Dreaming the Akasha in 5D, by SunBôw

Dreaming the Akasha in 5D, by SunBôw

Note: This is I dream I had and wrote about on April 29, 2016.

Greetings allies, Just had another long dreaming session and info download. As it happens oftentimes, the downloads are so intense, that I wake up after every lesson to re-emerge in conscious state in order to recall some of it, before turning around and diving back into dream time for the next session.

What I mostly remember that was explained to me and that can be relevant to share here, is that I was shown the inside of a large spherical room that had its walls covered with eye shaped screens or windows, that were alive and blinking. The inside of the sphere looked at times like a starry night and at other times like a bright sunny sky, representing sleep and awakened state.

The night starry sky was in sleep mode and the lit was interactive. There were electric currents running on the walls, like blue lightnings or streaks of lights resembling shooting stars. The whole sphere looked like the inside of a brain with nervous influx. When my briefing started it became lit like from an interior solar source and beams of light like sun rays replaced the lightnings.

All the eye shaped windows were opening to the same outside scene, which looked like an open blue sky from my point of view, although it felt like the blue light in the inside of a mother ship, but each eye looked out from a different perspective. They were all blinking in synchronicity, as if being the many eyes of a conscious living artificial intelligence entity whose body was the sphere.

It was explained to me that the eye shaped screens/windows represent perceptions allowing info to be filtered and taken in, while the spherical room represents consciousness processing the info absorbed. The blinking was intentional, to signify that even the highest forms of intelligence can’t perceive everything.

Although my conscious mind and eyesight could only look through a few windows at once, where my eyesight was facing, they were all admitting and incorporating info into the room on a permanent basis, beyond what I could consciously record.

I was told that to ascend into 5D consciousness, we must behave like this thinking machine, taking in all the necessary info from all sides beyond what our conscious mind can process, to let it settle in and be eventually processed for when the info becomes useful.

I was taught that we must stop perceiving the interdimensional Omniverse from a 4D linear point of view and let our vision and perceptions rise to a holistic connection with all that surrounds us.

We have to stop relying on our physical senses and two eyes, and see even beyond our third eye, in a telescopic hologram.

We must stop processing the info in a linear way of thinking, and start assimilating and integrating it as an integral part of our consciousness, and process it in a neuronal fashion, with many different superimposed layers and levels of operations and uses.

In other words, we must stop perceiving with our senses and thinking with our brain, to start thinking with our consciousness. We have been trained in 4D to hold on to what we learned and know and to value the info we can process in a linear thinking.

In 5D, we are to let go of holding on to any knowledge, as the info belongs to the Omniverse and exists outside of us who perceive it.

It is like the parable of the cup that needs to be empty in order to be filled. In 5D, all knowledge from the Akasha can be revealed and channeled through our consciousness, beyond the capacity of our limited mind, if we let the info flow freely and the higher consciousness process it beyond linear and conscious thinking.

In this way, we can connect to many dimensions and timelines all at once and interact with all of them simultaneously beyond mind. We become clear channels of info without linear mind clouding it.

It’s not about getting out of our bodies and brains, but about not staying trapped in them. We have to work on all dimensions at once, as we are interdimensional. We just have to remember our spiritual essence, eternal and beyond time, and that 4D linear time is just one plane made of illusions to which we are bound.

What I’m understanding more and more is that all our fears, worries, pains, insecurity and problems in general come from the 4D linear thinking we have been caged in since generations.

In order to keep doing a good work in the great consciousness shift towards reconnection with our interdimensional Self, we have to free ourselves from the 4D linear illusions we have been caught in during this passing age. The brain can’t take it all nor grasp the depth of the ongoing changes we are going through.

The brain can only do so much. Our consciousness is not limited by space and time and can act even beyond our conscious understanding on many different planes. It’s the best way for trouble shooting and finding solutions to any situation we face in this 4D paradigm. When connecting with higher consciousness, we see a bigger picture beyond mind limitations, a perfect divine plan unfolding with plenty of signs, blessings and support, and the great opportunity to accomplish a significant spiritual work.

The 4D mind set keeps pulling us down into doubts and fears, while we know how powerful our spiritual Elders are and care.
In 4D things are separated, and there is distance and obstacles between us and our objectives and aims. But in 5D all is connected as One.

It’s hard to put in words the whole concept and the significance this important message has for me. Lately I’ve been getting drained from FB, after 6 1/2 (9 1/2 now) years of daily work on there. It is very much 4D timeline and linear thinking and my consciousness tends more and more to float above that plane. The worldly events are merely info being processed by consciousness for a given time, like electric currents flowing through the circuits, or weather passing through the sky. Their importance is relative as their existence and influence are temporary states and occurrence.

It’s been hard to keep up with the so many groups and contacts I’m connected to, especially as I feel the size of the task awaiting me this year and coming closer and fast in the 4D timeline plane.

I feel shortly I’ll be asked to spend less time online to concentrate on preparing myself for the work I’m asked to do in higher realms.

This is the teaching I just received from the Star Elders that felt appropriate to share here, as it awakens me to a higher understanding necessary for the continuity of the path.

That’s why this message and dream were given to me, which was another astral journey into the mother ship for greater understanding. It helps put things into perspective.

Wanted to share this with you as time allows for now. Blessings…

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