored to have received these gifts. So far no braids for my horse, but I’ll let you know if it happens. :)🌻 thank you, and Namaste to you. 🙂

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