Bending the fabrics of space-time artificially, by SunBôw

Bending the fabrics of space-time artificially… By SunBôw

Waking up with a new download of info. In short, we are assisting to the increasing bending of the fabrics of space-time, through a combination of naturally occuring cosmic phenomenons and artificial acceleration of the continuum with scientific experiments.

Remember what scientists have spoon fed us with recently. They claimed that particle accelerators and colliders can create blackholes and bend the space-time continuum. CERN’s is just the largest and most famous of a large global network, just as HAARP is only one already aging station for climate control and has become somewhat a generic name for micro/gigawaves technologies used by a large network of radar stations worldwide.

It was announced last summer that the Super Symmetry (SUSY) was proven, showing that all particles of matter have a twin or ghost in anti-matter. We also heard that neutrinos (particles of Dark matter) can be harnessed and manifested into matter.

We heard last fall that gravitational waves that had been detected for the first time, after having traveled for billions of years and reaching us, prompting the launching of the Pathfinder probe to study the bending of space-time, 100 years to the day after Einstein published his famous theory. We heard shortly after that the Fermilab, second largest particle accelerator, succeeded in creating gravitational waves, verifying the bending of space-time.

We have witnessed how the magnetosphere, ionosphere and atmosphere have been distorded and detrimentally affected by those experiments, with never observed signs of perturbations and electromagnetic anomalies showing on radar and satellites.

The micro black holes artificially created by the colliders produce a tremendous amount of gravity bending the fabrics of space-time into a deep funnel acting like a wormhole vaccum, draining the energy of the planetary space-time continuum.

The distortion is accentuated by extreme temperatures, from the hottest to the coldest existing in the cosmos, and insanely high electric charges produced by the series of micro nuclear explosions in the colliders, sending powerful ripples of gravitational waves from the black hole wormhole, through the electromagnetic waves supported by the telecommunication grid.

As those artificial interdimensional portals drain our space-time from its natural flow of energy, sucking in life forces and micro-seconds from our planet’s energy at an undetectable speed, we find ourselves feeling a tiredness for chasing after the missing time that is being stolen from our natural evolutionary timeline.

At this stage and level, the scientists are succeeding in bending the continuum linearity significantly enough to catapult energies and entities into other continuums, and to allow some from other times and space continuum to manifest in our 4D dimension, explaining the recent peaking of the Schumann resonance at 70 Htz.

While this may sound like amazing discoveries taking us closer to time traveling, the occult intentions and the limited understanding of the whole process pose a serious threat and grand dangers.

The Cosmic Order prohibits the twisting of space-time for selfish interest and power. The Loma-Katsinam or Good Spirit Beings, are watching to prevent such deviations to take place and avoid the altering of natural time-lines by the Ka-Loma (not good ones).

Our Spirit guides advise us to tune in with the natural frequencies of Mother Earth and the Cosmos, and stay firmly grounded in our spiritual center and eternal Self, while those ripples of turmoil disturb the energy fields of our space-time continuum.

Let our consciousness remember that space and time are just dimensions of manifestation of our infinitely existing Spirit Consciousness, remaining true through all possible changes…

(Originally published on April 20, 2016)

5 thoughts on “Bending the fabrics of space-time artificially, by SunBôw”

  1. Everything is coming forward, watch….look….and listen everybody….Sunbow IS on the right track and if you haven’t read his post “Message of Guidance for out times”, you should because it is how we can fix what is talked about in THIS post. The only way is to LOVE, CARE, SHARE and GIVE!!!!
    Thank you Sunbow….many blessings to you and yours!

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  2. Very instructional Sun-bow. Thanks. I love physics. Four days ago I had a time bend experience of my own when I left late for an important appointment because I had gotten too relaxed lying on the couch and internet shopping for my grandson. I had been watching the clock and had plenty of time to leave. Then I looked again and I was late.

    Suddenly I was in a rush to go, jumping in the car to speed away. Then I remembered, from my former work as a home visit nurse, that the faster you go the slower you arrive, so I slowed down and let time do whatever it wanted to. I just stopped looking at the clock in the car, which was set to the same time as my smart phone, and drove at a comfortable speed. I arrived 20 minutes early.

    It’s only a 70 minute drive and I made it in 50 minutes without speeding. Impossible. I was stunned, especially since along one remote country road, where our forest friends have been seen, I actually had a few impatient drivers lined up behind me because I had slowed a bit to watch the beautiful green hillsides. I trusted that I’d arrive on time. I make this trip 50 times a year and I’m sure of the travel time. This was measurable because I was seeing the actual numbers. I appreciate your understanding of these probable interruptions and will be watching for more personal experiences to come. Namaste.

    On Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 12:35 AM Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communicati

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    1. Thank you Judith. Indeed, the more we reconnect with our multidimensional nature, the more our consciousness learns to bend or bypass the laws of physics, such as linear time. Our spiritual Elders are there to teach us in this process. Shamanism and quantum physics are pretty closely related…


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